Monday, July 18, 2011

Jeez the BS piles up high around here

Job Opening: Senior Estimator (closes 8/1/11)
Manage the cost estimating functions from design through construction for the Capital Projects Division by ensuring that contract cost mandates are complied with and that the costing database is properly monitored. Supervise cost estimating work performed by consultant/contractor or TriMet personnel. Lead, coordinate, and manage special project work team(s). Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. More

Beaverton TC Bike & Ride Pool

On Tue September 20 at 11am (~2 months from now), how many bikes will be inside the locked section of the Bike & Ride at Beaverton TC?

Make your guess between now & July 25; whoever is closest (above or below the correct answer) will win a prize!

Killed in fare evasion sweep

Bayview Police Shooting: Cops Checking Muni Fares Kill Man As He Flees (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Beaverton TC Bike and Ride ceremony from al m on Vimeo.

Day 1-nobody using bike and rides in Gresham and Beaverton

So there are 2 more of these things?

Let's see if they do any better than the pathetic Sunset Transit Center bike and ride.
TriMet unveils two new Bike & Ride facilities for cyclists - FOX 12 - KPTV - Portland News, Weather and Sports
TriMet opens Gresham, Beaverton bike-and-rides, hopes facilities used more than first |

The Amazing Dissolving Nation

Europe is a fit, silver-haired gentleman in a sleek Italian suit and a pair of Michael Toschi swing lace wingtips, holding a serious-looking Chiarugi leather briefcase. America is pear-shaped blob of semi-formed male flesh, in ankle-length cargo shorts, a black T-shirt featuring skull motifs, tattoos randomly assigned (as if by lottery) to visible flesh, a Sluggo buzz-cut, and a low-rider sports cap designed to make your head look flat.
ClusterFuck Nation