Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#70 northbound from Center

Two passengers who adopted two kitties yesterday from the Humane Society.

Great Bumper Sticker on Morrison/14th

We should attach this one on the entire fleet.

Bike&ride report-4 outside

Daily bike&ride report-3 locked inside

Jeff Ackerson wants to know

With the push to enforce the fares are Trimet managers going to continue the practice of using
Fare disputes as SIP's that get added to an operators file? Or will Trimet managers stand by operators who attempt to enforce fares? It's been a lose/lose proposition for operators up to now!


Question: How does a train know where to go?


Bus(ting) drivers strike over toilet breaks

TriMet begins stricter fare enforcement in Portland with promises, tickets

McFarlane said the improving economy helped when it came time to scratch up the funding. “We see payroll taxes performing a little more than 4 percent better this year,” he said. 

Official TRIMET news release on the fare crackdown

TriMet: Cracking Down on Fare Evasion
TriMet: News Release - TriMet shifts to enforcement over education when checking fares

Trouble at Streetcar

Portland's $148.3 million eastside streetcar project delayed five months, includes five streetcars instead of six |

More proof the recession is over at TRIMET

They have already planned to dig a tunnel under pill hill, now there is THIS!

Jeff gets hit in the head with a garbage can by "a cop"

School bus drivers strike looms in Gresham

No recession around here.....

Johnell Bell as our new Director of Diversity and Transit Equity and Martin Gonzalez’s promotion to Manager of Multicultural Programs.
Jana Toran has been selected and has agreed to serve as TriMet's new General Counsel.


If you mess up, ‘fess up

Mr Safety

Somebody stole my safety!


  " Quench the thirst – safety first"

Al's Christmas wish

Dear Santa: Please bring Al M this bus for the Holidays.

New Flyer Buses on eastside low passenger load routes

Why can't some of this equipment be allocated to the westside where it is needed?
Where is Rockation by the way?

Beaverton TC – The Song (by Dr. Something)

Jack Bogdanski ridicules Trimet's latest promotion

How Tri-Met does things
You can't make this stuff up. Portland's transit agency is the laughingstock of the fare-dodging public, and it's needed many, many more fare inspectors for years now. So what does it do? Hire six new supervisors. Gee, Neil, how many actual fare inspectors could you get for the cost of six supervisors? Nine?
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Seaside news

Residents react to threat of bus cuts - Cannon Beach Gazette: News

How Portland Keeps Homeless From Bus Stops