Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giant deer art starts debate about what is appropriate for Park Avenue light-rail station

The debate over public art was set off when the Milwaukie neighborhood district association leaders, with one exception, sent a letter last month to the Public Art Advisory Committee, saying they are unhappy with the deer concept and how they could have more influence in finalizing the design.

"If $1 million of our taxes go toward paying for this art, I don't want to pay for it," said Linda Hedges of the Hector Campbell neighborhood at the meeting.


Anybody know what was going on at Ruby?

Tea Baggers Cuckoos Nest

Bike&ride report-2 inside the gate 2 outside the gate!

Latest Portland urban rail expansion project delayed, city to get one less streetcar


Interesting tweets

  WalkOfLife503: Homeless man with four inch blade scratching his scratchets #trimet #maxlife

SKETCH! · 6  ginarau: Completely stressful @trimet train ride this am thanks to girl w/large pitbull sniffing around & she clearly has no control.

@rhickok: @trimet driver just left stop, early as always, while a senior with a broken foot tried yelling at her to stop ·

@robinbalmer: And again, all pioneer square ticket machines are down. 90, 91, and 92. Get your act together

neekaneeks: And today my air is smoke free at the #parkrose stop. HUZZAH @trimet

ReposingRogue: Hey, @Trimet, instead of 45 minutes behind schedule, why not shoot for an entire hour next time? #fai

carlyw66: I hate the MAX @trimet... there are too many sketchy people on after dark!! I want to tape this drunk/high punk's mouth shut! >:

JBspeaksup: Hilarious to watch the people on the mac transform between Hillsboro and Skidmore. #trimet = #portlandia at its finest 

nootelluh: Like! RT @PortlandAfoot Breaking! TriMet spends 25 yrs & $3B building elaborate infrastructure to transport you to our party tomorrow

  yuetsu: oh miz trimet bus driver, please do not “mosey.” got places t'be, bay-bee!
transit_tweets: RT @piggyflowers: @trimet Thanks! NY subway so quiet compared to Max because riders have to pay

gtotheibson: Well that was a trimet-fueled fail of epic proportions

WalkOfLife503: Rt @jonesrich Hope the new fare inspectors spread a little love to NW street car and don't just hammer NoPo and Gresham.

kimberlytnguyen: Never using the 82nd max stop after 6pm again. #Trimet #PDX

revrendoni: RT @WalkOfLife503: The reason I got a fat fine. See you in court #trimet

sarahesterman: And then the bus driver said he'd have gone to prison if he'd had kids. And I live tweeted it... #awkward #trimet

morepoole: RT @VictoriaTaft: Thankyou @SchackMasterMike for handing out toilet seat covers to TriMet riders today for the Victoria Taft Show @CootiesOnMax #5vtshow

RT @GreyDuck: @trimet Highly appreciated. Got the stink-eye from a bus driver because they could barely read the stamp on my ticket/transfer.

nerdword: Oh also fuck trimet

Pink Slips For "Planners"?

Unaccompanied Minors in Transit

TriMet fare inspectors

P(DX)eeves and Cheers:

Notice of Hearing, Case #3110299

Hearings Office

Are We Living In A Nazi State?

Are Portland Police ever going to stop their persecution of young black males in this supposedly avant-garde city of ours? Sure he may have been taking a small portion of business away from TriMet's Max train profits, but Zach was only trying to earn a living. I'm sure you're going to ask what exactly was Zach doing to provoke an arrest for Interfering With Public Transportation and there is a perfectly reasonable answer for that. 


For eight years, Bush spent like a drunk monkey. The world was the GOP's Bergdorf and they had our credit card. If there was a shiny, new war on the shelf, they just had to have it: Iraq, Afghanistan, and let's not forget the Fantasy Wars, the half a trillion dollars a year on fancy-ass weapons for a war that won't happen. (Example: the Virginia Class submarine. (The V-class was designed to attack Soviet subs. There are no more Soviet subs, but Bush ordered three dozen anyway - at $1.8 billion each.)
Altogether, George W. Bush blew up the national debt by over $3 TRILLION - then left the bills to Barack Obama.
EXCLUSIVE: The Deficit Is Not Default of Obama | Truthout

Video log-July 20

Crazy directives

One of the operators was having a problem with his front doors.
He was instructed by dispatch to use only the back door and remain in service. (incredible huh?)
The operator hung up on the dispatcher.
The dispatcher finally decided that using the back doors to board and deboard passengers probably not a good idea so he sent a mechanic instead.
(It was the same dispatcher I had a problem with)

They are "looking" into the modern age of fare collection

Why doesn’t TriMet move to an electronic fare system like many other cities have?
Wouldn’t that cut down on fare evasion and on operator-customer conflicts?

There are many benefits—and costs—to electronic fare systems. We gathering information and
looking carefully at all our options.

(unbelievable that they have such a problem getting on board the era of technology for fares, even though Trimet is supposed to be a technological leader in the transit industry)


Why is the change happening now?
There are several reasons:
• Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) performance has improved. TriMet has increased the
number of technicians dedicated to maintaining TVMs on the MAX platforms. TVMs now
perform at approximately 93 percent uptime. While checking fares, fare enforcers have
access to real-time TVM performance data to verify if a machine is out of service through a
call to the Operations Command Center (OCC).
• Although TriMet’s finances are still “tight as a drum,” there was enough “breathing room” in
the FY12 budget to avoid service cuts and make a few key investments, including bus
operator recertification, bus replacement, some service restoration—and the six new
supervisor positions.

Ohio voters to decide on anti union measures!

Streetcar news from Portland Transport

Eastside Streetcar delays and Buy America requirements
Oregonian Discovers Change in Streetcar Schedule

Layover on the #15 Thurman

I have found a great location to eat my food in peace and quiet.


Locations of collisions from Janaury to June 2011

What does a fare inspector do anyway

SOP 312 Effective 11/18/2002
TriMet goals are customer education and service, increased ridership, and the efficient collection of revenue in an equitable and effective manner.  The Field Operations Inspectors’ Mission Statement reflects agency goals:
Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent service and support with particular focus on customer assistance, education, TriMet Code enforcement and security.  Our commitment is to value all members of the community and to treat them in a fair and equitable manner through interactions that are positive, professional and respectful.

Speaking of fare evasion

43% of subway fare-beaters are kids, report finds, costing the MTA millions

For years, TransLink officials made the ridiculous claim that the loss of revenue from using the honour system for fare payments was so little it didn't justify the high cost of gates.
Almost no one agreed, particularly since nearly every other transit system in the world has used faregates for decades.

When design kills: The criminalization of walking

Bad design kills people.
That's right. It's not a matter of aesthetics, or of politics, or of opinion. It's a plain fact: When you design streets solely for cars, people die as a result. The underlying conditions that are responsible for those deaths are rarely or never challenged. The victims often get blamed for their own injuries or deaths. 

Bus drivers battle each other

A Napier Go Bus driver who was prosecuted and dismissed from his job after punching more than tickets, has failed in his bid to get his job back.
Ralph John Dickinson, 46, was found guilty of assault after a back-seat brawl with colleague Gary Esau while they were travelling to work in 2009, and subsequently dismissed from his job with the bus company. 

Foothills, streetcar challenged

One or two West Linn residents looked completely lost as if they were a 2017 TriMet feeder bus line driver searching for a bus-to-streetcar transit platform stuck in traffic on State Street. 

CRC boondoggle

Columbia River Crossing funding has half-billion-dollar hole: Oregon treasurer report |

Bikes on Trimet

TriMet is spending $1.4 million to build new bike-and-ride facilities. That's an awful lot of money to spend on facilities that aren't going to be used any more than the one at Sunset Transit Center -- which averages just 1.2 bicycles a day. Cyclists want to have their bikes with them when they reach their destination.
A simpler, less costly solution to bikes on MAX would be to install more bike hooks on the trains. On a recent trip downtown, I counted 11 bikes in one train car. There are only four hooks in each car, and only in the newer trains. Cyclists had to place their bikes in aisles and doorways, which created great inconvenience for the other passengers.
How much would adding four more hooks per car cost? Certainly not $1.4 million.

Northeast Portland

C-TRAN gets Automated bus-tracking

New C-Tran service revs up quickly | The Columbian

Public sector public relations: Money going to propaganda instead of services

Of all the paid mouthpieces getting a public sector paycheck, the award for excellence has to go to TriMet's communications director, Mary Fetsch.

Court of Appeals of Oregon.


TriMet: No warnings, just $175 tickets for those that don't

Let's Replace the Dinosaurs at Merlo with this Model

I could see Al M tooling down the road doing his #58 in style.

They love Portland (in other places)

Portland: weird but wonderful

Jeff "doesn't care"

Candidate for VP Bruce Peek