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The crisis in Greece must be seen in a global context for another reason. People in Canada, the United States, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Britain, and many other countries are being given the same message: your well-being must be sacrificed in the name of "austerity."
There is increasing resistance around the world to this latest form of class warfare.
In reality, however, transnational economic elites want an ever greater share of wealth, even if it means that poverty and inequality are increasing for the majority.
In 1940, when Mussolini demanded that Greece surrender or face invasion, the Greek response was a single word: "No" ("Oxi"). When Mussolini's troops attacked, the Greeks inflicted the first military defeat ever on the Axis powers.

Another vehicle in the Merlo boneyard

This was one heck of a collision to trigger two airbags.

Dead Souls

While riding the subway through the Boston rush hour, I have been able to observe just how well these personal electronic mental life support units work in shielding people from the sight of their fellow-passengers, who are becoming a rougher and rougher-looking crew, with more and more people in obvious distress. By focusing all of their attentions on the tiny screen, they are also spared the sight of our well-worn and crumbling urban infrastructure. 


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TWITTERS-rapidly becoming one of my favorite Trimet posts

JacoBrucker: RT @nataweejones: if you can't afford a car, you can't afford kids. so many screaming babies on Trimet right now. #notokay

ea12l: I'm so glad @trimet is actually checking fares now- even on the street cars! Maybe this way there wouldn't be yearly fare hikes.

maxfaqs: MT @SauntChris God damn I love the @trimet tunnel when on a westbound MAX you burst forth into the sunlight.

bryanstearns: Wow, the 14 Hawthorne smells like sunscreen. Nice change,

The response to Max's comment

Catenary power

Expectations of every Trimet operator-SOP B101

This procedure outlines the primary duties, responsibilities, and expectations of every operator. More detailed information on how to complete specific duties and tasks may be found in other standard operating procedures.
If you have a problem or concern regarding work expectations, TriMet encourages you to talk with your supervisor or to use any of the following avenues to find a solution:

More on the economics of transit use vs driving

Portland Transport



I have been speaking to numerous operators all of whom get confused about stopping the bus after the bus has left a stop. It really is a safety hazard to make these stops but many of us "feel badly" about leaving people behind so we stop.

Trimet management could rectify all this mess by declaring publicly a firm policy on this problem:

Trimet management has directed its operators to not pull over for passengers once the bus has departed! All complaints regarding this issue should be addressed to customer service and not the operators.

Not hearing much from this guy, who was the guy that designed the original safety program

Wars OF terror, not war on terror

These so-called "wars" (so-called because they are not constitutional) are not "wars ON terror", but "wars OF terror", of which not all the victims are among these foreign tribes. The American people are victims, too. The Middle Eastern tribes do not hate Americans' freedoms, with which they have had no experience whatsoever; rather, they hate America's leadership class, which is bombing, shooting, and otherwise trying to kill them on a daily basis. And if Americans want to preserve their freedoms, they should begin to look closely at this situation through those tribesmen's eyes.


Switzerland takes over #3 spot!

Power Elite, the Police State and Opposing the Authoritarian Trend

I am not aware of any evidence that Hitler, Stalin, or Mao ever shot some political enemy in the back of the head; but hundreds of thousands of supposed "enemies" were shot by their lackeys. "Great men" of that stamp are apparently "great" because they can convince large numbers of "little men" to behave in the most bestial ways towards even larger numbers of their completely innocent and harmless fellow men. The questions that need answers, then, are: Why do the "lesser men" follow the Hitlers, Stalins, and Maos into the labyrinth of evil? And why do the masses allow themselves to be herded, and even slaughtered, by these thugs as so many sheep?

German unions call for healthy lunchtime siestas

The DGB confederation of trade unions argues that a short, lunchtime power nap makes sense for health and performance reasons. "Even though the siesta is something that isn't a given anymore in the southern European countries, it is still a good idea for health reasons," said Annelie Buntenbach, a DGB executive board member. "A short afternoon nap reduces the risk of, for example, a heart attack, and provides an energy boost," she told Tageszeitung in an interview.
Studies bear this out. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Athens Medical School in Greece found that Greek workers who took regular siestas had 37% lower mortality rates from coronary illnesses than their napless counterparts.
The idea has caught on in Germany, where big German companies such as BASF, Opel, Hornsbach and Lufthansa provide special rooms for their workers, and employers say they benefit from the increased productivity of well-rested employees. 

Details released for SEIU tentative contract agreement with Oregon

“Over the course of the two-year contract, people will not go backward,” SEIU Executive Director Heather Conroy said. “In fact, they’ll go forward.”
Under the tentative agreement, SEIU-represented workers would begin paying 5 percent of the cost of their health insurance premiums in 2012, the same as workers represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 75.
But SEIU negotiated a richer health care subsidy to help lower-paid workers cover the cost of their premium share.
The state will provide SEIU-represented workers a monthly $40 subsidy for people making less than $2,816 a month, SEIU spokesman Ed Hershey said.
Full story here! 

Amtrack goes down on the east coast

Amtrak Service Between New York And Boston Suspended Until Saturday -

One-day strike snarls Italian transit

Europeans know how to hold a protest.

Corvallis Loop Bus

City hopes to raise money for loop bus

Gang rail 7-16-11

Crazy world of Stealthwaveraptor

Gresham seeks your input on transportation goals, policies


Local News | In tunnel vote, 'no' may not mean 'no' | Seattle Times Newspaper

Scores Of Metro Bus Riders Urge King County Council To Save Current Service

Light rail around the country

But HRT and other transit officials that operate light rail say there's little that can be done to control how people act around the trains. A 2009 Federal Transit Administration report shows that more than 90 percent of fatalities and injuries in light-rail collisions over the previous five years were caused by "public behavior."
"There's a wide range of bad habits out there, egregious bad habits," Price observed after a few weeks of test runs through downtown. "Something happens pretty much every day."
Norfolk light rail's start-up could start up rash of accidents | |

Non medical financial and operating report

A Marc Maron WTF moment