Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Actual re-certification card issued by Trimet!

Don't ride your wheelchair down the stairs at Sunset TC

Assorted transit pics this month

Merlo MAX stop

City of Roses @ Beaverton Transit Center

Beaverton TC Bike & Ride

Bus stop closeup & Wells Fargo tower

videoBTC bike report- 2 locked inside/3 outside

2011 TriMet bus rankings

Steve Fung's movie of the week

Operators need to do the job right

Now that Trimet management has gotten hysterical about the fares, we operators need to make sure that we have handed out the correct transfers! This is not the time to put riders through additional stress because of operator errors!

Hiring Fare Inspectors is good business

Chris Day was looking at the Jack Bogdanski post and did some calculations. What he came up with is that hiring fare inspectors is actually a money making venture.

OK another numbers game here. So from what I am reading here is what I come up with:

One Fare Inspector/Supervisor would cost about $100,000.00 a year (including benefits)

If this inspector gave two tickets an hour for an eight hour shift
TriMet =$1,104.00
Portland =$1,696.00

A five day work week that inspector
TriMet =$5,520.00
Portland =$8,480.00

In one year
TriMet =$287,040.00
Portland =$440,960.00


Matthew House, J.D. (teenrightsguy) on Twitter


Rep. Wu to resign amid teen sex allegations


Local News | Council postpones vote on $20 car-tab fee to help Metro | Seattle Times Newspaper

Candidate for VP Bruce Peek

How much are our union executives making?

Full Time Officer Positions - These positions are voted on by the entire membership

President-Business Representative
The average income for the past 3 years:

Vice President-Assistant Business Representative
The average income for the past 3 years:

Financial Secretary-Treasurer/Recording Secretary
The average income for the past 3 years:

VIDEO LOG-JULY 25 (updated)


20 Clever Bus-Shelter Ads to Brighten Your Travels

Jack Bogdanski weighs in on the fare evasion action

Woo hoo! Fare-jumper tickets on MAX.

Tri-Met's acting all rough and tough on the legion of scofflaws who don't pay money to ride Portland's wonderful, turnstile-free rail network. Those tickets are $175 apiece!
Yes, but Tri-Met actually nets only $69 of that -- the rest goes to the state and the county. And so, to pay for the six new fare "supervisors," who probably make $100,000 a year including benefits, it would take 8,696 citations that actually get paid every year to break even. That's 24 new paid citations every day, including weekends, above what Tri-Met's already been collecting. Think that's gonna happen?
They don't have this problem on buses -- at least the ones on which the driver actually enforces the fare rules.


100 trips less!

$6,250 fine AND 1 year in STATE PRISON if you go on the tracks!

Al-Tom-Jeff discuss the bike situation