Friday, July 29, 2011

I love that blue!

BTC bike report-2 inside (1had just left)

BTC report-2 bikes unsecured

Elderly woman beat up at MAX stop

Portland area disabled speak to the board

Michael Levine says Trimet will make disabled "homebound" and is "wrong wrong wrong"
Portland disabled address the Trimet Board/part 1
Portland area disabled speak to the trimet board/part 2

Downtown Portland getting most of the $$$$$$ (we knew that)

“There are bad streets everywhere, but the city is spending most of its money in just one place, downtown,” says David Hampsten, a member of the Portland Bureau of Transportation Budget Advisory Committee, using the common term for the planning district that encompasses the urban core.
Street projects lose traction

Sam Adams calls it quits

Jack Bogdanski commentaries

Two seniors badly injured on MAX
However they may trump up statistics, they can't deny these: a 65-year-old man with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a train on the west side, and an 84-year-woman thuggerized by a sicko on one of the MAX system's many dangerous east side platforms. Does this stuff happen on buses, and we just don't hear about it?
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You'll never guess what just happened with Milwaukie MAX
All together now, kids:
It's too late to turn back now!
Public process in the Portland area is such a bad joke.
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My very own red line cup

Oh boy, no comment on this

There is no end to the amount of bureaucrats that this place is willing to hire.
(Cultural competency?)


At the August 14 charter meeting ATU members will consider weather charges against
sister E**** F** are worthy of being further entertained.

Sometimes you just don't care

Mocking bus riders for profit

Photo Richard Layman

Trimet's latest self mastabatory event

Trimet's latest self mastabatory event from al m on Vimeo.

Trimet congratulates itself and other bureaucrats for their brilliant vision for Portland Orygon, the whitest city in America.

Catching bus drivers in the act

Metrobus drivers caught using cell phones by different kind of camera | Kytja Weir | DC | Washington Examiner

Killing transit fare evaders

Trojan asteroid caught circling Earth

Public testimony Trimet board of directors-7/27/11

David Kay says changing lift will flood fixed route service
Cameron Johnson says "we can not trust you"
RA Fontes says don't degrade the bus service for streetcar
Michael Levine says "forget bureaucrats, reach out to the disabled"
Big shot doctor wants streetcar to get to his office
Anything is better than funding highways says streetcar supporter
Streetcar supporter says gas is running out


An 84-year-old woman survives an attack at a MAX stop

Max service is just so wonderful isn't it?

Pedestrian trying to catch train hit by MAX in Hillsboro

Trimet bus riders pay and pay and pay for rail

Too bad Trimet management doesn't inform our beloved public just what happens when MAX service goes down for one of its numerous reasons.
Trimet management PULLS BUSES OFF IN SERVICE ROUTES in order to take care of its beloved rail riders. This includes high density routes like the 57 and 76 at rush hour!
So what does that mean for bus riders? Long delays, overcrowded buses, missed appointments, reporting to work late, and other assorted misery's.


Clackamas County commissioners reject sending Portland-Milwaukie light rail project to voters |

Party on dude

Red line extravaganza: