Saturday, July 30, 2011

and here they are, direct from REAL PEOPLE...TWITTER REPORTS

PortlandAfoot: Signature-gathering is allowed on TriMet because it's categorically a "free speech" activity, TriMet says ·
  mikerigsby: A hot, stuffy #Trimet bus with several off work fast food workers on it. Nothing like the smell of sweat & french fry grease. :p
zfekede: #trimet has to be the worst transportation system in the world
esseAdamDavis: The trimet outfits look like police uniforms haha #pdx
eenrightsguy: @trimet trimet has made an enemy of me, & i really don't see the wisdom of it. i will keep people aware of the agency's inexcusable behavior
transit_tweets: RT @teenrightsguy: @trimet that is outrageous. i've already put you on notice via these tweets that i have concerns. i will not go out of my way further
sisterthyme: My love/hate relationship with Trimet is only matched by my love/hate relationship with rhubarb. And the Trimet iPhone ap? I just hate you.


edwartica: Trimet keeps saying how they're so desperate for money. Meanwhile they create two brand new positions.

Bike Sharing petition

I Support Bike Sharing
(and I personally support the concept of bike sharing)

Be on the lookout for

He is harassing a Trimet bus operator making false claims and complaints!

As America Continues to Tank, What Will You Do?

When we are born, we are born free. As we grow older and are shepparded through public schools and out into the work force, we begin to face the realities of a centralized society – one that continually tries to collectivize people's time under a life-long bond to the State. It is as if there are fields full of gallows with fresh nooses swaying gently in the winds of time awaiting the necks of all the fresh blood entering the workforce. The heads slip in and the serpent-like noose fastens itself – for life. And once a person succumbs to the pressure, they lose their abilty to think. For who has time to think when one's life (time) is constantly being robbed by a collectivist State?


Letter from an ATU 757 member to Jon Hunt

Mr. Hunt.

It seems like we have lost another brother in "our" union. His name was Larry (forgot last), and he started a little bit after me (3yrs), he was older (50's), he stayed a mini-runner for his designation at Tri-met. He past from cancer. He'll be missed. Since you probably have not heard anything. I'll tell you that he worked while he was sick. He worked out of Powell around the last time I seen him (on a holiday run), he had lost 30lbs since I saw him before this. I didn't get a chance to talk with him at that time. He worked the 3, 10hr. shifts.

Layover at the Hillsboro Transit Center

One of the great perks on saturday is the Hillsboro Farmers Market. I came home with raspberries,blueberries and zuchinni.

Bus drivers under constant surveillance

Bus driver doing paperwork at the wheel | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun



TriMet increases police presence in light of recent attacks

To the Riders of Trimet

Poor Local Union Leadership

Our Union has its Bylaws, Constitution and General Laws that governs how it is to operate. Section 21.7 “Disclosure of Union Business” of our Constitution and General Laws states “No officer or member of the L.U. shall furnish to any unauthorized person a list of the names and addresses of the membership. All business of the L.U. must be kept strictly private from persons outside of the Union, unless publication be authorized by the L.U., and persons giving out any information contrary to the L.U. shall, after proceeding in accordance with the provisions of Section 22, if found guilty, be fined, suspended or expelled.”