Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Peace Through Strength is a Fallacy-Mark Hatfield

As America is convulsed in the ‘debt debate’ it is an appropriate time to revisit the words of Oregon’s esteemed Senator.
"Today we are vulnerable. The national defense of this Nation, has left us vulnerable, but not because we lack an arsenal. The vulnerability of this Nation today is that we rank at the bottom of the list in math and science, and that at least 20 million Americans cannot read or write. The vulnerability of our Nation is the deterioration and erosion of our infrastructure, our highways, bridges, airports, our ports. Our vulnerability today is a nonproductive economy, a non-competitive economy. Our vulnerability is the people who are without homes, nutrition, education, health care.”
Senator Mark Hatfield -August 2,1989

BTC bike&ride. 3 inside 7 outside 1 using bike repair shop. 

The Man, the Myth, the Legend-MARS BRINGAS

Take good care of Dave whe you run into him!


Moscow Olympics bear now caged in parked bus in St Petersburg | World news | The Guardian

Oh dear god

Desperate, sick Indonesians use railroad 'therapy'

Ignoring the red-and-white danger sign, Sri Mulyati walks slowly to the train tracks outside Indonesia's bustling capital, lies down and stretches her body across the rails. Like the nearly dozen others lined up along the track, the 50-year-old diabetes patient has all but given up on doctors and can't afford the expensive medicines they prescribe. In her mind, she has only one option left: electric therapy.

"I'll keep doing this until I'm completely cured," said Mulyati, twitching visibly as an oncoming passenger train sends an extra rush of current racing through her body. She leaps from tracks as it approaches and then, after the last carriage rattles slowly by, climbs back into position.

Its Like we were just talking about it-

The (usual and heavily protested) TriMet fare increase this time around adds something new, a 30-day pass. Its only going to be available at the ticket office Downtown for now. TriMet says if these prove to be popular, availability in TVMs is a possibility. The cost of the 30 day is the same as its monthly pass counter part.

Fares up 5¢, Adult Monthly Passes up a whopping $4, Youth Fare Pass up $1 and no longer bears "Student" to lessen confusion to College kids. 7-Day Pass up $1, 14-Day up $2, and Day Passes will now be a flat $5.

TriMet "Official" Release:

Get rid of that worthless paper money


(These assholes rolled out the shot congresswoman as a "feel good" moment, just want to puke! The democrats are scum in this charade.)


NJ Transit bus driver found dead in idle bus was subject of video made by angry riders

Transit makes B-I-G- $$$$ for people involved with it

HART salaries - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL Home

A Vote for the Debt Deal is a Vote for Treason

Today the U.S. Congress will vote on a legislative package that, if passed, will mean the end of the United States. If the package worked out through the debt ceiling negotiations with the Obama administration is passed, it means that the United States is sunk overnight, and the U.S. and the world goes into a Dark Age.

Video Log

August 1, 2011 on Vimeo

Regarding this fare situation

How our congressmen voted on the debt ceiling

Democrats — Blumenauer, N; 
DeFazio, N;
Schrader, Y; 
Wu, Y.
Republicans — Walden, Y.