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Sunset Transit Center reopened after Beaverton police respond to report of a 'suspicious device' |

Rail is so gosh darn reliable

Beaverton police have responded to a report of a suspicious package at the Sunset Transit Center, according to Washington County dispatchers.

Because of the police activity, the Blue and Red Line MAX train service has stopped in the area, according to TriMet. Shuttle buses are in place to transport passengers between the Beaverton Transit Center and Washington Park Station, TriMet said.

Passengers should expect delays.

More details to come.

Twitter reports

Varchild: RT @blackedout: You knoe... @trimet should probably get this post match bus thing sorted. Sucks waiting 35 minutes for a frequent line.
anthonypants: RT @pdxcommute: Costanza? RT @lunarobverse: Guy on bus is a) wearing sweats and t-shirt b) late 30s early 40s c) bald d) reading Dating For Dummies
HelpMeMSD: @kimberlypdx we feel the same way! for a town with so many bars, @trimet doesn't run late enough for bar staff to get home.
Rimbaud1854: I've been waiting for over a half hour for a train that has room. I shld walk down and get on the green line then transfer to blue.
Rimbaud1854: We're upto 4 trains with no room! @trimet
Rimbaud1854: How about having a train start further down the line so non-soccer fans can get on?
a_SmartCookie: It smells like sweat & fresh baked doughnuts at this max stop. Weird.
  UVGKassi: 3min, er, 15min, er, 59min till your bus! #trimet #beavertonhillsdalevortex
transit_tweets: RT @UVGKassi: @trimet what's the point of transit tracker? it hasnt been remotely right all week. #line54doesntexist
deeehlaych1983: Again, Trimet, fuck you for making me miss a good game. No love, one angry Timbers fan.
deeehlaych1983: Fuck you Trimet. ·
kateheimes: Some guy is screaming the details about how to kill a gopher on the trimet
perezal: @trimet Bus 2653 Line 77 going west. I don't need the driver's unprovoked rudeness, thank you.
TheMikeDonovan: RT @PDXToddDiskin: We are on 18th by the trimet stop. Follow the smell of fresh paint.
  mikerigsby: @trimet Thanks. I already have at least once but I will again. Late once in awhile is expected but he's seriously late every day.
PDXecom: Anyone have an update on the Trimet involved MVA with injuries @ Hall x Greenway??
JBspeaksup: #trimet is full of the crazies today. #ninja pic time. #portlandia ·
sp_redelectric: #trimet: LISTEN UP! both the 12 AND 94 at 5th and Hall denied boarding due to crush load!

In Our View: A Tougher MAX
hot item max platform sunset transit no buses alowed!..bus bridge from wash park to btc..

Isn't this guy supposed to be driving a bus right now?

Analysis of twitter reports vis a vis transit-Trimet included in rankings

Transit commentary on Twitter « Sustainable Cities and Transport

Opal circulating petition to Macfarlane

Human Rights Petition: General Manager, TriMet: Restore Transit First |

Leave it to Jason Mchuff to find a google street view of this,-122.581636&panoid=-l_TkVkjg-CzxsSzIE4HXg&cbp=12,15.28,,3,8.73

Couple of good tweets from Joe Rose blog

Meanwhile, "bluecrescendos" was in no mood for the usual transit cacophony: "If only the @trimet robot announcer would shut up."

From Kelli "kelcach" Cach: "Sky is blue. Sun is shining. Man at the max stop is serenading the @trimet schedule."

From Breanna "tascherdesign" Tauscher: "Beware, the east side riverfront is a traffic catastrophe. I covered six blocks faster than a bus on foot. Take that Line 6! @trimet."

TriMet: Faster than a speeding walker? Not everywhere.



Stealing from transit districts

2 current and 2 former Metro employees are charged with theft - The Washington Post

Trimet out for your "goals" discipline baloney

Fired bus driver deserved hearing, court says

Safety is not a value at Muni apparently

San Francisco's unlicensed Muni drivers are still employed | Katie Worth | Local | San Francisco Examiner

My 12-mile, 2-hour commute on Tri-Met Bus #35, 8/3/11

Click here for this creative description of a Trimet bus route gone terribly wrong!

Todd demonstrates how to request the kneel function

Todd demostrates how a rider requests the Kneel function from al m on Vimeo.


Portland's transportation director rents developer's beach house, says it wasn't a gift |

"Cottage"? Geez. (Jack Bog's Blog)

Does Macfarlane have as much dedication as Steve Fung?


Bicyclists luck runs out

Three bicyclists hit by truck in Washington County Wednesday night |

28 year veteran comments on the Jon Hunt petition

"Whoever signs this petition better be real careful because Jon Hunt will get Trimet to fire them. Jon Hunt and Trimet work together you know and are in constant collusion when it comes to who gets fired and who doesn't".
I said to him "he can't get 10 people fired".
He responded, "you have no idea what Jon Hunt and Trimet can do".

I can tell you this much, people are REALLY SCARED to put their name on this petition. Lots of folks talk big when it comes to Jon Hunts actions and how they think he has done a lousy job, but nobody wants to take him on.

My own personal opinion  is that on the CASE REFERENCED IN THE CHARGES, Jon Hunt has played an obstructionist role.

Has Jon Hunt been a bad leader? I don't think that it a yes or no answer. It's hard to second guess the events that have happened here. From my world wide perspective, I have my doubts that any union leader could have done much different with Trimet management right now. Macfarlane is using Republican tactics and obviously is trying to break the union. Who could have stopped Macfarlane right now? My opinion is nobody, Jon is more a victim of current events than his own sloppy management.

Rest in peace Thomas Truex-5 star bus driver!

He was found dead at the Port Authority bus terminal in a bus that had been idling for hours!

The life and times of Thomas Truex-Bus Driver

Chris Day responds to critics

Rule violators tend to attempt to use fear against others to avoid any actions that might be taken against them. Words like “Union Buster, Beware, Blackballing, Hate, Take Sides and Divide” are some of the words used to distract and confuse people. As long as members are distracted from the rule violators, the violators are less at risk of being caught. The only thing rule violators have to fear is the membership staying focused on the rules. If the entire membership stayed within the rules we would all be a strong family that would be unstoppable.

TRUE Union Values?: In Solidarity

Video log


Opera singer rides the 58

Long time 58 rider

Theresa Griffin-Kennedy 

Rear ending a bus not a good idea

TriMet bus rear ended by Jetta, sending one to hospital |

Your tax dollars at work

Art on File - TriMet Light Rail

brent hunsberger's not so excellent Trimet adventure-read from bottom of post up

hunsberger brent hunsberger
My usual 12-mile @trimet bus commute is officially over -- 2 hours after it began.
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brent hunsberger
bhunsberger brent hunsberger
.@trimet #35 back on route approx. 90 minutes after detour. Only 35 minutes left to go on my commute! ... I think ...
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brent hunsberger
bhunsberger brent hunsberger
And we are on SW Macadam!
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