Friday, August 5, 2011

Ever wonder why closing the windows in the 17/1800 buses is so hard?

BTC bike&ride-3 inside 5 outside

Heading downtown-a walk down Morrison st


Clergy bless Valley Transit to show support for busing | Appleton Post Crescent |


ckillah77: 175$ back in debt thanks to trimet*& ·
T @shannonmmoore: You know you're a pro at riding the Max when one of the doors always hits the spot where you're standing.
bradfuc: You could have terminals WORKING / more than ONE @ a TC, no offense.
@KyleKrocodile: This man smells of tomatoes.
Agree I use Spanish & German RT @Rimbaud1854: Just had a nice convo in #french with someone from Paris. #trimet has such nice diversity


MAX – 41,200,200 trips, up 7.5 percent

Bus – 58,431,700 trips, down 3.6 percent

WES – 370,800 trips, up 21.2 percent

Lets examine this simple chart for propaganda.
Notice how even though the bus service hauls most of the people, its in the #2 position on the chart.

Notice how MAX and WES are capitalized but bus only the B is in capital letters.

Notice how there is no mention of fareless going strictly rail or of the very significant cuts in bus service.

The green line addition is not mentioned.

It's interesting that the % increase and decrease are such an important part of these news releases.

“The goal of modern propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active and mythical belief”

Jacques Ellul quotes

Neil Macfarlane on Comcast Newsmakers!

They have disabled comments on this video! Ha! 


Safety’s OK if you got all day.

Running a red light?


Things have really slowed down as far as operators requesting safety analysis. From March 15 there was not one submitted until July 28th!
Not surprising of course since so many of them have been disregarded. I personally have submitted four and have not had one adopted. Sounds kinda like the old yellow card system, but with a new name this time.

Petitioning for Bus Service Restorations

 Discussion of the OPAL petition HERE!
Here is a comment that I thought was important in the discussion.

Don't forget "freeloading pedal pushers" and "car haters".
Your words not mine Bob.
You guys clearly are a "streetcar lobby" are you not?
That's your right, and your lobby is highly effective.
I don't need to remind you that the streetcars are duplicating already existing services, which of course are the bus.
But bus service is not "sexy" so won't attract "development", hence the streetcar concept. And its a concept that has taken hold around the country.
But to my eyes, and the eyes of organizations like OPAL, this is an elitist hijacking of scarce transit resources that should be used for people that need transit not people that need condo's.
Put me on the Opal side of the argument.

Trimet customer incident report

TriMet: Question, Comment or Suggestion

TriMet’s Bicycle Signage

The Prudent Cyclist

Bids? We don't need no stinkin' bids.

U.S. incomes fell sharply in 2009: IRS data

Sudden death overtime

Rep. John L. Lewis, D-GA, wrote to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood (PDF), saying, “Administrative action is needed to review the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) exemption which prevents drivers, helpers, loaders, and mechanics from receiving fair overtime pay.” 
Every week another bus crash is in the news. Since spring, there have been nine horrific crashes with 26 people killed and countless more injured. ATU’s white paper Sudden Death Overtime makes a strong case for applying FSLA overtime provisions to the over-the-road bus industry.

ATU President Larry Hanley on How to Build a Strong Coalition for Transit

Have the Light Rail Votes Already Been Counted? Before A Vote?

Metrolink Lures Cyclists Aboard With Customized Railcars That Hold 18+ Bikes

Why are these positions at a transit district

Neil's crying our budget is "tight as a drum" is such baloney as evidenced by his hiring of positions such as these, which have nothing to do with transit. Neil spends like a drunken soldier and wants to save money on our back so he can hire cute little managers like these.

Korean design

While we fixate on rail the rest of the world is realizing that bus service is most likely the transport of the future giving its almost zero installation costs and flexibility of service.


Dramatic Video Shows Gunmen Firing Into Philadelphia City Bus -


8/4/11 on Vimeo

Let the fun begin

Dow plunges 512 points | Video |

$1.45 million planning grant: a help or a waste?

By Matt Cooper The Register-Guard

Joe Rose picks up the bus 35 twitter saga

Something to read on tonight's TriMet bus ride: A Line 35 horror story |

Trimet bus drivers discuss the issues