Monday, August 8, 2011

BTC report-3 inside&5 outside

The latest TRIMET TWITTER REPORTS (some good ones in this stack)

1 m 5945  KOIN_Local_6: Yes @bkkimball: RT @trimet: Due to mechanical issues on MAX, red/blue lines between Rose Q. & Jeld-Wen Field will be served by a bus bridge · Reply · RT

3 m 132  transit_tweets: RT @mattrabe: @trimet thx. I can see the problem train. Switching tracks. Assume they are taking it to Galleria. Waiting for shuttle. None seen. · Reply · RT

Light rail fail pic

Never a good sign when you see 2 @trimet trains that close. on Twitpic

London burning!

BBC News - London riots: Violence erupts for third day
‪LIVE update: Riots spread to Birmingham, London chaos no end‬‏ - YouTube

And yet ANOTHER light rail fail

This is becoming a daily event!

TriMet <>
Due to mechanical issues on a MAX train, Blue and Red lines between Rose Quarter and Jeld-Wen Field will be served by a bus bridge. Riders should expect delays.

Ballad of the Mystery Train to Milwaukie

"Our budget is as tight as a drum"-Neil Macfarlane

But we here at Trimet can afford to send him around the country to speak about his wonderful rail inventions.(notice how they mention his non existent bus system improvements, what baloney)

Neil McFarlane is General Manager of Portland TriMet. Before that, he served for 12 years as TriMet’s Executive Director for Capital Projects, advancing the expansion of the region’s rail system and overseeing extensive capital investments for bus systems. McFarlane helped establish TriMet’s MAX light rail transit as an internationally known and respected system for planning, design, and construction innovation, delivering three light rail lines on-time and on-budget.

Federal Transit Administration - Federal Transit Administration Announces Panel to Help Advance Transit in Southeastern Michigan

More accidents of the week

Our union dues at work

I've been looking at our unions LM2 report for last year.
I didn't realize that our union officers are enjoying such luxurious travel budgets:

Bus crash of the week

Musical bureaucrats continues at Trimet

Kim Sewell has been promoted to replace Toran to lead the litigation department as TriMet's new Director of Legal Services. Sewell has served as a litigator for the agency for nine years, handling complex personal injury, employment, labor and contract-related disputes. 
(The big shots are cashing out with their loot, lots of loot I bet. How much is fearless Freddie pulling down traveling around the world right now?)


As we know, Sam Swartz is retiring soon. 
The question has been asked what exactly is Sam retiring with in terms of benefits. 
We know he will get is Trimet retirement and social security (who knows about any of that of course) but does he walk away with anything from our union?

Dumping stocks

Market Report - Aug. 8, 2011 - CNNMoney


The losing war on drugs continues sucking down our tax dollars

Wars war and more war, great country we have here.

The New York Times has revealed the United States has increased its involvement in Mexico’s bloody drug war. In recent weeks, CIA operatives and former military personnel have been posted at a Mexican military base in the northern region of the country. Manned by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, CIA officials and retired military personnel members, the intelligence outpost is modeled after compounds operated by the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the first time, U.S. operatives are reportedly working alongside Mexican authorities in collecting information about drug cartels and planning operations. Officials from both countries are also considering embedding private security contractors in a specially vetted Mexican counter-narcotics police unit. In addition to efforts at intelligence collaboration, the United States has also begun flying unmanned drones over Mexican soil in recent months.


Watch as the board of sock puppets, oops, I mean directors, hands out nice big fat contracts to build a mystery train to Milwaukie!

No transit equity for residents outside Portland!

And no transit equity for residents outside London either!

Transport spending per person in London is twice the level in Wales - Wales News - News - WalesOnline

New Flyer gets contracts

Streetcar? We don't need no stinking streetcar!

"With respect to rail, wires and the monetary return on the investment, it's just not there with streetcars at this time," he said. "We'll strengthen our transit network and we'll make further investments in the alternative methods of transportation for downtown."
Instead, the board is exploring the idea of an electric bus shuttle.

Transit scandals

Many on track to jail as two MTA workers plead guilty to taking bribes from unqualified work-seekers

Greatest Show on Earth is bus contract antics

The circus is coming back to town, and this time it might be goofier than ever.
Swing by the Regional Transportation Commission on Thursday and see for yourself. Come join dozens of Mesquite residents taking the bus to Las Vegas and bus drivers taking their concerns to the commission.
Witness high-priced consultants and attorneys pumping up their companies and punching holes in the competition's reputations, as First Transit and Veolia Transportation continue their feud over a $600 million contract to operate a bus system.
Watch commissioners listen intently as Veolia representatives describe how buses will break down and union workers will be paid pennies if the contract is awarded to First Transit. See them squirm in their seats as they explain to taxpayers why they are voting in favor of Veolia's bid that over a seven-year period costs $50 million more than First Transit's proposal.

Read more..... 

Streetcar Fail

Riverfront streetcar tracks shift due to heat |


 Video shows Metrobus driver swerve to avoid 4-year-old | Kytja Weir | DC | Washington Examiner

These camera's are installed to "spy" on drivers. More evidence that entering this occupation nowadays is foolish, you basically are allowing your employer to legally spy on everything you do. I can't think of one other occupation that is allowed to video tape your every action like this. Who would have ever believed that being a bus driver would ever evolve into such a lousy job. This used to be such a great job back in the day.