Wednesday, August 10, 2011

u hear about crash on jenkins with bus and 2 cars!

BTC bike&ride/3 inside/7 outside

Downtown building gets demolished-time lapse

Do they really appreciate me?

Graph of Trimet revenues

Graph by Jason Mchuff

Cascade institute proposes low cost alternative to Milwaukie MAX

Capatalizing on misfortune?

MAX accessibility


Are you a TRIMET believer?

Are you a TriMet believer and want the whole world to know? Have your picture taken Thursday, August 11, in downtown Portland in front of the Pioneer Courthouse at the SW 6th Ave MAX Station. We’ll be giving out TriMet stickers to our volunteer models! Look for us between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We hope to see you!

Khris Alexander thinking of running for ATU 757 VP

Flash Mobs and the Ruling Elite Plan to Control the Internet

Jack Bogdanski-doing the work of a dozen reporters and editorialists

Finally -- public corruption in Portland gets spotlight
Street of screams
Staffer of the Week -- Adopt Amy Ruiz, my old pal!
Design on the dotted line
Immigration jail takes art school as human shield

Trimet gets $22,200,000 more in revenue this year

This company has generated more than $22 million in additional revenues over last year. Where has the additional revenue been allocated?

Michael Levine says disabled want 'transit equity'

John Charles says "don't cut down the trees'

Joy Kovacks asks "what happened to the total transit system"

John Charles message to the TriMet Board Members

Then imagine all the beautiful trees getting clear-cut by TriMet contractors on or before September 15. Imagine the entire street being blown up and widened to accommodate a slow, noisy light rail line. Picture a big light rail station in the middle of the block, with all the aesthetic glamour of light rail stations such as those located at East Burnside and 102nd, 122nd, 148th, or 162nd; or perhaps the station at North Interstate and Killingsworth, or the Beaverton Round.

John Charles message to the TriMet Board Members | Cascade Policy Insitute

Bus Driver Gets Fired After Rescuing 3 Cops,0,5016366.story


I can say with complete confidence that our budget problems are not and have not been caused by light rail expansion.

Your tax dollars at work

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday, Gen Allen said that after the helicopter crash, international forces sought out the insurgents and killed them.
"We dealt with them in a kinetic strike," he said.

BBC News - US says Taliban who shot at US helicopter dead

Britian in turmoil

Over 1,000 Arrested in U.K. as Anger Over Inequality, Racism Boils Over Into "Insurrection"

BBC News - England riots: Fightback under way, says PM

Transit District Launches CT's First 22-Foot Hydrogen Bus

Transportation and Trucking News - From Horses to Hydrogen-Greater New Haven Transit District Launches CT's First 22-Foot Hydrogen Bus

Blood thirsty public doesn't get its lynching of this bus driver

CTV Ottawa- Bus driver won't be fired for doing paperwork behind the wheel - CTV News

The case of the Oregon school bus driver who flied a confederate flag and got fired

'Backyard redneck' seeks reinstatement (

More news from America's most dangerous city to ride transit

Man shoots at SEPTA train; beaten man flees onto bus | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/10/2011

WE WANT TO BE LIKE PORTLAND, the question is why?

What is it that they see that I cannot see in this? It's obviously not about transit riders, development then? Where has the MAX  spurred development? The pearl is a good example of the streetcar and how that tempted affluent yuppies to buy high priced condos partly because they have a 'free' streetcar out the front door. But where else has light rail made that much difference? The yellow line is basically a dud, the green line is nice but jeez, big deal. The WES is carrying more people and its very nice, but necessary? HARDLY! I just don't get it, what's with this church of light rail and why are so many people fixated on it?
Mayor challenges City Council to be bold and fund rail projects | Ballard News-Tribune

inShare High-speed rail price tag soars again, this time on pace to surpass $60 billion


Defendants: Beth DeHamel, Yvette Farra, Jon Hunt, Lynn Lehrback, Pension Plan for Bargaining Unit Employees of Tri-Met, Sam Schwarz, Janna Toran and Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon

Video Log-August 9

Powell Garage Driver of the Month Parking Spot

Wisconsin recall fails

BBC News - Republicans survive key Wisconsin recall elections

TriMet could sue if county reneged on $25 million

“a binding, enforceable agreement” that put Clackamas County on the hook in writing for either payment or interest charges by Sept. 2, 2013.
(Funny how some things are "binding" and others can be tossed out because of "austerity")

BCC nixes vote on light rail