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Should Canadian authorities arrest Dick Cheney for war crimes when he comes to Vancouver?

Didn't get the award...again!


God I love watching bureaucracy in action!

"Moving together" (oh boy)

Today the Moving Together project began the official search in Portland's Central Business District and the Lloyd District for a new leased administrative building.

Bridge view!

Episode 2: Why a Cable-Stayed Bridge Design

Bureaucracy slowly lumbers forward

Milwaukie planning department can move forward on implementing South Downtown Plan after Tuesday adoption |

Famous blogger Dan Christensen gives TRIMET re-certification class thumbs up!

As Al would say "We Love Light Rail"

Big Power Outage yesterday in San Diego (and Orange County, parts of Mexico).

Buses running in place of Trolleys, since they can't run when theres no power.
Dispatch-Operator said she was going to pass out due to heat; told to tie up. (Same?) Line 12 oper transported

Clusterfuck Nation



History is not your therapist


Bus driver who killed pedestrian was fired ‘illegally’, Appeals Court rules

A bus driver who in 2010 was fired for killing a pedestrian on a zebra crossing after working 14 hours was illegally dismissed, a court has ruled.
The Appeals Court decided that the driver, fired by transport company Vimeca after running over a pedestrian during his 14th hour of service, was unjustly discharged.

News from Portugal

Former Fort Worth bus driver files sexual-harassment suit



BART cops arrest dozens at protest in free-speech area | Andrea Koskey | Local | San Francisco Examiner


Andrew Tobias: Listen to a Highly Placed Long-Time Republican Staffer

The [Republican] Congressional directory now reads like a casebook of lunacy.
It was this cast of characters and the pernicious ideas they represent that impelled me to end a nearly 30-year career as a professional staff member on Capitol Hill. A couple of months ago, I retired; but I could see as early as last November that the Republican Party would use the debt limit vote, an otherwise routine legislative procedure that has been used 87 times since the end of World War II, in order to concoct an entirely artificial fiscal crisis. Then, they would use that fiscal crisis to get what they wanted, by literally holding the US and global economies as hostages.


Bus fares to stay $1 until 2012 |

VIDEO LOG-September 8

Could this new republican bill threaten MLR?

a bill released Wednesday by a House subcommittee would prohibit transit projects from receiving more than half of their funding from Washington.

House Republicans Threaten Central Subway Funding - The Bay Citizen

Buy American

Fla. Transit orders 50 new NABI buses - News - METRO Magazine

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TRIMET on Twitter-best tweets

@trimet: @skyesidhe Sorry to hear about the early/missing bus. Customer Service would like more info. Please fill out this form: · Reply · RT
trimet: @alicynx Sorry you feel our operator was discourteous. Customer Service would like details. Please fill out this form: · Reply · RT
rimet: @tcraighenry Sorry about the late 20. Customer Service would like details. Please fill out this form: · Reply · RT

The Transit Czar 'salutes' us

A bit belated – but I wanted to offer my own Labor Day salute to the employees of TriMet. You offer a great service to our customers and our region, and you do it in circumstances that are always changing and often challenging. We ask a lot of you, and you deliver. I am proud to work at TriMet with such a dedicated and talented work force

Joe Rose comes to the defense of TRIMET?

The truth about TriMet and trees on Portland's Southwest Lincoln Street |

Jack Bogdanski commentary

More dismantling of Fareless Square ahead/Tri-Met MAX citations: Plead guilty, only $50.

Stressed commuters turning to public transit, tech

Commuter unhappiness is one reason IBM attributes to consumers turning to public transportation. Forty one percent of people surveyed in 20 cities around the world believed that public transportation would reduce traffic congestion. Of the 35 percent of people who changed their commuting mode last year, 45 percent are going for public transportation.

Altair unveils world's first hydraulic-hybrid transit bus

From an economic perspective, it’s the total cost that has to be considered. On that front, BUSolutions is projected to lower the cost of ownership by $170,000 per bus as compared to a conventional diesel bus. With the average local transit authority operating approximately 300 buses, the savings could reduce a city’s cost of transit bus operation by approximately $50 million. 


Bus driver shot!

Officials urge special protection for transit workers after shooting of SEPTA driver | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/08/2011

Bus driver stabbed

MARTA IDs driver stabbed aboard bus  |

400 union workers protest EGT-bound train, clash with police

About 400 union longshoremen blocked a train for about four hours outside the new EGT grain terminal at the Port of Longview, but the train passed through Wednesday evening after the protesters were confronted by about 50 officers in riot gear.

Streetcar staff recommends leaving Free Rail Zone

Two years after TriMet rejected a proposal to eliminate what was then the country’s largest fare-free transit zone, the former “Fareless Square” is dying by degrees.
Portland Streetcar staffers told their citizens’ advisory committee Wednesday that they recommend pulling out of the Free Rail Zone in September 2012, raising the base streetcar fare to $2.10 across the system and making central-city MAX the city’s only free transit service.

Video Log-Sept 7

Hartmann: Destroying the Postal Service - another Manufactured Crisis


TriMet's crackdown overloads court system

The flood of people stretching the system beyond capacity has become known as "TriMet Tuesdays" where the court system deals with an unexpected amount of people who didn't pay to ride on the MAX. It's an unexpected consequence of TriMet's new get-tough policy.
The line of people this Tuesday spilled out onto the Justice Center’s steps. They were there because TriMet has hired more fare inspectors and deployed more “get-tough” patrols – tickets now outnumber warnings, 3 to 1.
This Tuesday there were 358 tickets to process and standing room only in the courtroom.
“They did it all at once and they didn’t stop to think about what the downstream affects would be,” said Multnomah County Court administrator Doug Bray. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011




100 1/2 @. 7:02pm

104 @ 6:04pm

Trimet enforcement agenda part of a world wide action?

TRIMET bus drivers conveniently left out of this story

Some workers can't stay out of the heat | Portland

Bus driver tosses unruly passenger off bus

Read the story and take the poll HERE!


Trimet is highly focused on sales and service with the latest probing, scanning and innovative technologies from various manufactures. Owners Tim Dobrinich, Mitch Fields and Kevin Fields have over 30 years of industry experience and are excited to serve their customers. will serve the aerospace, automotive, heavy duty/agriculture, white goods and manufacturing companies.
Trimet offers a broad range of products to fit their customer's application from; Optical CMM's, Articulated Arms, Indoor GPS, Laser Radar, Adaptive Control, Laser Tracker, and Vision.
Trimet - Service offers its customers in North America with the latest technologies for inspection, reverse engineering, & CAD modeling.
For additional information email

We love light rail!

(Can't wait for the first natural disaster to hit!)

Due to high temperatures today, MAX and WES trains will be traveling at reduced speeds once temperatures reach 90 degrees.
MAX trains will travel 10 mph slower in all areas where the speed limit is 35 mph or higher. If temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher, the maximum speed for all trains will be 35 mph with a 10 mph speed reduction in areas where the speed limit is between 25 and 35 mph. High temperatures can cause MAX’s overhead power lines to sag and rails to expand, so trains will travel at reduced speeds in key areas to maintain safe, reliable service.
WES trains will also be traveling at 35 mph during the afternoon commute for safety due to possible rail expansion caused by the heat.
MAX and WES riders should expect delays.

Obama's Promise Taken to the Bank (literally)

Transit execs live lives of luxury and excess

Metro exec pays for worker shindig | Kytja Weir | Capital Land | Washington Examiner

Supreme Court rules against TRIMET

The Coast Guard gets in on the action

Bicyclists worried about streetcar safety

Some great comments on the post to!

TriMet's war on urban livability: Light rail hurts neighborhoods, slows commutes

Yes its "John Charles", the very name conjures up immediate reactions. When it comes to his views on light rail however, I cannot find fault.
Between First and Fourth avenues in Southwest Portland, Lincoln is a quiet, tree-lined street that has everything urban planners say they love: high density with a mix of land uses, regular TriMet bus service, more than 65 mature shade trees, and a wonderful north-south pedestrian walkway bisecting the street.
Yet, on or before Sept. 15, TriMet will destroy all of this. The trees will be clear-cut, the street shut down, and several businesses lost, including the popular Candlelight Cafe. The reason: TriMet is taking the right-of-way for the proposed Milwaukie light-rail line 

TRIMET: "Let us mess with you"

Interesting exchanges over on Twitter, not sure if you would've seen it.  Basically, @Rimbaud1854 brought up an excellent point in that even though TriMet "tweeted" about the fare increase & service changes, they didn't have anything on the buses or trains or at stops to let people know.

Videos Show Fire and Destruction in Texas

Video Log-September 6

We love light rail!

Due to high temperatures, MAX trains are traveling at reduced speeds. Trains are traveling 10 mph slower in all areas where the speed limit is 35 mph or higher. High temperatures can cause overhead power lines to sag and rails to expand, so trains will travel at reduced speeds in key areas to maintain safe, reliable service. Riders should expect delays.

Boring residents petition for withdrawal from TriMet

Citing a lack of usefulness and financial burden on business owners, a group of Boring residents is petitioning for withdrawal from TriMet service.

Milwaukie City Council split on how to pay $5 million for light rail

model isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

If you like diversity, Portland is not for you. The metro area is 93 percent white, with a large population of Asians. There is hardly a dark face to be seen. The black population is only 1.7 percent. The root cause of that may be that after the Civil War, Oregon passed anti-immigration laws and even made those laws part of its constitution. For decades, blacks, for example, could own no real estate of any kind under Oregon law.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011




92 at 8:12pm

96 in the bus 7:13pm

Neils "note"

MAX @ 25

On Friday, we celebrated with many TriMet veterans and partners the 25th anniversary of the opening of the line that started it all -- the Banfield light rail project. It was terrific to share the event with many TriMet retirees and project veterans. 25 years ago I was on the trains, with tens of thousands of our neighbors -- and a new era was born in public transportation.

Harry sends a memo

With the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks approaching, I wanted to remind all TriMet employees and contracted operations personnel of their important role serving as the "eyes and ears" of the system.
Although there are currently no known security threats to the TriMet system, your vigilance is always needed. Please take a moment to review the security and H-O-T item protocols on the back of your TriMet ID badge and always remember that if you “See something? Say something.”
Immediately contact the Operations Command Center (Dispatch/Control) via TriMet radio or XXX upon observing:
• Security threats, including suspicious items, persons or behavior; and/or
• Criminal behavior and unbadged persons in a TriMet workplace who do not belong.
Thank you for your help keeping TriMet safe and secure

Dealing with the heat

Portland demographic

White persons, percent, 2010 (a) 83.6% 72.4%

A New Plan for Public Toilets Shows Promise

September 5, 1986: MAX Light Rail Debuts


Milestones reached in Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project


Dick Spotswood: SMART chief's eye-popping pay package - Marin Independent Journal

Congress creates a transportation time bomb

That's a far more meaningful deadline than any one-day delay in rolling out the jobs proposal — particularly given the likelihood that House Republicans will nix whatever Mr. Obama wants to do to improve the economy anyway. Unless Congress extends legislation to fund highways, transit and air travel, the economy could lose 1 million more jobs.,0,410601.story

Our marvelous 19th-century fixed-rail system

MaxRedline: 25 Years Of Light Rail







Bargaining unit members were shocked to read the TriMet general manager's announcement that the agency had created two new big-paying positions of "Director of Diversity and Transit Equity" and "Multicultural Program Manager." It seems like a peculiar thing to do since "poverty" is management's continual cry when it comes to improving the lives of TriMet workers - many of whom are minorities. So why did TriMet management choose now to create two more management jobs?
What follows is a “backstory” that could lead a cynic to say it was management trying to head off media inquiries about TriMet’s history with regard to racism. Certainly, cynicism lay behind management’s claim that this new team “will continue TriMet’s regional and national leadership in transit equity...”

Read the rest of the article here: TriMet and Race - The Back Story

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TRIMET is a microcosm of the government at large!

If they can film us then we should be able to film them!
TRIMET is a microcosm of the government at large!

How to recognize a stroke!

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

YOUR Yearly Dementia Test:

It's that time of year for us to take our annual senior citizen test.

Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert. If you don't use it, you lose it!
Below is a very private way to gauge how your memory compares to the last test. Some may think it is too easy but the ones with memory problems may have difficulty. Take the test presented here to determine if you're losing it or not.
The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you've made your answer.
OK, relax, clear your mind and begin...


You've been waiting for them with bated breath, so without further ado, here are the 2010 Darwin Awards.

MAX FAQS on the KGW Live at 7 show

Readers bonus

A copy of my paid subscription of Gerald Celente's TRENDS JOURNAL



The TRIMET director of Equity and Diversity

Johnell Bell

Johnell Bell TriMetTriMet’s new Director of Equity and Diversity Johnell Bell has worked his way up from the grassroots: as a Benson High School student he served on the Portland Public Schools Board; from there he became a coordinator of Multnomah County’s federally-subsidized summer food program; then a policy intern for former Gov. Ted Kulongoski; next, a community engagement project manager for former Mayor Tom Potter; a community liaison for Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler’s office; a policy analyst for the Multnomah County Health Department Health Equity Initiative; and most recently, a field representative for U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley.

Checking out my new schedule

Bus driver loses it

Police: Bus driver beat passenger | Albuquerque, N.M. | KRQE News 13

Jack Bogdanski commentary

The local mass transit haters are reporting that Tri-Met is planning to whack all the trees off SW Lincoln Street in downtown Portland for the Milwaukie MAX light rail line. Now, ordinarily the tighty righties could care less about trees -- if the state were cutting them down for freeway widening, for example, they'd think it's fine -- but despite the insincere messenger, it's an important message.
"Green" in Portland is so, so hypocritical. A street full of beautiful trees gets destroyed and for what? A $2 billion mystery train to the utterly failed SoWhat District and all the way down to Milwaukie (pop. 21,000). And maybe some of this. Dumb, crooked, both?

Transit use DECLINES in Adelaid!

This is funny because this is where our former fearless leader has had some impact with his "Church of light rail"  preaching!

Transport boss defends fall in train, bus trips - ABC Melbourne - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dennis Kucinich speaking at the Cleveland Ohio Labor Day Parade

2008: Chris "Criswell" Predicts: The Year in Transit 
Don’t worry. The predictions are here, as usual. The introduction is longer than in year’s past, because 2008 offers a time of unmitigated spleen-venting that comes along, well every four years. That’s just too long to wait.

The citizens of the United States of America, some by choice, the rest by fiat of the Supreme Court, took an eight-year voyage on the scenic road to hell that began on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the eleventh month in November, 2000 anno domini.


TriMet sent this bulletin at 08/29/2011 08:50 AM PDT

Due to mechanical issues with a westbound train at Old Town/Chinatown, all westbound MAX trains are experiencing delays up to 30 minutes.

Amerika, falling apart one piece at a time

Welcome to the race to the bottom postal workers: 
At the same time, decades of contractual promises made to unionized workers, including no-layoff clauses, are increasing the post office’s costs. Labor represents 80 percent of the agency’s expenses, compared with 53 percent at United Parcel Service and 32 percent at FedEx, its two biggest private competitors. Postal workers also receive more generous health benefits than most other federal employees.

In E-Mail Age, Postal Service Struggles to Avoid a Default -

TriMet Golf Tournament

Blazing Saddles

It will be a hot one this week

Sunday, September 4, 2011


chibi_missy: My eyes burn. I should probably go to bed, but we just got home 20 minutes ago because of schedule changes with Trimet today. ·
swissqueso: I like how my train starts to smell like tuna when we pick up people at Lloyd Center. #trimet · Reply · RT
360DegreesUnLTD: Solicitation on trimet should be banned. · Reply · RT
Just gave my 3 hour #Trimet transfer to a random guy. Good deed of the week completed. Good riddance. · Reply · RT

Classic twitters

nexxylove: Dear #trimet, you can't put signs up about "congestion" being a dirty word, when your trains are packed like sardines. · Reply · RT

Americans Love Democracy, Except in the Workplace

Currently, 93.1% of the private sector work without any elected representatives in their workplaces.
Another major reason employees do not unionize is their belief that existing laws provide sufficient workplace protections. However, employees are shocked to learn that there is no federal law limiting the hours an employer can force someone to work without breaks.
And while most employees nominally know they are "employees at will," few realize this permits termination for reasons that are blatantly unfair. For example, if a store has merchandise that is missing, the boss may assume at least one employee is guilty and fire all the employees. Employees at will have no right to an investigation in the workplace. Likewise, a boss can fire an employee simply to hire her son. No federal laws prohibit nepotism in the private sector.

Green to Grey: TriMet and Portland's SW Lincoln Street

Airport closed due to "suspicious device"

Trimet red line halted due to this, no bus bridge to get people to airport!

Scene cleared at Portland Int'l Airport after bomb scare | Local & Regional | - Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News - Portland, Oregon


It looks like we are entering summer in September, the first really hot heat wave! 
Older drivers, drivers with medical problems, over weight drivers, be cautious out here! 
Our jobs and our company are killing us. Do not expect the management to do anything to mitigate the situation. 

Low use East side lines and trippers into Portland will get air conditioned equipment, but west side drivers on the high volume lines such as 52+76 can expect  no such consideration. 
All other smaller use lines will have to suffer through the heat wave as usual. 
If your feeling sick, use your sick time.  Don't be a hero, it's definitely not worth it!


Evan Whipple retirement party

Bus falls into swollen river in northern India, killing 12

$350, trimet year pass august 2011- 2012

click here

Open for Business

These profiles tell the stories of some of the businesses along the project route and how the project is helping them during construction.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


ANYBODY SEEN HARRY? from al m on Vimeo.

Harry Sapporta has gone missing!

Director Lehrbach wonders "what does TRIMET staff actually do?"

Purse lost, found on the streetcar; two people want to claim; turns out to be full of weed; police called

Early Trimet riders


For a growing number of citizens, reasonable access to a decent public toilet is no joke, and the lack of it may actually prevent them from riding transit, or even leaving the house. It's a question of accessibility and needs to be taken seriously.
The petitioners argue that with trips often taking more than 90 minutes to complete, asking passengers to simply “hold it” until they get to their destination is inhumane.

The bottom line for decent public toilets - The Globe and Mail 


TriMet bus service hours rose rapidly in the 1990s, held steady for the early 2000 and began dropping sharply in 2009. The agency cut total bus service hours 13.3 percent from October 2008 to October 2010, and has threatened further cuts in late 2011 if it fails to negotiate cheaper benefits for TriMet employees and retired members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757.
According to OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, TriMet's service hours per capita in mid-2011 were the lowest since 1975.


People transit bus drivers deal with

Man Accused Of Threatening COTA Bus Driver | WBNS-10TV
A man was arrested and charged after he had allegedly threatened to kill a bus driver, 10TV News reported Friday.

We love light rail!

Who pays the bill?

Regarding TriMet's parties to celebrate 25 years of light rail: Isn't this like throwing a party for someone and then sending them the bill?

TriMet is a public fiefdom run by political appointees. Citizens have little say in it, just as we have little say in the Portland Development Commission or the Port of Portland. These are very powerful organizations that report to the power elite of Oregon business and politics, not the people.

Northeast Portland

TRIMET "does not listen" to local concerns

TriMet needs to make changes

"Give more back to riders"

Got a Deferred Comp Account?

The transition for TriMet employees to ICMA-RC’s Deferred Compensation (457b) & Defined Contribution (401a) plans will take place in October, with on-site visits scheduled for the week of August 29, 2011. Here are some questions about the transition that have been heard most often:

Video Log-September 2

Overtime as a Raise

From Canada

Kelly McParland: Public transit stinks, StatsCan confirms | Full Comment | National Post

Friday, September 2, 2011



2011 Transit Beer II Proposal

Jason recaps Blue Line 25th Anniversary


Jeff is involved with an operator disciplinary action where the operator is being disciplined after he was assaulted by a passenger.

The operator never raised his hand to the assailant but the company has decided the entire incident was the fault of the operator; no charges will be filed against the assailant.
After reviewing the data pack the only violation that was seen is the operator getting out of the seat to exchange words with the assailant.  The operator was then attacked by the passenger and never fought back.

Jeff is so distraught over the companies action that he is ready to dig in for a protracted down and dirty brawl with our management.

Speeding up TRIMET bus service

Portland Transport: The Case for Stop Consolidation

Gresham & Portland celebrations mark the anniversary of region's first light rail line

This is the 'official' Trimet news release. Surprisingly, they have actually mentioned the bus ridership in the body of the news release, which is about three times as many as the MAX line.

BART protest turns ugly

Does White Make Right? Racism and Gay-Shaming Drown BART Protests - COLORLINES

Transit bus disasters

Bus driver in fatal TTC crash had drugs on him, police allege - The Globe and Mail

TRIMET wastes money on the IRAQ war scale

They spend like there is no tomorrow around here on marketing and propaganda, but then MAC(the knife)FARLANE has the absolute gall to whine about our "tight as a drum" budgets.

ID Branding
A new campaign we created for TriMet is launching today:

Retweeted by


U.S. Wasting Billions While Tripling No-Bid Contracts After Decade of War in Iraq, Afghanistan

VIDEO LOG-September 1

Money for Blue Line throwaways-No money for schedules

How to fix your horn

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boring Wants out, TriMet counters

TriMet improves bus service to Boring

September 1, 2011

Line 84-Kelso/Boring gets added trips, improved stops

TriMet will improve bus service in the Boring area beginning Tuesday, September 6.

Additional trips will be added to the Line 84-Kelso/Boring.

  • Two trips will be added traveling to SE School & Fireman Way leaving Gresham Transit Center at 7:35 a.m. and at 5:20 p.m.
  • Two trips will be added traveling to Gresham Transit Center from SE School Ave & Fireman Way at 7:49 a.m. and 5:36 p.m.

Further improvements include changes to bus stops.

  • The addition of new signs at 25 bus stops along the route.
  • Signs with stop ID numbers have been added along 257th Avenue/Kane Drive, Powell Valley Road, Orient Drive, Bluff Road, Kelso Road and 282nd Avenue. The signed stops give riders and operators visible areas to provide service.
  • Because Line 84 serves a rural area, operators will continue to serve customers who flag the bus at non-posted locations.

New schedules are posted at


Rumor is that a Merlo maintenance  executive board member is about to be fired for fraud. Might find position at ATU 757 office.

Beaverton Bike&ride report

25 years of MAX

This is one hell of a piece of self promoting  propaganda! 

Maybe the Portland traffic couplet fiasco isn't so funny

Jack Bogdanski

Multnomah County short another $11 million

Jack Bogdanski

No jobs anywhere, except the GUBMINT! TRIMET hiring

 Some of these are internal only.


(who exactly is a "stakeholder"?)

Dear Stakeholder,
With my first year as TriMet’s General Manager completed, I want to update you on the
direction I’m taking the agency.
Navigating tough economic times


Congratulations to TriMet’s WES Commuter Rail employees William Anderson and Theo Porter for becoming certified as Qualified Maintenance Persons (QMP).
Under Federal Railroad Administration regulations all employees who inspect, test or repair railroad rolling stock used on the general railroad system of the United States must be trained and certified as QMPs in order to perform these tasks alone.


The Operator’s Report of Defects Card located in the pouch has gone through a recent change. The new defect card allows operators to better document instances of odors on the bus.
On the new defect card, operators are asked to document conditions, odor type, and other potential odor source in detail. The mechanics requested this change in the card to help them more efficiently diagnose and fix any related mechanical issues.

Shelly Lomax (our 'executive' director) introduces the SRI's!

Shelly’s view
Aligning Recognition Programs with Safety and Service Excellence Goals
TriMet’s adoption of safety as a core value means that safety must define everything we do as an agency. The recommendations made last year by the Safety and Service Excellence Task Force have guided many of the actions we have taken to ensure that safety steers our decisions.

It's legal to circulate petitions on TRIMET property

We have received notice that a private organization is planning to reach out to TriMet riders at major transit centers and on the Transit Mall on September 1. At this point, the activity is expected to occur at the Hollywood, Gateway, Rose Quarter, and Lombard transit centers as well as at the 82nd Avenue MAX station and on the Transit Mall.


The church of light rail invites all its followers to its functions where we will celebrate the coming of our lord, light rail, and give thanks to the HOLY  CHURCH OF LIGHT RAIL, and its high priest, NEIL MAC(the knife)FARLANE. 

TriMet invites community to a party celebrating 25 years of light rail |


Hear ye hear ye...don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear the leader  in building capital projects, some useful, some not so useful, you got $, give to MAC(the knife)FARLANE, he will build you something!

Previously, McFarlane had served as TriMet’s executive director for capital projects since 1998. In this role, he led the development, design and construction of TriMet’s capital facilities, including the Airport, Interstate, I-205 and Portland Mall MAX extensions, and WES Commuter Rail. From 1991 to 1998, he was TriMet’s project control director for the 18-mile, $963 million Westside light rail project.
Prior to his time at TriMet, McFarlane worked for Metro and helped manage construction for the 500,000-square-foot, $90 million Oregon Convention Center with landmark twin towers, successful public art program and cost-effective design.

February Luncheon: Neil McFarlane, TriMet General Manager | Emerging Local Government Leaders

Please! Help make us well!

TriMet | Occupational Health and Wellness Programs Intern | Mac's List | Portland Jobs



Light Rail daze in Portland Orygon!

Here are some of the people that created the Mecca for the church of light rail!

Obama says pass the bill

Obama Urges Congress To Pass Transportation Bill, Says It’s ‘Inexcusable’ Not To - ABC News

Republicans attack light rail in Georgia

The Marietta Daily Journal - Citizens blast light rail proposal at town hall

OPAL plans actions

Group promotes 'Campaign for a Fair Transfer' at Northeast, North and downtown Portland events today |


One nation under greed, with liberty and justice for the rich

As Economy Lags, New Study Reveals 25 Top Firms Pay More to CEOs Than in Taxes

Last year Trimet turned 40!

Last year TriMet turned 40. Where was the celebratory parties, the free rides, the speeches, the glowing newspaper articles?(SP Red Electric)

That is a very good question! Do we need any more evidence of the obvious light rail preference? Go all out for these rail celebrations, completely ignore the part of Trimet that does most of the work.
Pathetic, truly pathetic.

(Not quite) open door policy

Max Faqs


8/31/11 from al m on Vimeo.

MAX turns 25

MAX -- also known as the Metropolitan Area Express -- turns 25 with not one but two parties on Friday.

Click Here!
 (I'm sure glad Trimess has $$$ to throw away on this stuff)

BORING vs. TRIMET: Community ready to pull the plug on bus service

Bates, who has a cadre of followers, is adamant in his feeling that the residents of Boring have been victims for too long.
“For 40 years, TriMet has given Boring a token service, and empty buses have been the norm,” he said in a prepared statement.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


King County Metro Transit offers safe space for youth

BridgeView-exciting nail biting videos about MLR!

Hours of Service

I received your letter dated August 23, 2011, along with the August 16, 2011 letter from John Johnson, Rail Safety, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to Harry Saporta, TriMet Safety and Secrity Director.
After careful review, it is my finding that the negotiated Hours of Service Policy between TriMet and the Union is in compliance with Oregon Law and Oregon Administrative Rulses. We are not aware of any changes in the law or administrative rules since the policy was originally negotiated, submitted to and approved by ODOT.
Quite frankly, it appears that the deficiencies noted in the August 16, 2011 ODOT letter are more directed toward TriMet’s reporting performance, rather than policy non-compliance issues with applicable Oregon Law and Oregon Administrative Rules.
Full post here! 

A little reminder from the nice folks at TRIMET

TriMet: Fare Changes Effective September 1

We love light rail!

20 injured in Mexico City's light rail accident - People's Daily Online

Buses, Trains and the Media

LANE county transit more efficient than TRIMET?

EDITORIAL: Who is mass transit for? | LTD’s new chief thinks it’s for everyone

OK TRIMET exec's, here is your challenge

RTA executives hitch ride on bus with riders

Go by MAX

trimet - YouTube

Old Portland & Seattle city Employee new BART CEO

Bart Press Release


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seen at Beaverton TC

Out of order validator at Sunset TC

Help defeat the Republicans

Please help that freakout happen by chipping in $6 to the Daily Kos Michigan Recall Fund.

Buses to the rescue in New York

 The bus was the way — the only way, for many — to go this morning for people trying to get to work in the first weekday commute in Irene's aftermath.
Bus stops were crowded and lines longer than usual as commuters re-engineered their morning routines.
At 6 a.m., some people at the New Rochelle train station either hadn't heard train service was suspended or came to the station hoping that it would resume.
"They said maybe - maybe - they'll start," Roberto Valencia, 41, of New Rochelle said of the trains. "So far there's no trains."

Morning commute: Bus the only choice for some | The Journal News | |

Transit bus disasters

Lynx bus in crash with tractor-trailer downtown. |

Man tells New London police he robbed store for bus money

Buses to the rescue in Boston

With Amtrak service halted and hundreds of flights canceled in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene, stranded travelers flocked to buses yesterday to get out of Boston.

Thousands of travelers stranded as flights and trains canceled - The Boston Globe

Guy holds bus hostage with knife

Knife-wielding assailant subdued as police end China bus hostage emergency - The Washington Post

Transit bus disasters

CTV Ottawa- Toronto transit bus crash kills 1, injures at least 11 - CTV News

Smart Growth America

“Transit Corridors for Sustainable Communities: Planning Transit to Connect the Dots” webinar materials and answers to your questions now available | Smart Growth America

Photos of a Blown Tire at Merlo

Dwight Botel

Another assault on MAX

Bitch on the Bus


Crazy world of Stealth Wave Raptor

$175 fare-evasion citations issued by the transit agency has jumped five-fold

Between July 20 and August 15, TriMet gave 760 verbal warnings, down from 1,566 in 2010. Meanwhile, the agency handed out 1,972 citations to people caught trying to ride for free, a dramatic surge from the 372 issued during the same period last year.

TriMet raises fares, adds service and cracks down on fare cheaters in Portland area |

"GOD" did it!

Michele Bachmann Says Hurricane Irene Should Be Viewed as Message from God

Salem CNG buses in action

Can someone (Jason?) tell me why TriMet does not utilize compressed natural gas equipment? With diesel fuel at over 3 dollars/gallon and the natural gas equivalent at 1.75,it would make sense to convert. Am I missing something?

Jobs not cuts

Monday, August 29, 2011

Transit/tour buses collide

Tour Bus, MTA Bus Collide | NBC Los Angeles


Boring to Trimet: We don't want you | Transportation | Damascus News

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 29-the class

It was ok, a little weird having them tell me how to drive a bus, the trainers were both good, that always helps me get through these things.

Safety First at TriMet

Unless you're the poor City of Tigard Meter Reader who has to read this water meter at the Tigard Transit Center.  Who, in their right mind, would put a water meter (and I'm not even sure what the meter is for!) on an active rail line.......................

And before I get the smart ass remark from Jason - Tigard does not use AMR meters.  So someone has to walk onto the rail right-of-way once a month, pull the cover and read the meter.

The bus saves the day!

TriMet contributed this fine soldier, fleet 1780, to bail out the Streetcar.

Streetcar shut down...

Streetcar shut down this morning, two cars at the Urban Center with a third on Harrison blocking traffic.

Safety class being held in 1400 bus!

Evan Whipple Retirement Ceremony at Center Street

Muni may open all doors on buses for boarding

TriMet fare hike arrives this week


Due to mechanical issues with a westbound train at Old Town/Chinatown, all westbound MAX trains are experiencing delays up to 30 minutes.

Masons advertising on TRIMET?