Monday, August 15, 2011

Dan Christensen comment on Oregonian 35 nightmare

Dan Christensen August 13, 2011 at 7:56AM

I drive a trimet bus and I also work the extra board and that means every day I have a new route to drive. IT can be any time, any place so I'm use to driving all sorts of crazy places. I know how it is to be that driver, I know how it is to be depending on others to help you and still get lost.



RT @trimet: @PDXStreetcar Just confirmed this is a comment re: streetcar: RT @clayroody first time ever feeling carsick on a trolley @trimet #leadfoot
RFOregon: Wanted sex offender frequents TriMet stations, authorities say: Parole and probation officers ... #News #US #Oregon ·
WalkOfLife503: Old man sniffing boys on #trimet ·
lazulisong: Culinary students eating results of baking class on #trimet bus. Q_Q cheeedddder biscuuuuuiiiitsssssss

Wanted sex offender frequents TriMet stations


Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work.
Deputy General Counsel


Man has heart attack on Bridge Pedal
19000 cycle, walk over Portland's bridges during Sunday's ...
Bikes take over freeways, streets for Bridge Pedal | Portland
Providence Bridge Pedal draws over 18000 cyclists - FOX 12 - KPTV ...
Portland Bridge Pedal 2011 (2 of 2) - YouTube


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Passengers of the Los Angeles County Metro bus system now can watch full episodes of One Economy's groundbreaking web-series, Los Americans, delivered in shortened segments through the Transit TV broadcast network Monday through Friday. Hollywood icon Robert Townsend, cast members of Los Americans and representatives from One Economy and Transit TV hosted a screening of the series and answered questions today for a preview event onboard a Los Angeles County bus.

BART has opened a real can of worms trampling on freedoms

For apparently the first time in the United States, a government agency shuttered mobile-internet and phone service in a bid to quash a demonstration — the same type of speech suppression exercised by Middle Eastern tyrannies to quell dissent.
Thursday’s move by Bay Area Rapid Transit authorities was greeted by an uproar of comparisons to Egypt and Libya. The hacking collective Anonymous responded in typical form over the weekend by defacing the agency’s website, and stealing and releasing the private account information of some 2,000 San Francisco–area transit riders.

San Francisco Subway Shuts Cell Service to Foil Protest; Legal Debate Ignites | Threat Level |

Trimet capital projects manager goes to Korea

Hmmmm, do we have money for this sort of thing? But they sure do love Portland, even around the world I guess. Must be doing something right? Right?

Young Park, Manager Capital Projects, joined academic dignitaries from around the world in Korea earlier this summer for a forum on transportation. KTI is the equivalent of the Transportation Research Board in the U.S. Park’s presentation, “Portland – A case study of Livable Transit-First City” was well received and garnered many inquiries about TriMet from the attendees.

Trimet management heading out to the community

TriMet staff will be setting up booths at a number of community events this week to promote safety around vehicles and tracks:

Lloyd District Transportation Management Association Summer Transportation Fair at Oregon Square Park (Holladay between 7th & 9th streets)


I've been watching Trimet on the twitters and it appears they are really starting to respond to people there. That's good news indeed! Congratulations Trimet for finally hopping on board that boat!

About that statue of the giant teletubby deer

Portland A-Foot



If you missed the union meeting...

The 1000+ Trimet union employees that don't go to these meetings finally get to see what is going on inside the meetings. Chris Day lost the battle but he won the war on transparency.
There have been two major decisions, both involving Ellen Fox of all people, that have had a huge impact on union members.

50 organized union members attempted to prefer charges on Jon Hunt

They didn't understand the technicalities of doing it however. The new rulings allow public disclosure of union business.


In 1967, the California Supreme Court ruled that a city couldn't prohibit nondisruptive political activity inside a railroad station.