Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Understanding the different levels of transit service.


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Graphic designer looks at MAX

Rail Transit of Portland, Oregon | Cameron Booth

America's Top Public Transportation Cities

This is a Forbes study and the relevant criteria is the % of the population that actually use public transportation.

Portland doesn't make the cut.(transit alert)

You got the answers you want?


Tell the FCC: Government Agencies Cannot Censor Communications, THAT INCLUDES BART!



BART managment hysetria strands commuters

Demetria Polk, 21, stood perplexed at the Powell Street station. It was the Oakland resident's first day on the job at a check-cashing operation in the city, and she had no idea how to get home to her daughters, ages 1 and 4.

Protest shuts down 4 BART stations -

Bus driver flees and his bus is burnt to crisp

In another road mishap, a boy was crushed to death at Mohib Ullah Road near Old Golimar within the jurisdiction of Pak Colony police station. Atta Mustafa, 10, son of Shahab Hussain was a resident of Asif Colony. He was going home from school when a speeding passenger bus (1-L) bearing registration No JP-1872, knocked him near Mohib Ullah Road. Resultantly he died on the spot. The involved driver managed to flee while angry people set his vehicle ablaze. Police and fire brigade squads rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire. Police said victim was a student of grade five and a case has been registered against the unknown driver. staff report


I don't bother with Ellen's blog because its nothing more than a place for her to attack people, mainly me of course. But it was just brought to my attention via Ellen Fox Watch Blog that she is now accusing me of violating the same section of the ATU contract that she was accused of violating.

It's freaking hilarious! It's ok for her to disclose private union business (signatories of a preferring of charges) but its not OK for me to disclose private union business (ATU reports to all members).

I disclose the reports because there are 1000+ union members who NEVER go to the meetings, they deserve to know what is going on at the organization that they are paying their hard earned money into.

And because the money we pay to the union is actually the TAX PAYERS MONEY, the public has a right to know what's going on also.

I think our union should be held to the exact same standards that we hold TRIMET.

Now that Ellen found out she was protected after disclosing union business, I expect the exact same treatment from our union officers.

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 15 (part 2)


BART's action last Thursday - which ignited an international debate about technology, free speech and public safety - was an effort to diffuse an antipolice demonstration. But it spurred an even larger protest Monday that was organized online by a loose-knit band of computer hackers known as Anonymous.

"It may be BART's equipment, but that doesn't mean that they have the freedom to do whatever they want to with it," said Michael Risher, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.
Some civil-liberties groups said BART overstepped the First Amendment because it imposed restrictions on the speech of everyone in the area as punishment for speech and behavior that it only speculated would happen.

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 15 (part 1)


From Erik:

I wonder what they'll say about the little "blow up" that occurred at Barbur TC this afternoon about 5:10 PM or so. Karen commuted on TriMet for the first time ever starting a new job and as we left the Barbur TC there was a HUGE explosion from the bus area (with smoke shooting up).

When we drove around on Barbur, all we could see was one abandoned vehicle 1430 with a bunch of people standing around it. Vehicle 1430, if you may recall, is the one that left me stranded in the center of Barbur Boulevard while a TriMet Supervisor stood outside smoking a cigarette (at least he was wearing his safety vest) and left the Operator to say "Well, I can't keep you on the bus, but if you left you're on your own." Never mind the Ford F-150 truck that the Supervisor showed up in had big orange flashing lights that could have been used to SAFELY evacuate the bus...

Had the bus blown up in NYC, there'd be heads rolling...but in Portland I guess scaring the crap out of transit users in the parking lot is OK (at least one woman was running in horror).

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