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No more ride free zone in downtown Seattle -

BART’s cellular shutdown: Safety or suppression?

Michael Risher, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Northern California, said he’s never heard of a government agency taking such an action. “Not in this country,” Risher said. “This is the kind of thing we hear about happening in oppressive regimes.”
Fairow called such comparisons “unfortunate,” but agreed that he’d never heard of another agency shutting down signals.
Risher also pointed out that “jamming” cell phones, which is technologically different than shutting down a signal, was recently dismissed by the Federal Communications Commission as a law enforcement tool. Prisons and jails have sought permission of the FCC to jam the signal around lockups to prevent inmates from communicating via smuggled cell phones. One of the reasons for the FCC’s continued opposition to jamming, Risher says, is that shutting down cell signals can interfere with safety.


The 2nd Annual Equity Bike Ride takes place Thursday, August 25. TriMet is a sponsor of the ride, which includes stops that highlight efforts to achieve racial, geographic environmental and economic equity. The ride begins at 6 p.m. at Lents Park, SE 92nd Avenue and Steele Street.

Stealth wave raptor

TRIMET crossing over Trussel as I'm approaching 8-10-11 EAGLE EYE 2 - YouTube

Bus Driver: The game

Transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city!

  • 12 buses to drive, very detailed models inspired by real-world buses
  • 30 routes arranged into 5 tiers with increasing difficulty
  • Multiple duties, such as driving a schoolbus, transporting tourists, sight-seeing tours, and transportation of prisoners

  • Bus Driver


    In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus Driver unlike any other driving game - the experience of driving a bus is very different from blazing through a racing circuit.

    Download game here (appears to be Windows-only)

    Sunset Empire Transportation District

    Transit district selects new leader · OPB News

    Plenty of losers, few winners in BART debacle

    No one's still standing on the moral high ground in this BART debacle.
    Not the protesters who chose to vent their outrage by hammering on ticket machines. Not the group of hackers who leaked private information in the name of free speech. And not the transit agency that took draconian steps to stifle a piddling protest.

    Shaping Software for a Smarter Portland

    IBM approached the city of Portland in late 2009 to partner on creating such software, facilitating sessions with more than 75 Portland-area experts. Ten years' worth of historical data was collected to provide an interactive visual model of Portland as an interconnected system. This model helped develop the Portland Plan, setting the city's policy priorities and objectives for the next 25 years.

    Portland State University opens 'Electric Avenue' for e-commuters

    Portland State University opens 'Electric Avenue' for e-commuters |

    Grocery Stores Hire Strike Breakers as Labor Fight Intensifies


    Chicago to try launching the first true bus rapid transit system in the U.S.,

    The proposal being introduced by the Metropolitan Planning Council calls for starting with a network of 10 CTA bus rapid transit routes covering about 95 miles of mostly bus-only lanes, with buses making stops every half mile at special stations where passenger prepay their fares just like at rail stations.

    The unsolved mystery of

    The Unsuck DC Metro blog is known for chronicling riders daily complaints on Metro’s bus and rail network, but if you type in to your browser you’ll be directed to, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Web site.

    Uneasy riders: Mass transit systems caught short

    Many U.S. public transportation systems are struggling to cover costs, with more than a third projecting shortfalls for their upcoming budget years, the American Public Transit Association said on Wednesday.
    With states, cities and counties struggling to recover from the 2007-09 economic recession that devastated their revenues, they have slashed aid for local bus and rail systems. The group found that a third of public transit agencies received less funding from their local governments this year and 40 percent had fewer dollars come in from the states.
    Revenues from fares have increased for nearly half the U.S. public transportation systems, the survey found, and since January 2010, 34 percent of the transit agencies have hiked the amount they charge riders and 32 percent may soon raise fares.
    At the same time, since January 2010, 47 percent of systems have cut services, including reducing rush hour services and limiting locations they serve.
    "Many agencies have also had to defer or delay planned capital projects, including returning existing facilities to a state of good repair or replacing aging vehicles and facilities," according to the survey, which noted that rising gasoline prices could push more riders into the system.(Trimet doing the opposite)

    Verizon Workers’ Strike "Most Important Labor Battle Going on Today"

    Video Log-August 17 (part 2)

    Major Metro Transit Systems Ranked By Bus Driver Top Hourly Wage-2007

    Operator's Top Rate Sept. 2006 Cost-of-Living Adjusted
    1 Boston $26.55 $19.03
    2 San Francisco $26.50 $15.66
    3 San Jose $26.45 $17.18
    4 Chicago $25.33 $22.72
    5 Washington $24.92 $17.76
    6 Seattle $24.60 $21.35
    7 Los Angeles $24.30 $16.53
    8 New York $24.28 $16.74
    9 Oakland $23.97 $16.57
    10 Sacramento $22.96 $18.87
    11 Minneapolis $22.35 $21.57
    12 Newark $22.29 $17.43
    13 Pittsburgh $22.18 $23.30
    14 Philadelphia $22.18 $17.65
    15 Portland, OR $22.13 $18.49
    16 Cleveland $22.08 $21.95
    17 Baltimore $21.91 $18.15
    18 Providence $21.60 $17.13
    19 Milwaukee $21.56 $21.56
    20 Columbus $21.38 $20.94
    21 Phoenix $21.12 $20.75
    22 Cincinnati $20.74 $22.21
    23 Miami $20.56 $18.19
    24 Kansas City $20.33 $21.54
    25 Charlotte $19.92 $21.70
    Chart by Pennsylvania Economy League

    Major Metro Transit Systems Ranked By Bus Driver Top Hourly Wage Adjusted for Cost-of-Living-2007

    Rank City Cost-of-Living Adjusted*
    1 Pittsburgh $23.30
    2 Chicago $22.72
    3 Cincinnati $22.21
    4 Cleveland $21.95
    5 Charlotte $21.70
    6 Minneapolis $21.57
    7 Milwaukee $21.56
    8 Kansas City $21.54
    9 Seattle $21.35
    10 Columbus $20.94
    11 Phoenix $20.75
    12 Boston $19.03
    13 Sacramento $18.87
    14 Portland, OR $18.49
    15 Miami $18.19
    16 Baltimore $18.15
    17 Washington, DC $17.76
    18 Philadelphia $17.65
    19 Newark $17.43
    20 San Jose $17.18
    21 Providence $17.13
    22 New York $16.74
    23 Oakland $16.57
    24 Los Angeles $16.53
    25 San Francisco $15.66
    Chart by Pennsylvania Economy League



    Supervisory Procedures
    Title: Fitness for Duty SOP 584
    Date: Approved 11/6/2008 Page 1 of 3
    1.0 Purpose:
    This procedure outlines how supervisory personnel assess operators for fitness for duty on
    a daily basis.

    VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 17 (part 1)

    Milwaukie light rail commitment based on ‘quicksand of lies’

    Anyone worried about the county's reputation if they "defaulted" has only to look at TriMet's believability factor regarding federal money for the Milwaukie light rail project. They knew in October of 2008 they were only getting 50 percent of the project in federal money, not the 60 percent they were telling the entire region. They waited until July of 2010 to let us in on that dirty little secret, all the time dealing with Clackamas County for $25 million and Milwaukie for $5 million. It only took them 21 months to spit out the truth, and then only because they had to. Tri-Met General Manager Neil McFarlane's comment to the Milwaukie City Council on this matter was, " We just had a little hiccup in our financing." Well, golly, Neil. Is their stance even legal, much less ethical, when their request is based on such a quicksand of lies? Why is it that everyone is held accountable except TriMet and Metro?