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ATU757 August Meeting Minutes 2011

For all ATU members!
Here is the minutes of ATU757's August 2011 Charter meeting. Feel free to comment on this post as it is an open outside meeting from our union.
ATU757 August Meeting Minutes 2011

Obama's Made In Canada Bus Gets President Criticized

LA transit gives its riders benches, by the thousands

L.A. approves 10-year contract for up to 6,000 bus benches -

Muni bus hits, kills pedestrian in crosswalk

Police investigate

Afghanistan bus accident kills 35

TRIMET participating in government gang stalking BLUE COLOR CODE 8-17-11. NWO

YUP, it's Stealth Wave Raptor

After Cellphone Action, BART Faces Escalating Protests

Early last month, a BART police officer shot and killed a knife-wielding homeless man at the San Francisco Civic Center station. The incident provoked a series of small protests that drew little attention until Aug. 11, when the transit agency took the unusual step of shutting down cellphone service for several hours as activists prepared for another rally.
With that flip of a switch, BART has come under siege — in cyberspace and underground.

According to officials, BART’s technology personnel have been working round the clock to fend off a disparate group of hackers who penetrated the agency’s Web sites last week and released sensitive information, in retaliation for the shutdown of the cellphone and wireless services. 

Verizon strike ends, but no contract yet

Stop Clinging to False Hope and Face Reality

Everyone is complicit to some degree, but perhaps it is the people themselves, those being ruled, who are most to blame for the circumstances in which we all now find ourselves to varying degrees. Surely the American majority's willingness to shun the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights has enabled the "power seekers" to regulate and dominate virtually every aspect of an individual's life. For without the consent of the larger body, the rulers would have no power with which to abuse.
But as it is today, the greater mass of voters is still busy watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol." The vast majority of youth care not of real issues; rather they are focused on increasing the number of new "friends" who sign on to their Facebook accounts, or are busy discussing what Lady Gaga ate for dinner or some similar nonsense. It is a shame that people have fallen out of touch with the act of thinking and being responsible for their own lives.


How many presidential buses does it take to equal the cost of one light rail car?

President Obama traveled the Midwest on a new bus purchased by the Secret Service.
The vehicle is painted all-black with tinted windows and appears to be the size of a standard Greyhound bus. Inside, we can assume that it's tricked out with the latest in high-tech security gear and telecommunications and designed with a kitchen, shower, bedroom and lounge area.
Given its purpose, the price tag must be enormous.
Actually, it's not. It was purchased for $1.1 million. A typical light rail car in Portland costs $4 million.
Regular transit riders might want to ponder that. A light rail car has hard seats, no headrests, minimal legroom and no on-board internet access.
The Presidential bus can go on any road in America, while light rail is limited to just a small part of the Portland region.
The proposed Milwaukie light rail project will cost $1.5 billion. If we cancelled the project, we could buy an entire fleet of presidential buses and run them to Milwaukie, with free coffee and donuts for everyone, and we still couldn't spend as much as TriMet plans to spend on one mile of light rail.
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The Mule at Center Street

Another transit blogger appears!

Along for the Ride: Going Live on the 75 | Lascher at Large

Who is the fool here?

So what are THEIR purposes?
The true purposes are only known to them and I can only voice my speculations. I feel Sister Ellen Fox’s purpose is to avoid preferring of charges from moving forward and having to truly answer for her actions. President Jonathan Hunt’s purpose can be an attempt to discredit me as a Presidential candidate and to demonstrate that he controls the officer’s and members as he pleases. The purpose for the Executive Board Officers can be of either fear of retaliation from President Jonathan Hunt or to show loyalty to President Jonathan Hunt over truly defining the translation of our Constitution. My purpose is to stand up for myself and the members that supported my Constitutional rights.
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