Monday, September 26, 2011

Rally to Save America's Postal Service

Come and show support!!!
Tomorrow Tuesday, September 27, 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Main Post Office, NW Hoyt @ Broadway
Save 6-day delivery & community post offices
Transfer the surplus funds, pass HR 1351

The wonders of Light Rail-you can't move it.....EVER!

Due to police activity, no Blue or Red MAX trains are operating on SW Yamhill between 15th and 18th. Shuttle buses are replacing MAX service between SW Galleria/Library and Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson stations. Some Yellow Line trains are operating on the Red/Blue alignment through downtown but only traveling as far west as Galleria/Library stations. Riders should expect delays.

Say goodbye, forever

How much hypocrisy are we expected to endure?

I'm really having a hard time right now feeling good about my job here.
I know the honcho's would be happy to see all us old timers out the door. They could replace all of us with new hires, with no vacation time, lower pay scales, and less retirement benefits, and that is what they really want apparently.

Last week I was subjected to two instances where management failure has jeopardized mine and my passengers safety. One day I had to drive a round trip with no signals or emergency flashers and the next day I lost my steering while doing down highway 26.

I suggest you folks that call yourselves managers stop talking about safety till you get our equipment up to standards that can qualify as safe.

Last week I was also subjected to a management "lecture" because I didn't make two attempts to call dispatch after having already sent them a 'ready for service' message that they did not answer. While they failed, I get lectures, its the usual bullshit abuse we operators take while in the employ of TRIMET.

Jack Bogdanski commentaries

Just call them Tree-Met


Transit bus crashes

Atlanta 911 dispatcher among 2 killed in attempted robbery  |

Tolls boost mas transit use but hurts businesses

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Latest information from the Institute

BRT working in China

ITDP | Institute for Transportation and Development Policy : News : Guangzhou BRT Reduces CO2 Emissions by 86,000 Tonnes Annually

And more on Lincoln Street

KATU report, featuring that tree hugger, JOHN CHARLES

I Ride

On some lucky mornings we stop on the bridge. Suspended there above the river, our view is exclusive to transit commuters and to the legions of cyclists who now pass us in our moment of stasis. I wonder some days whether our train operator is just exercising his prerogative, remembering the days of childhood when piloting a train over a bridge and then sweeping into a bustling city must have sounded like the best job in the world. As the train starts to descend into Old Town, I hope my operator is still finding some joy in his job. I hope that amidst all the schedule pressures and time-points he gets just a moment to realize that he’s the one who got to grow up and drive a train.
TriMet Diaries

More on Lincoln St

VICTORIA TAFT: Tri Met: Destroying the Neighborhood to Save It

Police state closes in on Wall Street Protesters
Wall Street Protest Man Thrown To The Ground & Arrested - YouTube
Protesters arrested in anti-Wall Street rally - YouTube
Wall Street protest, including police arrests, September 22, 2011 - YouTube
09-18-2011 wall street Protest Useless Cop Trying To Intimidate - YouTube
Occupy Wall Street Protest September 2011 - This is only the beginning pt.1 - YouTube

Ireland says "NO" to costly light rail construction

Rapid bus network for capital - National News -

Children in NY abandoned by government cuts in transit

7th & 8th-graders forced to take public transit, hours-long commutes as bus cuts leave kids stranded

Transit strikes

Union strike could come to Santa Rosa | union, strike, transit - Northwest Florida Daily News

MBTA trying to eliminate free transit passes for employees

Bill looks to restrict MBTA employee benefits | The Daily Free Press

SMART card system glitches in Denver

Maybe someday this transit agency can actually catch up to the rest of this countries transit systems by getting modern buses and modern fare collection systems.
Editorial: Is RTD missing the bus on the future of transit? - The Denver Post

Agreement reached at SAMTRANS

I thought only TRIMET employees paid nothing for health and welfare benefits? Of course not, that was all media lies.
Wage freeze part of SamTrans contract agreement with bus, maintenance workers - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

Transit districts need to be part of the poverty solution, not part of the problem

Transit discounts for the poor urged at gathering of the faithful - San Jose Mercury News

Where people really use transit

This is back in the news, the cities that really do use transit in numbers. While Seattle Makes this list sadly Portland does not.

10 Cities Where Workers Most Use Public Transit: Census

More from the Great transit fail of 2008

Max - Gateway Max to PDX Bus bridge to the Portland Airport
Max - Gateway station
Max - Tri-Met Gateway Station

Life will never be the same on Lincoln St

According to TriMet, the removed trees will be reused in a variety of ways. Higher-quality wood will be salvaged and provided to furniture and structure builders, such as Habitat for Humanity. Large sections of trees will be reused as playground furniture for City of Portland parks. The remaining wood will be made into firewood for low-income households, or mulched for use in local parks and community gardens.

Portland trees come down to make way for new MAX line

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bus in Central Oregon carrying $1,000,000 in meth


Click here!

That fine Trimet equipment

A story for the blog

The lighting at merlo max station is terrible. The lights are in all the wrong places and the schedule is in the dark!! 

Den­nis Kucinich

Kucinich On The Ever-Expanding Use of Drones to Kill: “Unaccountable, Immoral And, by Definition, Inhuman” | NationofChange

The great debates

Saturday Night Live - GOP Debate Cold Opening - Video -

Blast from the past

In this series of never to be seen again videos I deal with the last actual winter storm emergency, classic footage including the bus mechanics going above and beyond to get chains on the buses:

Blast from the past

Sunset Bob talks about the corruption and incompetence of our leadership.


In this little video I make fun of the stupid KATU news stories about bus drivers for Trimet.

Big contest if you don't use sick time


Unions Breathe Easier After GOP Assault On NLRB Fails


Greece faces fresh destruction, pillaging



Wow... The driver of the 8 that i am on makes his own "caution: the bus is turning" announcements

Horror bus crash in South Afrika

The Citizen Online | Horror bus crashes claim lives of 16 - Local News


Is on yet another tirade about us "evil man/boys" and our "victimization of her"  so its time to re-post MY HISTORY WITH ELLEN FOX for readers who are not familiar with this never ending saga.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jack Bogdanski logs 6,000,000 visitors

Latest award winners

(only one from the capital projects this month!)

Bye Bye Lincoln Street

Starting September 26, stops on Lincoln between 1st and 4th closed until further notice due to construction. A temporary stop to Montgomery Park is located on Lincoln between 4th and 5th Avenues.

Fighting the light rail expansion into Vancouver

Vancouverites against light rail and the CRC project are angry about potential costs |

Big shots get raises

Oregon - Candidate miffed over raise for administrators

Census bureau report on commuting patterns

Transit use is down. Carpooling is down. And driving to work alone is up. That’s according to data just out this morning from the American Community Survey.

Study on Seattle transit use

study by Gilmore Research

SamTrans Reaches Three-Year Agreement With Bus Operators, Maintenance Workers

Detroit transit national disgrace

Empire transit district gets bailout!

Seaside Signal News service

Fed's begin nationwide crackdown on Bus drivers!

Transit bus disasters

CTA bus runs red light, critically injures woman - Chicago Sun-Times

Video log-September 23

Longshoremen fighting hard for justice

To sum up: a taxpayer-subsidized international conglomerate, which is operating on public property, is suing the public so it can avoid paying the area’s standard wages and undercut its competitors that do. Then, it exacerbated tensions with the local labor community by importing union workers from another jurisdiction to cross the picket lines.
That’s why ILWU members are angry, and that’s why this is about more than just 50 jobs in Longview.

Here's why Washington longshore workers are so angry |



Over the past two days I have driven buses that were clearly extreme safety hazards.

Yesterday I had a bus with no signals or flashers and today I had a bus that lost its steering while I was heading down highway 26!

We are having a serious crisis at this company and as far as safety being some sort of "value" I have come to believe that is nothing but another in a long list of marketing campaigns designed to trick the public into thinking that this transit system is "safe".

Nothing is further from the truth!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows 2.0

I wrapped up my 5 days at Merlo by cleaning the windows of my 3rd bus this week.As the pictures show,my cleaning rags were filthy after washing just one panel of a slider.This dirt/filth that the drivers and the public must put up with is unacceptable.


Budget Problems?

Neil Macfarlane says:" ""Those threats really are a list of the many budget uncertainties we face. First, there is the economy as a whole."

Engineer II - Systems 
Payroll Clerk

KATU interviews people on Lincoln Street

videoBus turns on Nw 23rd

Michael Anderson got the US News story before US News did

Trust content from Portland Afoot, Vol. III | Portland Afoot

Transit Bus hits bicyclist at busy intersection

Run over by a Transit bus

Man fatally run over by LCTA bus | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton PA - News

San Francisco: Bicyclist avoiding illegally parked car run over by bus

The Mystery is Solved

Back in July, a 50 dollar savings bond arrived in the mail.Since I had no idea who sent it to me,I sent out thank-you notes to various family members.Yesterday,I was given my 3 year safe driving award along with Neal's thank-you letter.Inside,I was told that I was awarded a savings bond.Mystery solved.

Aussies Support Longview Longshoremen

Here we go again

Washington is facing another potential government shutdown in a new partisan dispute over federal spending. Republican-controlled House has approved a short-term funding measure that would link disaster relief to cutting funds for energy-efficient cars. Senate Democrats have vowed to reject the bill. If the dispute is not resolved, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund will run out of money next week and the entire government would have to shut down on October 1.

VIDEO LOG-September 22 (a don't miss episode)



Thursday, September 22, 2011

No service alert?

Some pretty major construction on SW Jenkins between Murray and 153rd, all traffic routed through the westbound bike lane, but no mention of how this is affecting the 67 in terms of delays or stop closures on the service alerts page...

Oh boy! The excitement is too much to bear!

Surveys to take place on buses

On Board Surveying on Buses and MAX September 23 – December 31
As part of FTA’s evaluation of the Green Line, an on-board passenger survey will be administered on buses serving the Transit Mall (plus Line 6), buses serving Clackamas Town Center, and on MAX Green and Yellow Lines.
The survey will ask customers about their ridership and is designed to provide TriMet and its federal partners valuable information about the performance of the Green Line. This information will also inform future decisions about bus and rail service in the region.
Surveyors employed by NW Transit Count will be handing surveys to passengers on-board the following TriMet services starting on Friday, September 23:
Bus Routes: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 43, 44, 45, 54, 55, 56, 58, 71, 72, 79, 92, 94, 96, 99, 152, 155, 156
MAX: Green Line, Yellow Line downtown service
The survey work will conclude on December 31.
Surveyors will have picture ID, a permission letter TriMet letterhead, and will be wearing vests with the NW Transit Count logo.
Please allow NW Transit Count surveyors working on the system to have access to bathroom facilities and keep their supplies on-board during layovers.
If you have any questions about surveyors or witness any behavior that is of concern, please contact the Operations Command Center (Dispatch/Control).

Transit strike ends

ECAT workers end strike; buses rolling | Pensacola News Journal |

Another Transit agency that cut back on its cleanliness suffers rats now

Subways crawling with rodents after MTA cuts back on staff, transit workers say

Meanwhile-in Greece

ATHENS—Thousands of Greek public-transport workers walked off the job Thursday in a 24-hour strike over austerity reforms, a day after the government approved new budget cuts to appease the country's international creditors.
The walkout halted all mass transit around the Greek capital, Athens, leading to massive traffic jams during the morning rush hour—

More dirty bus pics


After dropping $8,000 on bus and train billboards declaring “#1 Transit” in bold yellow letters, TriMet is scrambling to remove the self-aggrandizing ads from public view.
Oregon’s largest transit agency started putting the placards on the side of 168 buses and trains after seeing a February U.S. News & World Report story naming Portland “the nation’s “best city for public transportation.”
 The corrected version knocks Portland from first to fifth place in the rankings.
“This is unheard of,” said TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch. “We’ve tried contacting the story’s author to find out what happened with the faulty data.”

Read the story HERE!



The congressional crisis about to hit, what will be the effects here?

Federal transportation cuts could derail local transit plans - The Daily Californian


Free Muni for youths? Good idea needs more thought

All Aboard! All-Electric German Bus-Tram-Train Hybrid Coming Soon

Is it a bus? A tram? A train?

VIDEO LOG-September 21

ODOT to close 82nd Avenue bus lane for safety reasons?

Portland Transport

Portland Streetcar Musical Night

Lonnie Johnson slams into a Trimet bus

Serial drunk driver gets arrested for DUII - KPTV - FOX 12

Streetcars, light rail, and bridges more important than the future of Portland youth

In TriMet's current budget, and way of thinking, there's plenty of money for the $1.5 billion Portland-Milwaukie light-rail project and a groovy new bridge over the Willamette.
There's cash on hand for the Lake Oswego streetcar, staffing for the constipated Columbia River Crossing and start-up costs for the eastside streetcar. There's $53 million for bus maintenance, a million for media relations and government affairs, and $10 million in the mysterious file drawer labeled "Contingency."
But for YouthPass, the essential bus ride to school for more than 10,000 Portland teenagers?

Steve Duin

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunrise this morning, as seen from TriMet.

At Millikan Way MAX Station

On the 62 at Murray and TV Hwy

SOME STATS---pictures not the greatest

You Might Be A Conservative If…

1: You’re irate over the president taking so many vacation days on the taxpayer’s dime (61 thus far), but you thought George W. Bushz earned every minute of his leisure time (196 days at the same point in his presidency).
2: You’re happy with your 40 hour work week, paid vacations and company-provided healthcare, but you’re strongly anti-union, because those commies haven’t done anything for you lately.

Read the rest of the article here! 


After a conversation with my Executive Board representative Jeff Ackerson,  I have amended an earlier post were I referred to the ATU 757 executive board members in a less than flattering manner. It turns out they were just as surprised by our Presidents behavior as I was.

Raw Video: Scaffolding Collapses, Hits Bus in NY

Bus vs. Train: Is It a Fare Transit Fight?

Bus ridership, however, outpaced trains in subway cities with 3.7 billion trips and trumped all rail with 5.2 billion trips nationwide. 

Al's sunday night rant

Seat Conditions on the Westside Dinosaurs

In addition to harboring bacteria that makes you sick,the cloth seats are threadbare and worn out. It is just pathetic that the westside transit riders
have to endure this type of equipment on their bus rides.

Killed by light rail,0,7111002.story

Tequila party bus

There were at least two TRIMET employees in attendance at this grand event!

VIDEO LOG-September 20

Light rail news: Public art undergoes revisions as design completion nears

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This guy looks familiar


The money masters

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Barbur Boulevard MAX looking like a done deal

Getting stressed cause the company has bungled your break time?

Then go fill out there on line break review form HERE! (trimet employees only)

AND, if you think the crappy work done in our scheduling office is leading to HAZARDOUS UNSAFE operating conditions fill out the safety form HERE!(trimet employees only)

Deadly transit crashes

Riding the school bus aint what it used to be

Pakistan bus attack kills dozens

Scaffold falls onto bus

Can't get answers from TRIMET

Portland TriMet commuters looking for straight answer on downtown Sixth Avenue bus stop closure |

Got some vehicles? Provide transport for disabled

TriMet: Public Notice - State Elderly and Disabled Transportation Grant Applications Available

VIDEO LOG-September 19

Sound familiar?

No charges in fatal bus-pedestrian crash, DA says

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why do they put temporary stops signs on permanent signs? 

Good is Evil

Stefan Molyneux

How to act like a union

Longshore workers show up outside court, ready to be arrested

Lots of various reports and such available from TRIMET

TriMet: Reports, Publications and Fact Sheets

The wonders of human existence

Cats tortured

Noam Chomsky: 2012 GOP Candidates Views are "Off the International Spectrum of Sane Behavior"


Evette told us union members yesterday that the approval of the budget is due to the good graces of our tyrannical (yes, tyrannical) union leaders who respect us so much have decided to let us "vote" (sic) on rows and columns of numbers!

Anybody that has attended these union "meetings" (word used loosely) can attest to the brutal nature of these gatherings.

Basically the supreme exalted leader (Hunt) only allows discussion on topics that he chooses and cuts off discussion if he is finding the discussion going in the direction he doesn't approve of.

Virtually the whole meeting is stacked with Hunt supporters anyway.

It turns out that the EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS were just as surprised by Jon's behavior at this meeting as I was.  It's understandable the position they are in, how to you buck the union president who holds all the power? It aint easy I'm sure!

Anyone who dissents is labeled a "union buster", I say bullshit to that!

Personally, I don't like to be threatened and challenge the union to throw me out!

Bus strike 'inevitable' and 'imminent' says union rep


Our union leaders sit up on their little chairs and tell us they have very little money left in their coffers.
Then they go ahead and hand out $3000 to a bunch of political hacks, who never have voiced any support for union issues publicly, all with the support of the corn husks (aka members) who just vote yes on everything that Hunt says vote yes on, and then have to gather up all their chairs and move them outside.

Another bus driver gets fired

'Pushy' Metrobus driver no longer with Metro | Kytja Weir | Capital Land | Washington Examiner

Retaliating against freedom of speech

This is a letter to ATU International President Hanley and 757 President Hunt from Chris Day
 President Hunt,
                I am writing you to address your retaliation and attempted interference in my use of “freedom of speech” to communicate with other members. Your attempts to control members as you see fit and to instruct all members that the information you provide is to stay within the walls that you designate is limiting this membership to a select few. Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 Title 1 allows us to not only meet and talk freely with in the walls you designate but to freely meet outside of the union without fear of retaliation. Your retaliation has taken many forms from letters of cease and desists to the removal of meeting minutes documents (not only to me but the entire membership) to encouraging a member to move forward with charges towards me.

Another gem from todays union meeting

Yvette put up a bunch of numbers in rows and columns on the screen and hardly explained any of it or what they really represent.
We were then asked to "approve" the budget.
Even though nobody really understood what those numbers meant, they all voted yes to the union budget.
I voted no, and so did one other person. I refuse to vote yes on an issue that I have no understanding of.
Apparently the vast majority of members are willing to take the word of our officers.
And so 40 people get to make decisions for the 1500 of us.
Personally, I think it pathetic. It mirrors our political system. A minority of people get to decided on what the majority of people will have to live by.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seeing Stars

We seem to put on these shows because we don't know what else to do, and because the only truly effective homegrown industry left in the USA is public relations, the business of making your own reality.
ClusterFuck Nation

Governance Reform at TriMet: A Path to Democracy and Accountability

Portland Transport

Less Work, More Living

Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. That’s the formula. The more time a person has, the better his or her quality of life, and the easier it is to live sustainably. A study by David Rosnick and Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimated that if the United States were to shift to the working patterns of Western European countries, where workers spend on average 255 fewer hours per year at their jobs, energy consumption would decline about 20 percent. 


Last week, I began a round of employee brown bags to discuss TriMet’s 5-Year Plan. What I have been calling the MORE and BETTER Plan. As part of my introduction, I outlined a number of “threats” facing TriMet – some in and some out of our control.

This is interesting

From the "how we roll' blog:
(gotta admit, kinda cool)

Hong Kong makes top ten list

Protesters Occupy Wall Street

Live stream here!

The hits just keep on coming out of the Ministry of Propaganda!

Introducing the latest Trimet Production: "How We Roll" Blog!




The ongoing crusade againt Transit Drivers continues unabated

Calgary transit driver photographed reading book at red light


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sure glad we have brought peace and justice to Iraq

The Associated Press: AP Exclusive: Iraqi girl recounts bus massacre

What the hell is actually happening on Lincoln Street?

Talk about insane bus driver rules!

District policy prohibits drivers from drinking water unless they lock the bus and leave the driver's compartment.

Bus drivers seek clearance to drink water as they drive |

Transit in shambles in Detroit

Detroit bus riders, mechanics, Bing administration clash | Detroit Free Press |


 (Riders love the express lines which will be scrapped by MLR)
Critics in South Jordan say the express bus service, route 327, from their area to downtown Salt Lake worked perfectly and usually had a ridership of 80- to 90-percent capacity. The express route had enough runs in the morning and evening hours that it accommodated both the eight-hour workers and the 10-hour-workers.
Then, the new Daybreak TRAX line opened and 327 was scrapped.

Rolly: Mass transit may be losing some of the masses | The Salt Lake Tribune


When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office this spring he laid out ambitious plans to remake public transportation in the city, including the promise of gold standard bus rapid transit (BRT) within 3 years.
The elements that make up true BRT guarantee shorter travel times when compared even to light rail: dedicated bus lanes, pre-paid fares, platform boarding, multiple entry and exit points on busses and limited stops. Although five U.S. cities have some form of BRT, no North American city meets the gold standard.

Lessons for Chicago from Colombian transit | WBEZ


Obama promised a paltry $447 billion for his American Jobs Act, much of it going to corporations as tax giveaways while the program is to be paid for, in part, by "deficit reduction" - cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other social programs. Such an insulting "solution" to the deepening recession must be shouted down in the streets, but labor and community groups don't seem up for the challenge.

Obama Co-Opts the Labor Movement | Truthout

What the hell is this all about?

Oregon Sustainability Center faces critical City Council vote

The Fall of the United States

We have the purpose of preventing bigots and ignoramuses from controlling… the United States.
--Clarence Darrow at the Scopes Monkey Trial

Crowd cheers death-Amerika

James Strathman report on absences at TRIMET (re-posted)

In any event, frustrations over utilization of unscheduled intermittent leaves have reached a point where FMLA has been interpreted as the “Friday and Monday Leave Act” (Shopes, 2008).


Employee absence cost in Transportation is very high for the agency – about $1.5 million for every percent absent each year. The impact for absences is dramatic:

Have you seen the MLR project description?

Do these folks look like a public relations staff?

MLR and 17th Avenue

Light rail on 17th Ave means widening the street, to function a lot like Interstate Avenue. Tracks and platforms will be in the center, flanked by traffic lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks.

There will be no crossing or left turns except at signalized intersections. New traffic signals will be added at Rhine Street, Center Street, Boise Street (aligning with a new gate to the yard) and Schiller Street. The existing traffic signal at Holgate Boulevard will expand to allow left turns in all directions.
Where the street will widen
Continuing to provide adequate employee parking is a top priority.

VIDEO LOG-September 16/part 2

Video Log-September 16 (part 1)

Frank Delgado is planning to take a boat down the Amazon River

Is Jon Hunt about to sell us out?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Killer cop circus is back in town (Jack Bog's Blog)

We love light rail!

Due to an auto on the tracks NE Grand and Holladay, MAX service is disrupted. Shuttle buses will carry riders between the Old Town/Chinatown and NE 7th Ave stations. All lines are affected. Riders should expect delays.

86 year old can't find the brakes

Culture of DEATH

Bill Lascher

Along for the Ride: Max Blue Line 1 — Hillsboro

Grant Applications Available

TriMet: Public Notice - State Elderly and Disabled Transportation Grant Applications Available

Rethinking transit delivery

This is an idea who's time has come, especially on the West Side where service has been eliminated on weekends. Let's start thinking outside the box managers and redraw the routes rather than eliminate service nights or weekends.

Decentralizing Bus Routes

TRIMET completes Facebook survey

TriMet: TriMet Facebook User Survey Results

Light Rail Fail

VTA Light Rail Train Derails In San Jose « CBS San Francisco

NLRB attacked

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed a measure to limit the authority of the National Labor Relations Board. On Thursday, Republicans voted to prevent the NLRB from ordering an employer to halt production or relocate workers if labor rights were found to have been violated. The measure came in response to the NLRB’s ruling earlier this year against Boeing for retaliating against striking workers. The NLRB found that Boeing illegally shifted production of its new 787 Dreamliner passenger plane to a non-union plant in South Carolina to punish striking union workers in Washington state. The measure now goes to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where it is unlikely to pass.

Transit of the future

Heathrow's private, driverless pods offer a futuristic way to get to the airport terminal | TERMINAL U | Travel News

Transit strikes

Metro - GO bus strike deadline delayed

Phoenix transit union says bus strike now 'very probable'

Light Rail Fail

Second bus-train accident in Buenos Aires leaves 90 people injured — MercoPress

Another city dumps 'free ride' area

Time for this city to catch up with the 'real world'.

Downtown free-fare zone may disappear | The Salt Lake Tribune

Union leadership OUSTED over financial mess

The leadership of a Chicago unit of the Amalgamated Transit Union has been ousted because of “runaway financial problems.”
The union’s international president, Larry Hanley, says the leaders of Local 241 were relieved of their duties Monday because of inability to control and account for expenses. Two ATU international vice presidents were named as trustees to oversee the local.
The major issues are the failure of Local 241, which has been led by president Darrell Jefferson, to control expenses, implement controls to account for and protect union finances, and pay for escalating legal fees related to arbitration cases with the CTA, the international union said.
“We had 14 people go to the ATU Latino caucus in San Francisco from Sept. 7 to 11,’’ Jefferson said. “The international told me to cancel the trip, which was approved by the (executive) board and the members. When you are in financial straits, you shouldn’t be going, but this was what was approved by the board and the membership.’’ 

CTA union leadership ousted over financial problems - Chicago Sun-Times

Video Log-September 15 (part 2)

VIDEO LOG-September 15/part 1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEIL MAC(the knife)FARLANE responds to recent ruling

In August, ATU filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against TriMet with the Employee Relations Board (ERB). A ruling on part of the ULP that addressed TriMet’s Final Offer submitted July 20, 2010 to the ATU was just issued. The ruling determined that some of the proposals in TriMet’s Final Offer did not “logically evolve” from earlier negotiations and, therefore were improperly included.
The ruling means that TriMet must delete those items from its Final Offer that will be considered by an arbitrator scheduled in mid-January 2012.
As always, TriMet remains open to resolving open issues with the ATU.

Check out comments from blackfloydphish


So as always (and I know it’s not what people want to hear), if you want to be on a particular train (or bus), be at the platform ready to board before it gets there, and allow a little extra time if you’re at a stop that isn’t a timepoint. And by “ready to board” I mean have your fare paid and everything 

Erik Halstead articulates why bus drivers are worth the pay they get

Think of it this way:
Do you want some schmuck making $7.25 an hour (or whatever the minimum wage is) driving around a big 40,000 pound, 40 foot long brick on wheels?
Anyone theoretically could drive a bus. Turn the ignition, pop in the air brake valve and hit the gas pedal.
But, can that untrained schmuck off the street drive the bus safely and on route, on schedule, while NOT getting into any collisions or breaking laws, taking care of the passengers (yes, transit bus drivers do have to wear the customer service hat - they have to take fares, issue transfers, and assist customers with where they are going)...?

The Merlo Mars Show

Today's episode: "Mars drinks TRIMET vitamin water"


Buses continue being the workhorse of the TRIMET system supplying 1,077,200 trips.
That’s 56% of all boarding’s at TRIMET.
Bus boarding’s increased by 26,300 rides over last month.
MAX boarding’s were 846,000, that’s a decrease of 33,700 rides, almost the same amount the bus increased!

TRIMET brags about the double digit ‘growth’ of the green line. (of course the numbers are from this month last year), but the real facts are that Green Line boarding DECREASED from last month by 800 boarding rides!
That’s about 1% of TRIMET ridership, hardly worth bragging about!

WES boarding actually increased by 40 boarding’s, to a total of 1,660 boarding’s wow, big deal!
And TRIMET brags about the double digit growth of WES too!
But then again WES carries NOT EVEN 1% OF TRIMET RIDERS! Not deserving of any mention at all!