Monday, August 29, 2011

Transit/tour buses collide

Tour Bus, MTA Bus Collide | NBC Los Angeles


Boring to Trimet: We don't want you | Transportation | Damascus News

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 29-the class

It was ok, a little weird having them tell me how to drive a bus, the trainers were both good, that always helps me get through these things.

Safety First at TriMet

Unless you're the poor City of Tigard Meter Reader who has to read this water meter at the Tigard Transit Center.  Who, in their right mind, would put a water meter (and I'm not even sure what the meter is for!) on an active rail line.......................

And before I get the smart ass remark from Jason - Tigard does not use AMR meters.  So someone has to walk onto the rail right-of-way once a month, pull the cover and read the meter.

The bus saves the day!

TriMet contributed this fine soldier, fleet 1780, to bail out the Streetcar.

Streetcar shut down...

Streetcar shut down this morning, two cars at the Urban Center with a third on Harrison blocking traffic.

Safety class being held in 1400 bus!

Evan Whipple Retirement Ceremony at Center Street

Muni may open all doors on buses for boarding

TriMet fare hike arrives this week


Due to mechanical issues with a westbound train at Old Town/Chinatown, all westbound MAX trains are experiencing delays up to 30 minutes.

Masons advertising on TRIMET?