Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seen at Beaverton TC

Out of order validator at Sunset TC

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Buses to the rescue in New York

 The bus was the way — the only way, for many — to go this morning for people trying to get to work in the first weekday commute in Irene's aftermath.
Bus stops were crowded and lines longer than usual as commuters re-engineered their morning routines.
At 6 a.m., some people at the New Rochelle train station either hadn't heard train service was suspended or came to the station hoping that it would resume.
"They said maybe - maybe - they'll start," Roberto Valencia, 41, of New Rochelle said of the trains. "So far there's no trains."

Morning commute: Bus the only choice for some | The Journal News | |

Transit bus disasters

Lynx bus in crash with tractor-trailer downtown. |

Man tells New London police he robbed store for bus money

Buses to the rescue in Boston

With Amtrak service halted and hundreds of flights canceled in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene, stranded travelers flocked to buses yesterday to get out of Boston.

Thousands of travelers stranded as flights and trains canceled - The Boston Globe

Guy holds bus hostage with knife

Knife-wielding assailant subdued as police end China bus hostage emergency - The Washington Post

Transit bus disasters

CTV Ottawa- Toronto transit bus crash kills 1, injures at least 11 - CTV News

Smart Growth America

“Transit Corridors for Sustainable Communities: Planning Transit to Connect the Dots” webinar materials and answers to your questions now available | Smart Growth America

Photos of a Blown Tire at Merlo

Dwight Botel

Another assault on MAX

Bitch on the Bus


Crazy world of Stealth Wave Raptor

$175 fare-evasion citations issued by the transit agency has jumped five-fold

Between July 20 and August 15, TriMet gave 760 verbal warnings, down from 1,566 in 2010. Meanwhile, the agency handed out 1,972 citations to people caught trying to ride for free, a dramatic surge from the 372 issued during the same period last year.

TriMet raises fares, adds service and cracks down on fare cheaters in Portland area |

"GOD" did it!

Michele Bachmann Says Hurricane Irene Should Be Viewed as Message from God

Salem CNG buses in action

Can someone (Jason?) tell me why TriMet does not utilize compressed natural gas equipment? With diesel fuel at over 3 dollars/gallon and the natural gas equivalent at 1.75,it would make sense to convert. Am I missing something?

Jobs not cuts