Wednesday, August 31, 2011


King County Metro Transit offers safe space for youth

BridgeView-exciting nail biting videos about MLR!

Hours of Service

I received your letter dated August 23, 2011, along with the August 16, 2011 letter from John Johnson, Rail Safety, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to Harry Saporta, TriMet Safety and Secrity Director.
After careful review, it is my finding that the negotiated Hours of Service Policy between TriMet and the Union is in compliance with Oregon Law and Oregon Administrative Rulses. We are not aware of any changes in the law or administrative rules since the policy was originally negotiated, submitted to and approved by ODOT.
Quite frankly, it appears that the deficiencies noted in the August 16, 2011 ODOT letter are more directed toward TriMet’s reporting performance, rather than policy non-compliance issues with applicable Oregon Law and Oregon Administrative Rules.
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