Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boring Wants out, TriMet counters

TriMet improves bus service to Boring

September 1, 2011

Line 84-Kelso/Boring gets added trips, improved stops

TriMet will improve bus service in the Boring area beginning Tuesday, September 6.

Additional trips will be added to the Line 84-Kelso/Boring.

  • Two trips will be added traveling to SE School & Fireman Way leaving Gresham Transit Center at 7:35 a.m. and at 5:20 p.m.
  • Two trips will be added traveling to Gresham Transit Center from SE School Ave & Fireman Way at 7:49 a.m. and 5:36 p.m.

Further improvements include changes to bus stops.

  • The addition of new signs at 25 bus stops along the route.
  • Signs with stop ID numbers have been added along 257th Avenue/Kane Drive, Powell Valley Road, Orient Drive, Bluff Road, Kelso Road and 282nd Avenue. The signed stops give riders and operators visible areas to provide service.
  • Because Line 84 serves a rural area, operators will continue to serve customers who flag the bus at non-posted locations.

New schedules are posted at


Rumor is that a Merlo maintenance  executive board member is about to be fired for fraud. Might find position at ATU 757 office.

Beaverton Bike&ride report

25 years of MAX

This is one hell of a piece of self promoting  propaganda! 

Maybe the Portland traffic couplet fiasco isn't so funny

Jack Bogdanski

Multnomah County short another $11 million

Jack Bogdanski

No jobs anywhere, except the GUBMINT! TRIMET hiring

 Some of these are internal only.


(who exactly is a "stakeholder"?)

Dear Stakeholder,
With my first year as TriMet’s General Manager completed, I want to update you on the
direction I’m taking the agency.
Navigating tough economic times


Congratulations to TriMet’s WES Commuter Rail employees William Anderson and Theo Porter for becoming certified as Qualified Maintenance Persons (QMP).
Under Federal Railroad Administration regulations all employees who inspect, test or repair railroad rolling stock used on the general railroad system of the United States must be trained and certified as QMPs in order to perform these tasks alone.


The Operator’s Report of Defects Card located in the pouch has gone through a recent change. The new defect card allows operators to better document instances of odors on the bus.
On the new defect card, operators are asked to document conditions, odor type, and other potential odor source in detail. The mechanics requested this change in the card to help them more efficiently diagnose and fix any related mechanical issues.

Shelly Lomax (our 'executive' director) introduces the SRI's!

Shelly’s view
Aligning Recognition Programs with Safety and Service Excellence Goals
TriMet’s adoption of safety as a core value means that safety must define everything we do as an agency. The recommendations made last year by the Safety and Service Excellence Task Force have guided many of the actions we have taken to ensure that safety steers our decisions.

It's legal to circulate petitions on TRIMET property

We have received notice that a private organization is planning to reach out to TriMet riders at major transit centers and on the Transit Mall on September 1. At this point, the activity is expected to occur at the Hollywood, Gateway, Rose Quarter, and Lombard transit centers as well as at the 82nd Avenue MAX station and on the Transit Mall.


The church of light rail invites all its followers to its functions where we will celebrate the coming of our lord, light rail, and give thanks to the HOLY  CHURCH OF LIGHT RAIL, and its high priest, NEIL MAC(the knife)FARLANE. 

TriMet invites community to a party celebrating 25 years of light rail |


Hear ye hear ye...don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear the leader  in building capital projects, some useful, some not so useful, you got $, give to MAC(the knife)FARLANE, he will build you something!

Previously, McFarlane had served as TriMet’s executive director for capital projects since 1998. In this role, he led the development, design and construction of TriMet’s capital facilities, including the Airport, Interstate, I-205 and Portland Mall MAX extensions, and WES Commuter Rail. From 1991 to 1998, he was TriMet’s project control director for the 18-mile, $963 million Westside light rail project.
Prior to his time at TriMet, McFarlane worked for Metro and helped manage construction for the 500,000-square-foot, $90 million Oregon Convention Center with landmark twin towers, successful public art program and cost-effective design.

February Luncheon: Neil McFarlane, TriMet General Manager | Emerging Local Government Leaders

Please! Help make us well!

TriMet | Occupational Health and Wellness Programs Intern | Mac's List | Portland Jobs



Light Rail daze in Portland Orygon!

Here are some of the people that created the Mecca for the church of light rail!

Obama says pass the bill

Obama Urges Congress To Pass Transportation Bill, Says It’s ‘Inexcusable’ Not To - ABC News

Republicans attack light rail in Georgia

The Marietta Daily Journal - Citizens blast light rail proposal at town hall

OPAL plans actions

Group promotes 'Campaign for a Fair Transfer' at Northeast, North and downtown Portland events today |


One nation under greed, with liberty and justice for the rich

As Economy Lags, New Study Reveals 25 Top Firms Pay More to CEOs Than in Taxes

Last year Trimet turned 40!

Last year TriMet turned 40. Where was the celebratory parties, the free rides, the speeches, the glowing newspaper articles?(SP Red Electric)

That is a very good question! Do we need any more evidence of the obvious light rail preference? Go all out for these rail celebrations, completely ignore the part of Trimet that does most of the work.
Pathetic, truly pathetic.

(Not quite) open door policy

Max Faqs


8/31/11 from al m on Vimeo.

MAX turns 25

MAX -- also known as the Metropolitan Area Express -- turns 25 with not one but two parties on Friday.

Click Here!
 (I'm sure glad Trimess has $$$ to throw away on this stuff)

BORING vs. TRIMET: Community ready to pull the plug on bus service

Bates, who has a cadre of followers, is adamant in his feeling that the residents of Boring have been victims for too long.
“For 40 years, TriMet has given Boring a token service, and empty buses have been the norm,” he said in a prepared statement.