Sunday, September 4, 2011


chibi_missy: My eyes burn. I should probably go to bed, but we just got home 20 minutes ago because of schedule changes with Trimet today. ·
swissqueso: I like how my train starts to smell like tuna when we pick up people at Lloyd Center. #trimet · Reply · RT
360DegreesUnLTD: Solicitation on trimet should be banned. · Reply · RT
Just gave my 3 hour #Trimet transfer to a random guy. Good deed of the week completed. Good riddance. · Reply · RT

Classic twitters

nexxylove: Dear #trimet, you can't put signs up about "congestion" being a dirty word, when your trains are packed like sardines. · Reply · RT

Americans Love Democracy, Except in the Workplace

Currently, 93.1% of the private sector work without any elected representatives in their workplaces.
Another major reason employees do not unionize is their belief that existing laws provide sufficient workplace protections. However, employees are shocked to learn that there is no federal law limiting the hours an employer can force someone to work without breaks.
And while most employees nominally know they are "employees at will," few realize this permits termination for reasons that are blatantly unfair. For example, if a store has merchandise that is missing, the boss may assume at least one employee is guilty and fire all the employees. Employees at will have no right to an investigation in the workplace. Likewise, a boss can fire an employee simply to hire her son. No federal laws prohibit nepotism in the private sector.

Green to Grey: TriMet and Portland's SW Lincoln Street

Airport closed due to "suspicious device"

Trimet red line halted due to this, no bus bridge to get people to airport!

Scene cleared at Portland Int'l Airport after bomb scare | Local & Regional | - Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News - Portland, Oregon


It looks like we are entering summer in September, the first really hot heat wave! 
Older drivers, drivers with medical problems, over weight drivers, be cautious out here! 
Our jobs and our company are killing us. Do not expect the management to do anything to mitigate the situation. 

Low use East side lines and trippers into Portland will get air conditioned equipment, but west side drivers on the high volume lines such as 52+76 can expect  no such consideration. 
All other smaller use lines will have to suffer through the heat wave as usual. 
If your feeling sick, use your sick time.  Don't be a hero, it's definitely not worth it!


Evan Whipple retirement party

Bus falls into swollen river in northern India, killing 12

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Open for Business

These profiles tell the stories of some of the businesses along the project route and how the project is helping them during construction.