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Trimet enforcement agenda part of a world wide action?

TRIMET bus drivers conveniently left out of this story

Some workers can't stay out of the heat | Portland

Bus driver tosses unruly passenger off bus

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Trimet is highly focused on sales and service with the latest probing, scanning and innovative technologies from various manufactures. Owners Tim Dobrinich, Mitch Fields and Kevin Fields have over 30 years of industry experience and are excited to serve their customers. will serve the aerospace, automotive, heavy duty/agriculture, white goods and manufacturing companies.
Trimet offers a broad range of products to fit their customer's application from; Optical CMM's, Articulated Arms, Indoor GPS, Laser Radar, Adaptive Control, Laser Tracker, and Vision.
Trimet - Service offers its customers in North America with the latest technologies for inspection, reverse engineering, & CAD modeling.
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We love light rail!

(Can't wait for the first natural disaster to hit!)

Due to high temperatures today, MAX and WES trains will be traveling at reduced speeds once temperatures reach 90 degrees.
MAX trains will travel 10 mph slower in all areas where the speed limit is 35 mph or higher. If temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher, the maximum speed for all trains will be 35 mph with a 10 mph speed reduction in areas where the speed limit is between 25 and 35 mph. High temperatures can cause MAX’s overhead power lines to sag and rails to expand, so trains will travel at reduced speeds in key areas to maintain safe, reliable service.
WES trains will also be traveling at 35 mph during the afternoon commute for safety due to possible rail expansion caused by the heat.
MAX and WES riders should expect delays.

Obama's Promise Taken to the Bank (literally)

Transit execs live lives of luxury and excess

Metro exec pays for worker shindig | Kytja Weir | Capital Land | Washington Examiner

Supreme Court rules against TRIMET

The Coast Guard gets in on the action

Bicyclists worried about streetcar safety

Some great comments on the post to!

TriMet's war on urban livability: Light rail hurts neighborhoods, slows commutes

Yes its "John Charles", the very name conjures up immediate reactions. When it comes to his views on light rail however, I cannot find fault.
Between First and Fourth avenues in Southwest Portland, Lincoln is a quiet, tree-lined street that has everything urban planners say they love: high density with a mix of land uses, regular TriMet bus service, more than 65 mature shade trees, and a wonderful north-south pedestrian walkway bisecting the street.
Yet, on or before Sept. 15, TriMet will destroy all of this. The trees will be clear-cut, the street shut down, and several businesses lost, including the popular Candlelight Cafe. The reason: TriMet is taking the right-of-way for the proposed Milwaukie light-rail line 

TRIMET: "Let us mess with you"

Interesting exchanges over on Twitter, not sure if you would've seen it.  Basically, @Rimbaud1854 brought up an excellent point in that even though TriMet "tweeted" about the fare increase & service changes, they didn't have anything on the buses or trains or at stops to let people know.

Videos Show Fire and Destruction in Texas

Video Log-September 6

We love light rail!

Due to high temperatures, MAX trains are traveling at reduced speeds. Trains are traveling 10 mph slower in all areas where the speed limit is 35 mph or higher. High temperatures can cause overhead power lines to sag and rails to expand, so trains will travel at reduced speeds in key areas to maintain safe, reliable service. Riders should expect delays.

Boring residents petition for withdrawal from TriMet

Citing a lack of usefulness and financial burden on business owners, a group of Boring residents is petitioning for withdrawal from TriMet service.

Milwaukie City Council split on how to pay $5 million for light rail

model isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

If you like diversity, Portland is not for you. The metro area is 93 percent white, with a large population of Asians. There is hardly a dark face to be seen. The black population is only 1.7 percent. The root cause of that may be that after the Civil War, Oregon passed anti-immigration laws and even made those laws part of its constitution. For decades, blacks, for example, could own no real estate of any kind under Oregon law.