Saturday, September 10, 2011

1 side of the light rail argument

LRT Development
Developer Goodies


TRIMET is cracking down on chronic time slip offenders. They will even go so far as to pull your data pack to verify that you are being honest. You can be fired if your being dishonest in this area.

Deal struck on highway, FAA bills

The agreement clears the way for passage next week of a single, short-term bill that extends operating authority for the Federal Aviation Administration through the end of January and highway and transit assistance programs through the end of March, said Representative John Mica of Florida, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, in an interview. 

Mechanics slow down transit bus service

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's office blames bus delays on angry mechanics | Detroit Free Press |

The incredible journey of an American hero; Michael Moore

Michael Moore: I was the most hated man in America | Books | The Guardian

Don't Be Terrorized

Even if terrorists were able to pull off one attack per year on the scale of the 9/11 atrocity, that would mean your one-year risk would be one in 100,000 and your lifetime risk would be about one in 1300. (300,000,000 ÷ 3,000 = 100,000 ÷ 78 years = 1282) In other words, your risk of dying in a plausible terrorist attack is much lower than your risk of dying in a car accident, by walking across the street, by drowning, in a fire, by falling, or by being murdered.
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Stoking the fear

Authorities on high-alert in New York because of terror threat -

BART continues violating the constitution

BART considers new restrictions on media - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

Bogus CSI or SIP (whatever)

How organized labor is supposed to show their displeasure

After overwhelming Longview’s security guards, the longshoremen allegedly dumped grain, broke the windows of the guard shack, and severed the brake lines of several railroad cars. Police were called in and 19 arrests were made. Meanwhile, dockworkers in Seattle, Tacoma and Everett walked off their jobs in support of the Longview action.

Organized Labor Finally Showing Signs of Life | Dissident Voice

Every light rail system built for its climate

Portland legend/58 rider Michael Krupp (blue man) thrashes the city council


Meanwhile, back at the ranch on the Westside of the country, Merlo drivers sweat driving the shame of Trimet buses.

VIDEO LOG-September 9