Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEIL MAC(the knife)FARLANE responds to recent ruling

In August, ATU filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against TriMet with the Employee Relations Board (ERB). A ruling on part of the ULP that addressed TriMet’s Final Offer submitted July 20, 2010 to the ATU was just issued. The ruling determined that some of the proposals in TriMet’s Final Offer did not “logically evolve” from earlier negotiations and, therefore were improperly included.
The ruling means that TriMet must delete those items from its Final Offer that will be considered by an arbitrator scheduled in mid-January 2012.
As always, TriMet remains open to resolving open issues with the ATU.

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So as always (and I know it’s not what people want to hear), if you want to be on a particular train (or bus), be at the platform ready to board before it gets there, and allow a little extra time if you’re at a stop that isn’t a timepoint. And by “ready to board” I mean have your fare paid and everything 

Erik Halstead articulates why bus drivers are worth the pay they get

Think of it this way:
Do you want some schmuck making $7.25 an hour (or whatever the minimum wage is) driving around a big 40,000 pound, 40 foot long brick on wheels?
Anyone theoretically could drive a bus. Turn the ignition, pop in the air brake valve and hit the gas pedal.
But, can that untrained schmuck off the street drive the bus safely and on route, on schedule, while NOT getting into any collisions or breaking laws, taking care of the passengers (yes, transit bus drivers do have to wear the customer service hat - they have to take fares, issue transfers, and assist customers with where they are going)...?

The Merlo Mars Show

Today's episode: "Mars drinks TRIMET vitamin water"


Buses continue being the workhorse of the TRIMET system supplying 1,077,200 trips.
That’s 56% of all boarding’s at TRIMET.
Bus boarding’s increased by 26,300 rides over last month.
MAX boarding’s were 846,000, that’s a decrease of 33,700 rides, almost the same amount the bus increased!

TRIMET brags about the double digit ‘growth’ of the green line. (of course the numbers are from this month last year), but the real facts are that Green Line boarding DECREASED from last month by 800 boarding rides!
That’s about 1% of TRIMET ridership, hardly worth bragging about!

WES boarding actually increased by 40 boarding’s, to a total of 1,660 boarding’s wow, big deal!
And TRIMET brags about the double digit growth of WES too!
But then again WES carries NOT EVEN 1% OF TRIMET RIDERS! Not deserving of any mention at all!



Transit executive tries to "stack" the meeting

BART spokesman in hot water for staging support

When is TRIMET going to get around to this?

Regional Transit District may streamline complicated fare menu |

Transit districts being held accountable for poor security

Mother of Man Fatally Stabbed on Red Line Plans to Sue MTA Over Lack of Proper Security: LAist

Is it possible that PHOENIX is more progressive than GREEN PORTLAND?

They have homeless transit passes in Phoenix, not here in (fake) progressive Portland.

Phoenix homeless transit passes at issue

TRIMET decides to PUSH the new Beaverton bike&ride

Secure area of Beaverton TC Bike & Ride open to the public (bring a bike lock). Free BikeLink cards to the first 15 customers. Free coffee, too!

VIDEO LOG-September 14/part 2

Let’s stop the ‘urban utopia’ dream for LO

Welcome back from your summer fun, Lake Oswegans. Your mayor and redevelopment department have continued to be busy pursuing all of their wish lists for Lake Oswego without input from you. They roll out new projects to spend your tax dollars on because they know they can do it and get away with it.


Some interesting comments, especially SP_Red Electrik's:
TriMet broke state labor laws in contract dispute with union, Oregon board rules
Car ran into back of bus; driver had no license and possibly no insurance


Trimet Board Briefing-September 2011

VIDEO LOG-September 14/part 1