Friday, September 16, 2011

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Killer cop circus is back in town (Jack Bog's Blog)

We love light rail!

Due to an auto on the tracks NE Grand and Holladay, MAX service is disrupted. Shuttle buses will carry riders between the Old Town/Chinatown and NE 7th Ave stations. All lines are affected. Riders should expect delays.

86 year old can't find the brakes

Culture of DEATH

Bill Lascher

Along for the Ride: Max Blue Line 1 — Hillsboro

Grant Applications Available

TriMet: Public Notice - State Elderly and Disabled Transportation Grant Applications Available

Rethinking transit delivery

This is an idea who's time has come, especially on the West Side where service has been eliminated on weekends. Let's start thinking outside the box managers and redraw the routes rather than eliminate service nights or weekends.

Decentralizing Bus Routes

TRIMET completes Facebook survey

TriMet: TriMet Facebook User Survey Results

Light Rail Fail

VTA Light Rail Train Derails In San Jose « CBS San Francisco

NLRB attacked

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed a measure to limit the authority of the National Labor Relations Board. On Thursday, Republicans voted to prevent the NLRB from ordering an employer to halt production or relocate workers if labor rights were found to have been violated. The measure came in response to the NLRB’s ruling earlier this year against Boeing for retaliating against striking workers. The NLRB found that Boeing illegally shifted production of its new 787 Dreamliner passenger plane to a non-union plant in South Carolina to punish striking union workers in Washington state. The measure now goes to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where it is unlikely to pass.

Transit of the future

Heathrow's private, driverless pods offer a futuristic way to get to the airport terminal | TERMINAL U | Travel News

Transit strikes

Metro - GO bus strike deadline delayed

Phoenix transit union says bus strike now 'very probable'

Light Rail Fail

Second bus-train accident in Buenos Aires leaves 90 people injured — MercoPress

Another city dumps 'free ride' area

Time for this city to catch up with the 'real world'.

Downtown free-fare zone may disappear | The Salt Lake Tribune

Union leadership OUSTED over financial mess

The leadership of a Chicago unit of the Amalgamated Transit Union has been ousted because of “runaway financial problems.”
The union’s international president, Larry Hanley, says the leaders of Local 241 were relieved of their duties Monday because of inability to control and account for expenses. Two ATU international vice presidents were named as trustees to oversee the local.
The major issues are the failure of Local 241, which has been led by president Darrell Jefferson, to control expenses, implement controls to account for and protect union finances, and pay for escalating legal fees related to arbitration cases with the CTA, the international union said.
“We had 14 people go to the ATU Latino caucus in San Francisco from Sept. 7 to 11,’’ Jefferson said. “The international told me to cancel the trip, which was approved by the (executive) board and the members. When you are in financial straits, you shouldn’t be going, but this was what was approved by the board and the membership.’’ 

CTA union leadership ousted over financial problems - Chicago Sun-Times

Video Log-September 15 (part 2)

VIDEO LOG-September 15/part 1