Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sure glad we have brought peace and justice to Iraq

The Associated Press: AP Exclusive: Iraqi girl recounts bus massacre

What the hell is actually happening on Lincoln Street?

Talk about insane bus driver rules!

District policy prohibits drivers from drinking water unless they lock the bus and leave the driver's compartment.

Bus drivers seek clearance to drink water as they drive |

Transit in shambles in Detroit

Detroit bus riders, mechanics, Bing administration clash | Detroit Free Press |


 (Riders love the express lines which will be scrapped by MLR)
Critics in South Jordan say the express bus service, route 327, from their area to downtown Salt Lake worked perfectly and usually had a ridership of 80- to 90-percent capacity. The express route had enough runs in the morning and evening hours that it accommodated both the eight-hour workers and the 10-hour-workers.
Then, the new Daybreak TRAX line opened and 327 was scrapped.

Rolly: Mass transit may be losing some of the masses | The Salt Lake Tribune


When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office this spring he laid out ambitious plans to remake public transportation in the city, including the promise of gold standard bus rapid transit (BRT) within 3 years.
The elements that make up true BRT guarantee shorter travel times when compared even to light rail: dedicated bus lanes, pre-paid fares, platform boarding, multiple entry and exit points on busses and limited stops. Although five U.S. cities have some form of BRT, no North American city meets the gold standard.

Lessons for Chicago from Colombian transit | WBEZ


Obama promised a paltry $447 billion for his American Jobs Act, much of it going to corporations as tax giveaways while the program is to be paid for, in part, by "deficit reduction" - cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other social programs. Such an insulting "solution" to the deepening recession must be shouted down in the streets, but labor and community groups don't seem up for the challenge.

Obama Co-Opts the Labor Movement | Truthout

What the hell is this all about?

Oregon Sustainability Center faces critical City Council vote

The Fall of the United States

We have the purpose of preventing bigots and ignoramuses from controlling… the United States.
--Clarence Darrow at the Scopes Monkey Trial

Crowd cheers death-Amerika

James Strathman report on absences at TRIMET (re-posted)

In any event, frustrations over utilization of unscheduled intermittent leaves have reached a point where FMLA has been interpreted as the “Friday and Monday Leave Act” (Shopes, 2008).


Employee absence cost in Transportation is very high for the agency – about $1.5 million for every percent absent each year. The impact for absences is dramatic:

Have you seen the MLR project description?

Do these folks look like a public relations staff?

MLR and 17th Avenue

Light rail on 17th Ave means widening the street, to function a lot like Interstate Avenue. Tracks and platforms will be in the center, flanked by traffic lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks.

There will be no crossing or left turns except at signalized intersections. New traffic signals will be added at Rhine Street, Center Street, Boise Street (aligning with a new gate to the yard) and Schiller Street. The existing traffic signal at Holgate Boulevard will expand to allow left turns in all directions.
Where the street will widen
Continuing to provide adequate employee parking is a top priority.

VIDEO LOG-September 16/part 2

Video Log-September 16 (part 1)

Frank Delgado is planning to take a boat down the Amazon River

Is Jon Hunt about to sell us out?