Monday, September 19, 2011

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Evette told us union members yesterday that the approval of the budget is due to the good graces of our tyrannical (yes, tyrannical) union leaders who respect us so much have decided to let us "vote" (sic) on rows and columns of numbers!

Anybody that has attended these union "meetings" (word used loosely) can attest to the brutal nature of these gatherings.

Basically the supreme exalted leader (Hunt) only allows discussion on topics that he chooses and cuts off discussion if he is finding the discussion going in the direction he doesn't approve of.

Virtually the whole meeting is stacked with Hunt supporters anyway.

It turns out that the EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS were just as surprised by Jon's behavior at this meeting as I was.  It's understandable the position they are in, how to you buck the union president who holds all the power? It aint easy I'm sure!

Anyone who dissents is labeled a "union buster", I say bullshit to that!

Personally, I don't like to be threatened and challenge the union to throw me out!

Bus strike 'inevitable' and 'imminent' says union rep


Our union leaders sit up on their little chairs and tell us they have very little money left in their coffers.
Then they go ahead and hand out $3000 to a bunch of political hacks, who never have voiced any support for union issues publicly, all with the support of the corn husks (aka members) who just vote yes on everything that Hunt says vote yes on, and then have to gather up all their chairs and move them outside.

Another bus driver gets fired

'Pushy' Metrobus driver no longer with Metro | Kytja Weir | Capital Land | Washington Examiner

Retaliating against freedom of speech

This is a letter to ATU International President Hanley and 757 President Hunt from Chris Day
 President Hunt,
                I am writing you to address your retaliation and attempted interference in my use of “freedom of speech” to communicate with other members. Your attempts to control members as you see fit and to instruct all members that the information you provide is to stay within the walls that you designate is limiting this membership to a select few. Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 Title 1 allows us to not only meet and talk freely with in the walls you designate but to freely meet outside of the union without fear of retaliation. Your retaliation has taken many forms from letters of cease and desists to the removal of meeting minutes documents (not only to me but the entire membership) to encouraging a member to move forward with charges towards me.

Another gem from todays union meeting

Yvette put up a bunch of numbers in rows and columns on the screen and hardly explained any of it or what they really represent.
We were then asked to "approve" the budget.
Even though nobody really understood what those numbers meant, they all voted yes to the union budget.
I voted no, and so did one other person. I refuse to vote yes on an issue that I have no understanding of.
Apparently the vast majority of members are willing to take the word of our officers.
And so 40 people get to make decisions for the 1500 of us.
Personally, I think it pathetic. It mirrors our political system. A minority of people get to decided on what the majority of people will have to live by.