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Keiser Report

Keiser Report: Live and Let Fail (E199)

Americans want to DRIVE to work

Despite considerable investments in transit systems, there was only a marginal increase in usage (less than half of one percentage point). Even this was considered a triumph, because it ended an actual decline in transit use. Still, fewer than one in 20 workers uses public transportation to get to work. Cycling, for all the noise and debate about bike lanes, inched from 0.4% of workers to 0.5%. Another 40 years or so and it might make it to one in a hundred!
Between 2000 and 2010, Metros (subways and elevated) accounted for 48% of the increase in transit commuting, while buses and a trolley buses accounted for 43%. Light rail (trolleys and streetcars) accounted for less than 2% of the additional transit commuting, despite the fact that light rail has been the dominant form of rail transit expansion.
Get that? People take subways. They don’t take streetcars. No matter how effective streetcars may be in Copenhagen. And they’d rather stay home and work than take either.

More people than ever drive solo to work despite a decade of green lectures | Full Comment | National Post

Good article about traffic congestion

Why congestion pricing will always be unpopular | Reuters

How Congress shapes your commute

Even our daily sojourns to the office are affected by the twists and turns in the U.S. tax code. If you drive to work, your employer can cover up to $230 per month in parking costs tax-free. And in recent years, if you take mass transit, your employer has also been able to reimburse you, tax-free, for up to $230. This latter program was part of the 2009 stimulus bill, and one Businessweek survey found that, when companies do offer it, many workers really do shift to public transportation. 


I am reviewing the latest RSA (request for safety)which was updated 10/13/11.

According to the report, there has been no request for safety assessment since May 2011?

That's rather odd, unless you have been working here for awhile.
Many of us have found out that unless your request is about some sort of mechanical issue, (sign is broken, light is broken etc)then nothing will be changed.

So we gave up, just like we did with the yellow cards.
We get tired of putting our effort, on our time, into a process that goes nowhere

Some management crony, who most likely knows nothing about the route or about driving a bus, is paid to review these and then comes up with an elaborate explanation as to why they won't do anything about the structural issue.

For example: fans for buses without air conditioning, or road reliefs that require you to jump in the seat and then make the necessary adjustments to mirrors, seats, etc as you drive down the road.

Another fake "process" that changes nothing created by our top managers who are addicted to bureaucratic answers to real world problems.

Motorcylist gets creamed by car-slowed down version

Video log-October 19-part 3


Almost all the operators have gone through the RE-CERTIFICATION CLASS

So has it done anything, well, lets take a look at this next chart provided by TRIMET:

Let's take a closer look:


More interesting data

The chart below is called "efficiency" or "cost per ride". (not including the cost of installation of course)

But the interesting thing about this chart is this:

Remember the red line is the light rail, costs per ride on light rail are increasing while cost per ride on bus is DECREASING, and buses cost ZERO in terms of additional capital investment!

Video log-October 19-part 2


Do my eyes deceive me?

We better look a little closer at this chart, remember the BLUE LINE is bus ridership:

YUP! Bus ridership is UP, light rail ridership is DOWN, funny how they didn't see that on the monthly report?

Steve Fung's movie of the week


A trip from downtown Vancouver to downtown Portland would take more than twice as long on a light rail train as it would on existing bus service, a recent analysis of Columbia River Crossing plans found.

Analysis puts light rail, bus times side by side | The Columbian

Gaddafi Killed; Mauled by Tiger in Ohio

ZANESVILLE (The Borowitz Report) – A grim chapter in the history of Libya came to a close today when fugitive dictator Muammar Gaddafi was mauled to death by an escaped tiger in Zanesville, Ohio.

At the Central Intelligence Agency, a spokesman stopped short of speculating how the Libyan strongman somehow made his way to the remote Ohio town, saying only, “We didn’t plan on Gaddafi being taken out this way, but a win’s a win.”

The tiger, a longtime Zanesville resident, is being flown to the White House where she will receive the Presidential Medal of Honor.

In a brief statement, President Barack Obama said, “Under my watch, we’ve killed both Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi. That really should be enough to reelect me, especially if I’m running against a pizza man.”

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) offered this comment on Gaddafi’s death: “Muammar Gaddafi will no longer live to terrorize Asia.” Read More Here

Why are they protesting?

Mars shows me how to manually retract the wheelchair lift

Video log-October 19-1

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mother of All Strikes: Greece grinds to halt for 48 hours
Athens Clashes LIVE: RT at Greece massive protest showdown
Violence erupts as strike paralyses Greece
Greek Battlefield: Video of...

Transit of the future a reality in London

London Heathrow Gets Driverless Pod Cars to Transport Passengers Around Terminals

28,000,000,000 riders

CTV Toronto - Toronto Transit Commission: 28 billion served - CTV News

While American policy is tax breaks for corporations and cuts to mass transit

Brazil President Announces US$ 17 Billion Investment in Subway, Bus and Light Rail

Church of light rail

Buses should be top priority, not trolleys - Editorial -


Click here for pdf file

Lost and found

Operator reported an lost and found item, a back pack. They looked inside the pack after calling dispatch and found a GUN! The person who lost it is in route to reclaim it, they might be surprised when the police are there waiting. (It was a pellet gun)


Is a value to me.

This is Boring's time to speak

Video log-October 18

Part 2
Part 3


Overhead Bin - Southwest plane diverted due to screaming passenger




CrimeStoppers Case 11-37 - YouTube

Press Releases

Is getting out of the seat against the rules?


Government departments, businesses, offices and stores are all expected to be shut, with small business owners and shopkeepers taking part in strike action for the first time.
Air traffic controllers are staging a 12-hour walk-out, with some 150 domestic and international flights cancelled. Trains, buses, taxis and lorries will not be operating.
A strike over recent days by rubbish collectors has left uncollected waste piling in the streets.
"We are going to send a loud message to the government and the political system," said Costas Tsikrikas, the head of the public workers' union Adedy.

BBC News - Greece general strike begins over spending cuts

Video Log

Video Log-October 18/1

Motorcylist gets creamed at Sylvan exit

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keiser Report


C-Tran tax hike backers cautiously optimistic | The Columbian


Man hit, killed by TRAX train in Murray | The Salt Lake Tribune

Transit executives living big while public endures cuts

Charge it! Former Metra CEO lived it up on company dime -

Fed's talk alot, but do they actually deliver anything the public can use?

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $928.5 Million To Put Americans Back to Work Repairing, Rebuilding, Modernizing the Nation’s Transit Infrastructure | Journal of Commerce

Here she is again

Maybe this time they won't move the movie on me!

BridgeView, Episode 3: In-Water Work and Cofferdams

ATU dispatch

ATU Out in Force for Occupy Movement
From Santa Rosa, CA to Washington, DC, from New York City to Vancouver, BC, ATU members have been out in force across North America as the Occupy movement picks up more steam and has now gone global.
In Pensacola, FL ATU Local 1395 participated in an Occupy rally and gathered 1,000 signatures for a petition to support bus drivers in their contract dispute with Veolia. In Atlanta, GA, Local 1700 and Local 732 joined with other labor unions to persuade Atlanta Mayor Reed to back down on his eviction notice for the Occupy Atlanta movement.

Bus transport around the world

Bus roof torn off: Miracle escape of passengers as single-decker hits two cars, a lorry and a shop | Mail Online
Sata mourns 18 crash victims
Police hunt as bus is hit by brick
Chaos averted as IRC orders Sydney bus drivers to lift bans

Forget it, its nice out-report from the field

everybody marking off sik..canceled six runs already!....15 people marked off since 6 am1...funny how that works wen its nice-txt msg

Fall Color at Rock Creek

Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5

Safety a value or advertising gimmick?

TriMet to increase patrols after stabbing on MAX

Video log-October 17


Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you affected?

My favorite part of the Boring meeting notice is the:

Description of the affected area

If you're unsure if you'll be affected by Boring pulling out, just read this simple sentence.

The Low Information Voter

Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment
and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident.
The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people
in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups.


Barry Tillson and Greg McGrew are retiring....


BBC News - Probe in to how bus hit shop in Swansea street

Railvolution going to DC this year

How many Trimet execs will be attending this little yearly church service for all the light rail fanatics around the country? How much will be spent on having these execs attend this thing?

Boring wants out

TriMet: Public hearing to obtain comment on petition for withdrawal of the Boring, Oregon, area from the TriMet District

Twitter report

Kyle Iboshi
TriMet says increase in security will be done through overtime and redeployment of personnel. Not talking money or numbers just yet.

Occupy Wall Street

I guess I am really driving the pencil necks nuts

I was reviewing the latest 'request for safety assessments' and when I opened the file to my surprise I see they have changed the format.

There is no longer the original safety complaint word for word in the copy provided for us, but a very shortened summary of the safety complaint.

I find that rather interesting to say the least.

Why do they want to hide the original complaints I wonder?

Strike shuts Jerusalem light rail indefinitely

(Labor still has some muscle over there I guess)

Public says streetcar is a waste of money in more places than Portland

Most call Cincinnati streetcar 'wasteful' | |

Fatal train collisions tough on engineers

In reality, he braced for the inevitable collision. It arrived with a loud "clonging," the sound of the locomotive striking her 150-pound body — a sound the 39-year-old still finds hard to shake, five years later.

The Challenge of Making Sense out of Milwaukie Light Rail

KGW video report on Max stabbing

TriMet boosts security after 3rd stabbing on MAX train

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vera's bus joke


For ATU 757 members only!
A secure site to which you can express yourself regarding our union leadership.
Register and comment today HERE!

Latest "How we Roll" photo shoot

These are kinda cool, but its pure propaganda financed by our tax dollars.

John Fall rides the 8 bus


After third MAX-related stabbing this year, TriMet plans to increase security


Protests are a bonanza for the cops and Trimet supervisors

I'm sure people are aware just how much money these protests make for the cops and the Trimet supervisors, both groups basically stand around and watch.

Occasionally a Trimet supervisor will direct a bus or train through something, but most of the overtime is just for standing around and watching.

There has got to be a better way to protest that won't make a bunch of overtime for government bully boys.

Grinding your operators into the ground all the while pretending safety is a value

The following is a transcript of a recent dispatch call which was sent to me.
It's significant because it proves, once again, that safety is only hype at Trimet.
The management continues its unsafe practices and attempts to put all the blame on the operators when things go wrong.
 They keep getting away with it because our corporate media is very quick to point the finger at union labor.
The following shows quite clearly that the management has been fostering unsafe operating conditions, they've known about it for months, but yet they let it continue.
Is it possible that this sort of callous management contributes to operators "breaking down" and acting rude to the public"
You better believe it!

1972 Flxible New Look Tri-Met #361

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Taking a stab at safety (Jack Bog's Blog)

Woman arrested after reportedly stabbing man on MAX early Sunday

The bus stop dance

Funkshone - 'Stop The Bus'

Click here!


Greek Unions Vow More Building Take-Overs - ABC News
Greece: TV news halted as Protestors interrupt broadcast... - YouTube
ΜΑΤ - Ένοχοι για εγκλήματα κατά της κοινωνίας - YouTube
Violence erupts in Athens during Greek strike - YouTube

Nepal Bus Crash Kills 42: PHOTOS

Foreign language driving tests to be banned after soaring accident rates by motorists who can't read road signs

Story Here!

Transit courtesy campaign-1930 version

CASE 1. A Passenger Complains that Your Car (or Coach) Starts and Stops Too Suddenly.
“The best thing to do is take stock of your driving and see if the passenger is not right. Tell him that it is your desire to carry everyone in the greatest possible comfort. Above all things, don’t try to tell the passenger that you are giving him a smooth ride when you are not. This is one feature of service about which passengers are usually right.
“EXAMPLE - ‘I am sorry that it happened. I didn’t realize that the operation was rough.’’’

Courtesy campaigns travel well on T - The Boston Globe

I wonder just how much money does go into developing this fluff?

TriMet: News Release - TriMet launches first-of-its-kind multimodal trip planner

Abusing tax payers money

How many 'communications' specialists does this MONOPOLISTIC transit district employ?

There are 125 "public affairs specialists" alone on the state payroll. Their wages, not including health insurance and other benefits, cost $7.5 million annually.

Toss in top-level communications and public relations managers, along with employees who work in design shops, and the roster of officials devoted to state messaging swells to more than 220 employees collectively paid nearly $13.5 million last year. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Readership getting back to normal levels.....


A driver called me and asked me to post this.

Apparently Trimet sends a large crew of fare inspectors to the Jen Weld stop on the night of the soccer games in order to cite all the fans that did not get off at 10th, as that is the last stop in fare-less square.

He said he has seen as many as 20 fare inspectors citing soccer fans.

In his opinion it is entrapment and predatory, and he feels very sorry for the poor fans that are subjected to this type of behavior by a government agency that is supposed to be helping the public, not hurting the public.

Occupy Portland Peace March


Video log-October 14 (3)

Oregon Bus Inspections Turn Up Problems

Occupy Portland live stream

Union reports

Only Trimet related posts are listed here:

Europeans don't take as much shit as Americans

Fight & Chaos: First video of 'Occupy Rome' rally turning violent

KATU story on crying baby bus

 Video report here!

TriMet reprimands driver who kicked mother, crying child off bus | Local & Regional

Video Log-October 14

Video log October 14 part 1

Video log-part 2

On board camera of the baby bus

TriMet disciplines driver who forced mother with crying child off the bus

Joe Rose story here!

Trimet official press release here! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

The "Trimet Way" winners are

John Fall, Capital Projects
Thomas Ngo, Capital Projects
DeeAnn Sandberg, Capital Projects

capital; pertaining to financial capital: capital stock.
project: a large or major undertaking, especially one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment.
Don't see the word transit anywhere in the definition of capital project. 

As Calls for Protests Go Global, Italy Jumps the Gun

Trimet customer service reviews

TriMet Customer Assistance Office User Reviews - Portland, OR 97204 - Citysearch

Remember this high profile event

War Without End :: View topic - Holocaust victim sues TriMet


An 81-year-old Holocaust survivor is suing TriMet and a former bus driver
for more than $5 million, saying that when the driver yelled at her and
pushed her off his bus it reawakened the memories of Auschwitz.




Chlorine chemtrail from TRIMET BUS UFO ( CHEMTRAIL FROM TRIMET BUS 0825081640.3g2) - August 25, 2008, 04:45 PM

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Portland streetcar insanity just won't stop (Jack Bog's Blog)

Bozo's in managment don't know what is going on!

Via a report from someone monitoring dispatch calls:

Dispatcher called an in-service bus to ask what color their jacket is, a management official spotted it and was concerned.
The operator said it was a trainee driving and informed the dispatcher that trainees don't get uniforms until they have completed 6 weeks service.

What a bunch of bozo's we have in charge!

Tweet from Michael Anderson

I didn't know Young is retiring next month! One of TriMet's most important & influential execs. Deserves major credit for agency's success.


Mr Macfarlane is putting his personal stamp on the lumbering bureaucracy

I am hoping most of you have seen the five year plan I’ve set out for our agency. We have quite a few challenges ahead. Knowing that, I have realigned the most important resource we have – our people – to better tackle some sizeable goals.
Today, I am announcing the remaining large realignments. While I still might make some slight tweaks along the way, I feel this new structure will help us better focus on our three priorities: customers, fiscal stability and building partnerships for transit support.
These changes have either gone into effect or will go into effect on October 17:
1. New division named Public Affairs that includes:
- Government Affairs
- Planning & Policy Development
- Communications (Media Relations & Internal Communication)
- Marketing & Customer Service (including GIS)
2. Creation of new Fare Revenue Department to be housed in the Finance & Administration Division
- TriMet Ticket Office will be moved to this department
3. Information Technology (IT) will now report to me.
We are almost close to naming the new Executive Director for a newly created Labor Relations and Human Resources division. Look for more information to come regarding that announcement.
As always, thanks to all of you for your support and commitment. Although I believe this organizational structure better positions us to focus on the work ahead, it’s going to take us all working together – to be successful.

Light rail fail

Transient struck and killed by San Jose light rail train - San Francisco Crime |


NYC Withdraws Cleaning Evacuation Order in Face of Defiant Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Constitutional Rights Lawyer Michael Ratner: Failed Occupy Wall Street Evacuation Order is Illegal
Iraq Veterans at Occupy Wall Street Decry Financial Crisis Soldiers Face Returning Home


The whirling dervishes who populate the Ministry of Propaganda are always looking for ways to make things look better than they actually are. It's their job of course and they make MUCHO bucks to do that.

This month's propaganda contain something new it appears, "rush hour trips".

As if "rush hour trips" are somehow more important than any other trip. Trimet watchers already know of course that they pencil geeks added a few trips during the peak hours of service, of course they would want to exaggerate any gains they have themselves created.

All the ridership statistics are a reflection of the management's slice and dice philosophy.

Rider statistics-spin free

WES weekly ridership:

May 2010 - 6300
June 2010 - 6600
July 2010 - 7000
August 2010 - 7000
September 2010 -7200

May 2011 - 8200
June 2011 - 8100
July 2011 - 8100
August 2011 - 8300
September 2011 - 8150

So, WES ridership has pretty much flatlined, where as this time last year it was still increasing. Next year's numbers aren't going to be nearly as interesting for WES. Meanwhile I'm just glad we're finally comparing existing levels of bus service since last Sept. was when the sweeping cuts were made..

Who needs bus cleaners when we can have


Video log October 13



TRIMET boondoggle reports

Do or die for the Milwaukie MAX line

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAX Green Line and WES continue double digit growth (sic)

THAT is the headline of course, even though together they represent the puniest amount of riders

TriMet: News Release - TriMet ridership up in September


Dwight Botel meets the board of directors

Drivers fighting with each other

Just got a report that there is a heated yelling match involving two drivers in the Beaverton Transit Center Break room!
I love it here!

Neil Macfarlane and Jana Toran discuss Boring withdrawel from Trimet

They didn't have much to say about it that's for sure:

"Grievance"- Kangaroo court is more like it

I had mistakenly posted that I got not written determination on my grievance denials.

Actually I had gotten one on the step 2 and fully expect another one on this little farce I just went through.

It occurs to me, Robert tells me that someone was too 'ashamed' to go on duty as a result of my dispatch recording and that is why I am going through this KANGAROO COURT PROCEEDING.

But ya know what?

I have never seen any sort of complaint about this, just the words of Robert that this occurred.

And my buddy Joe, who is also going through this farce, was written up on call stop violations, but he has never seen any report to back up this accusation.

Why do we have to take the word of the company that these things are happening?

I don't have a right to see the actual operator complaint against me which has resulted in the kangaroo court that I am now experiencing?

Where the hell do we work anyway?

Josef Stalin's Russia? Accusation by no name accusers? 

Trimet must be taking lessons from Homeland Security, we are a "threat" and must be punished, don't actually need any evidence, just take the companies word for it!


TRIMET BOARD from the underground of communications

Brought to you by two obscure bloggers who can get the job done which the BILLION DOLLAR GOVERNMENT agency can't seem to get done.

Safety update report-pdf

You getting adequate breaks?

TriMet and the ATU signed an agreement to ensure that Operators working straight runs that exceed 7½ hours get adequate breaks.

At least 70% of these straight runs must have a minimum of one 20-minute break and two 10-minute breaks.

Up to 15% of these straight runs may instead have a minimum of three 15-minute breaks.

Up to 15% of these straight runs may meet the agreement by having sufficient cumulative layover. (Runs up to 10 hours must have at least 60 minutes cumulative layover time and runs of 10 hours and longer must have at least 75 minutes cumulative layover time).

Neil Macfarlane

A real highlight of our Board Briefing this morning was an appearance by Operator Dwight Botel. You read about Dwight in today's paycheck flier - he and KC Rogers were inducted into the Million Miles of Safety club last May. KC wasn't able to be there this morning, but Dwight was, along with his managers from Powell.

The reason I asked Shelly Lomax to introduce Dwight to the Board - right after Harry Saporta's safety update - is that I wanted the Board to meet one of the employees who's a real-life example of safety. As I listened to Shelly and Dwight talk about what it takes to drive MORE THAN 30 YEARS without a preventable accident, I felt proud and grateful.
Our Board members were truly impressed with Dwight's accomplishments. Rick Van Beveren said, "I don't know how you do it," and when Steve Clark learned that Dwight's son, Blaine, is an operator too, he joked, "Can your son teach my son to drive?" Everybody laughed, but I think there's an important and serious point behind what Steve said. Last year, 975 TriMet employees - operators and others with professional driving jobs - earned Safe Driver Awards. These employees are truly role models for the rest of us.

Transit bus crashes

TTC bus driver charged in fatal crash - The Globe and Mail


REGION: Part-time transit security chief already drawing nearly $219K pension

Despite push for safety, many students still run to catch light rail

Trainees line training in plain clothes

According to a trainee Trimet is not providing uniforms until the trainees have completed the sixth week of training!
Too many quitting or not making the cut!

Video log October 12 part 2

City digs for money to keep streetcar on track

Trouble at Gresham Transit Center

A supervisor told me this week he had to intervene between 2 drivers who were about to enter into a fistfight over where the buses should be staged. I can also say I've had my share of passengers who boarded my bus thinking it was a 9.

Video log October 12 part 1

ATU 757 Vice Presidential candidate Bruce Peek

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last year, 975 TriMet employees operators and others with professional driving jobs - earned Safe Driver Awards.

From Neil Macfarlane

Trimet general manager talks about baby incident and announces spies will ride Trimet




Trimet's obsession with Bureaucracy continues

Image from latest board meeting

Supreme Court Decision Rejects Death Penalty for Mumia

The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from Philadelphia prosecutors of a lower court ruling that declared the death sentence of Pennsylvania prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal unconstitutional. Abu-Jamal is a former Black Panther and journalist. For decades, he has argued racism by the trial judge and prosecutors led to his 1982 conviction of killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. The ruling means Mumia will be automatically sentenced to life in prison unless prosecutors attempt to seek the death penalty in front of a new jury.

The stupidity of the TRIMET grievance procedure

I have now experienced my first grievance using the system that Trimet and the union have created.

It really is one the most meaningless experiences I have had since working here.

Completely controlled by middle management, which dominates the entire structure, what you have is each manager covering for the other manager.

Driver "Joe" shared his experience with the IRS grievance procedure. At each level the grievance is heard by a progressively higher management official.

Here at Trimet that would work like this:

The first grievance is held with the Station Manager, Robert Romo.

The second level would be heard by Robert Romo's supervisor, the director of transportation, Hayden Talbot.

The third level would be heard by Hayden's boss, which is the Executive Director Shelly Lomax.

Maybe the grievance process would have some meaning if we could work to higher levels of management instead of the endless meetings with middle management cronies.

Adding to the insulting nature of this "process" is the fact that every single person involved gets paid dealing with this, BUT THE ACCUSED ,  gets nothing, no compensation, for time or effort put into this task.

Thomas Jefferson

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

When it comes to cars and buses, who's subsidizing who?

And while drivers pay just 17% of the cost of local roads, according to the study, bus riders paid almost 29% of transit costs in 2010,

C-Tran board to consider hiring independent administrator

Surfing the subways in NYC


In response to THIS post.

A good example of how drivers are left to fend for themselves concerns the the #20 and the ongoing construction project at St Vincent's Hospital which has the driveways through the campus torn up.
Yesterday we nearly got stuck as there was no viable means for the bus to exit the campus.

Cutting through red tape to get a bridge built

Tappan Zee Bridge project focuses on replacing span, excludes mass transit | The Journal News | |

Where you sit on a bus can define your personality, according to a psychologist.

And I thought TRIMET fare stucture was confusing

Rail users confused by 44,376 combinations. 

Light rail fail

Video log October 11 part 2

Would TriMet please provide us with Bus Cleaners

I don't live in a dirty house and I should not be driving a dirty bus.

"breathless" over a trip planner

Driver was right

Joe Rose Covers the Dwight Botel Story

Video log October 11

Part 1

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is it just me, or do these look more like jail inmate photographs?

These and other photographs were taken at TriMet's "This is how I roll" photo extravaganza at the Clackamas Town Center MAX Station and Garage (and bus stop) a few days ago.  These three specific photos were taken at the bus stop, arguably one of TriMet's absolutely worst designed bus stops ever.  It seems that these all look at jail inmate booking photos; while the pictures taken around the MAX platform or on the walkway to the MAX platform are bright, sunny, full of children and families and smiling folks.  And these three?  I swear I'm at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office inmate website.
Dispatch:Also, operator shook up after looking up and seeing car flying through air


In response to THIS post.

Home run. Truer words cannot be spoken.

There is no REAL culture of support from the top. A memo comes out and then they wait for the dust to settle, the media to move on and all is peaceful in the valley again. If it makes the paper or media, we gotta act on it NOW! The O seems to run this organization more than anyone thinks.


Service Animals, Mental Health Problems Among Hot Button Issues as Landmark Disability Rights Law Enters Third Decade

Miller v. Tri-Met


It went exactly as expected, the judges were Jeff Hunt (not a big fan of mine I would imagine), Lyle Perierra,  Don (the ******) Allison and Bruce Duncan.

My case is clear, but this is TRIMET, trying to use logic and facts gets you nowhere. Who cares how it comes out, plenty of ways around their bullshit!
I'm starting to like Robert Romo however, don't ask me why.

The worst Trimet riders

Official notice

Remember safety and professionalism on Halloween
Halloween is a festive event for many people, and is sure to bring out customers young and old who will look to TriMet to provide them with safe transportation to and from their activities. Remember that operators are the face of TriMet, and your contact with customers is important to how they view our organization and our service:
• The wearing of costumes is not permitted while operating a TriMet vehicle, or performing work as a TriMet employee.
• Be especially alert for children and families who may be out trick or treating on Halloween.
• Some of your customers may be wearing Halloween costumes. TriMet does not prohibit passengers from wearing masks and facial coverings. Masks or facial coverings, in and of themselves, are not considered to be “obviously suspicious” under the H-O-T protocol. It is suspicious behavior, not appearance, which prompts the H-O-T protocol.
If you have any questions, please contact your manager. Thank you for your hard work, and have a safe Halloween.

Michael Krupp takes the Portland City Council to task

What IS customer service?

Erik Halstead

Wanna work as a transit bus driver?

Police: Metro bus driver stabbed during fight with passenger - Crime Scene - The Washington Post

RIPTA bus driver in crash in stable condition -

Wasting time and money at TRIMET

Today will be my 'step three' grievance hearing, where I am contesting TRIMETS assertion that they have the right to regulate my off duty behavior, in my house, at my personal desk, on my personal time, using my personal computer, accessing publicly available information for this blog.

I am under threat of termination if I continue doing this particular  activity.

Other than the complete absurdity of putting me through this, (while other drivers throw mom's and babies off buses) JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN, lets look at the cost involved with this.

There will be three union personnel and three management personnel in attendance, all on the clock, getting paid and taking time to deal with this. (And me, on my own time without pay of course)

All of that costs money, but at TRIMET money is no object when it comes to the whim of the management that control this place.

Sacrifice is only for the "little people" around here, namely the riders and the drivers.

The BONANZA continues for everybody else like hogs at the trough.

CTA continues cutting managment to save money, exactly the opposit of TRIMET

About 200 white-collar jobs are being cut at the CTA and sick and vacation policies tightened for non-union employees to save millions of dollars, the transit agency announced Monday.
The staffing reductions, some of which were announced in July when some senior management positions were eliminated, will save about $22 million annually, officials said.

CTA cutting 200 jobs, tightening vacation and sick days -

Trimet orders operators to perform illegal left turn?

Here is the POST where Trimet tells operators how to make a left turn, read the comment after studying the post.

Why the Elites Are in Trouble

The lords of finance in the looming towers surrounding the park, who toy with money and lives, who make the political class, the press and the judiciary jump at their demands, who destroy the ecosystem for profit and drain the U.S. Treasury to gamble and speculate, took little notice of Ketchup or any of the other scruffy activists on the street below them. The elites consider everyone outside their sphere marginal or invisible. 

Video log October 10-part 2

Video log October 10 part 1

Monday, October 10, 2011


This has been posted before so this is a re-post:

Past rulings- Joseph Midgett vs TRIMET

254 F.3d 846

Past rulings- Trimet vs ATU 757



Based on the findings of this study, a discernible pattern was observed that shows that there is a correlation between preventable collisions and the length of transit operator driving hours.

According to this study TRIMET is hardly a safe environment for people to operate buses. There are very few 8 hour shifts here, most employees are forced into working long hours. SAFETY IS NOT FIRST IN THIS ORGANIZATION ACCORDING TO THE STUDY!




following distances). But crashes and observations of driving performance show that 97 compensatory strategies are not sufficient to remove all excess risk (8). 98
The most general factors that cause fatigue are lack of sleep, bad quality sleep and sleep 100 demands induced by the internal body clock. Besides these general factors, prolonged driving 101 (time-on-task) can increase driver fatigue, especially when drivers do not take sufficient breaks.


That Boring's withdrawal from TriMet is on the retreat agenda, but not the full board meeting agenda.

Watch those turns

Board of Directors coming up

TriMet: Board of Directors Meetings

Should Seattle spend millions to plan more streetcars?

Bus driver hauling Occupy Wall Street protest prisoners can see both sides of tension

Light rail fail

Truck wedges under Light Rail bridge in Bayonne; third incident this year |