Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunrise this morning, as seen from TriMet.

At Millikan Way MAX Station

On the 62 at Murray and TV Hwy

SOME STATS---pictures not the greatest

You Might Be A Conservative If…

1: You’re irate over the president taking so many vacation days on the taxpayer’s dime (61 thus far), but you thought George W. Bushz earned every minute of his leisure time (196 days at the same point in his presidency).
2: You’re happy with your 40 hour work week, paid vacations and company-provided healthcare, but you’re strongly anti-union, because those commies haven’t done anything for you lately.

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After a conversation with my Executive Board representative Jeff Ackerson,  I have amended an earlier post were I referred to the ATU 757 executive board members in a less than flattering manner. It turns out they were just as surprised by our Presidents behavior as I was.

Raw Video: Scaffolding Collapses, Hits Bus in NY

Bus vs. Train: Is It a Fare Transit Fight?

Bus ridership, however, outpaced trains in subway cities with 3.7 billion trips and trumped all rail with 5.2 billion trips nationwide. 

Al's sunday night rant

Seat Conditions on the Westside Dinosaurs

In addition to harboring bacteria that makes you sick,the cloth seats are threadbare and worn out. It is just pathetic that the westside transit riders
have to endure this type of equipment on their bus rides.

Killed by light rail,0,7111002.story

Tequila party bus

There were at least two TRIMET employees in attendance at this grand event!

VIDEO LOG-September 20

Light rail news: Public art undergoes revisions as design completion nears