Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows 2.0

I wrapped up my 5 days at Merlo by cleaning the windows of my 3rd bus this week.As the pictures show,my cleaning rags were filthy after washing just one panel of a slider.This dirt/filth that the drivers and the public must put up with is unacceptable.


Budget Problems?

Neil Macfarlane says:" ""Those threats really are a list of the many budget uncertainties we face. First, there is the economy as a whole."

Engineer II - Systems 
Payroll Clerk

KATU interviews people on Lincoln Street

videoBus turns on Nw 23rd

Michael Anderson got the US News story before US News did

Trust content from Portland Afoot, Vol. III | Portland Afoot

Transit Bus hits bicyclist at busy intersection

Run over by a Transit bus

Man fatally run over by LCTA bus | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton PA - News

San Francisco: Bicyclist avoiding illegally parked car run over by bus

The Mystery is Solved

Back in July, a 50 dollar savings bond arrived in the mail.Since I had no idea who sent it to me,I sent out thank-you notes to various family members.Yesterday,I was given my 3 year safe driving award along with Neal's thank-you letter.Inside,I was told that I was awarded a savings bond.Mystery solved.

Aussies Support Longview Longshoremen

Here we go again

Washington is facing another potential government shutdown in a new partisan dispute over federal spending. Republican-controlled House has approved a short-term funding measure that would link disaster relief to cutting funds for energy-efficient cars. Senate Democrats have vowed to reject the bill. If the dispute is not resolved, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund will run out of money next week and the entire government would have to shut down on October 1.

VIDEO LOG-September 22 (a don't miss episode)