Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jack Bogdanski logs 6,000,000 visitors

Latest award winners

(only one from the capital projects this month!)

Bye Bye Lincoln Street

Starting September 26, stops on Lincoln between 1st and 4th closed until further notice due to construction. A temporary stop to Montgomery Park is located on Lincoln between 4th and 5th Avenues.

Fighting the light rail expansion into Vancouver

Vancouverites against light rail and the CRC project are angry about potential costs |

Big shots get raises

Oregon - Candidate miffed over raise for administrators

Census bureau report on commuting patterns

Transit use is down. Carpooling is down. And driving to work alone is up. That’s according to data just out this morning from the American Community Survey.

Study on Seattle transit use

study by Gilmore Research

SamTrans Reaches Three-Year Agreement With Bus Operators, Maintenance Workers

Detroit transit national disgrace

Empire transit district gets bailout!

Seaside Signal News service

Fed's begin nationwide crackdown on Bus drivers!

Transit bus disasters

CTA bus runs red light, critically injures woman - Chicago Sun-Times

Video log-September 23

Longshoremen fighting hard for justice

To sum up: a taxpayer-subsidized international conglomerate, which is operating on public property, is suing the public so it can avoid paying the area’s standard wages and undercut its competitors that do. Then, it exacerbated tensions with the local labor community by importing union workers from another jurisdiction to cross the picket lines.
That’s why ILWU members are angry, and that’s why this is about more than just 50 jobs in Longview.

Here's why Washington longshore workers are so angry |



Over the past two days I have driven buses that were clearly extreme safety hazards.

Yesterday I had a bus with no signals or flashers and today I had a bus that lost its steering while I was heading down highway 26!

We are having a serious crisis at this company and as far as safety being some sort of "value" I have come to believe that is nothing but another in a long list of marketing campaigns designed to trick the public into thinking that this transit system is "safe".

Nothing is further from the truth!