Monday, September 26, 2011

Rally to Save America's Postal Service

Come and show support!!!
Tomorrow Tuesday, September 27, 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Main Post Office, NW Hoyt @ Broadway
Save 6-day delivery & community post offices
Transfer the surplus funds, pass HR 1351

The wonders of Light Rail-you can't move it.....EVER!

Due to police activity, no Blue or Red MAX trains are operating on SW Yamhill between 15th and 18th. Shuttle buses are replacing MAX service between SW Galleria/Library and Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson stations. Some Yellow Line trains are operating on the Red/Blue alignment through downtown but only traveling as far west as Galleria/Library stations. Riders should expect delays.

Say goodbye, forever

How much hypocrisy are we expected to endure?

I'm really having a hard time right now feeling good about my job here.
I know the honcho's would be happy to see all us old timers out the door. They could replace all of us with new hires, with no vacation time, lower pay scales, and less retirement benefits, and that is what they really want apparently.

Last week I was subjected to two instances where management failure has jeopardized mine and my passengers safety. One day I had to drive a round trip with no signals or emergency flashers and the next day I lost my steering while doing down highway 26.

I suggest you folks that call yourselves managers stop talking about safety till you get our equipment up to standards that can qualify as safe.

Last week I was also subjected to a management "lecture" because I didn't make two attempts to call dispatch after having already sent them a 'ready for service' message that they did not answer. While they failed, I get lectures, its the usual bullshit abuse we operators take while in the employ of TRIMET.

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Just call them Tree-Met


Transit bus crashes

Atlanta 911 dispatcher among 2 killed in attempted robbery  |

Tolls boost mas transit use but hurts businesses

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Latest information from the Institute

BRT working in China

ITDP | Institute for Transportation and Development Policy : News : Guangzhou BRT Reduces CO2 Emissions by 86,000 Tonnes Annually

And more on Lincoln Street

KATU report, featuring that tree hugger, JOHN CHARLES

I Ride

On some lucky mornings we stop on the bridge. Suspended there above the river, our view is exclusive to transit commuters and to the legions of cyclists who now pass us in our moment of stasis. I wonder some days whether our train operator is just exercising his prerogative, remembering the days of childhood when piloting a train over a bridge and then sweeping into a bustling city must have sounded like the best job in the world. As the train starts to descend into Old Town, I hope my operator is still finding some joy in his job. I hope that amidst all the schedule pressures and time-points he gets just a moment to realize that he’s the one who got to grow up and drive a train.
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Police state closes in on Wall Street Protesters
Wall Street Protest Man Thrown To The Ground & Arrested - YouTube
Protesters arrested in anti-Wall Street rally - YouTube
Wall Street protest, including police arrests, September 22, 2011 - YouTube
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Ireland says "NO" to costly light rail construction

Rapid bus network for capital - National News -

Children in NY abandoned by government cuts in transit

7th & 8th-graders forced to take public transit, hours-long commutes as bus cuts leave kids stranded

Transit strikes

Union strike could come to Santa Rosa | union, strike, transit - Northwest Florida Daily News

MBTA trying to eliminate free transit passes for employees

Bill looks to restrict MBTA employee benefits | The Daily Free Press

SMART card system glitches in Denver

Maybe someday this transit agency can actually catch up to the rest of this countries transit systems by getting modern buses and modern fare collection systems.
Editorial: Is RTD missing the bus on the future of transit? - The Denver Post

Agreement reached at SAMTRANS

I thought only TRIMET employees paid nothing for health and welfare benefits? Of course not, that was all media lies.
Wage freeze part of SamTrans contract agreement with bus, maintenance workers - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

Transit districts need to be part of the poverty solution, not part of the problem

Transit discounts for the poor urged at gathering of the faithful - San Jose Mercury News

Where people really use transit

This is back in the news, the cities that really do use transit in numbers. While Seattle Makes this list sadly Portland does not.

10 Cities Where Workers Most Use Public Transit: Census

More from the Great transit fail of 2008

Max - Gateway Max to PDX Bus bridge to the Portland Airport
Max - Gateway station
Max - Tri-Met Gateway Station

Life will never be the same on Lincoln St

According to TriMet, the removed trees will be reused in a variety of ways. Higher-quality wood will be salvaged and provided to furniture and structure builders, such as Habitat for Humanity. Large sections of trees will be reused as playground furniture for City of Portland parks. The remaining wood will be made into firewood for low-income households, or mulched for use in local parks and community gardens.

Portland trees come down to make way for new MAX line