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Trimet financial officer speaks to board

Tri-Met toll: 15 hurt in 2 days (so far)


1. End Free Rail Zone TODAY.

2. End the City of Portland Streetcar subsidy. City runs their own system, city can pay for their own system. If there is a legal challenge, then cut the overlapping service - don't cut service in Oregon City to pay for Portland's trolley.

3. All park-and-ride facilities become pay facilities. TriMet's job is not to run parking lots.

4. Immediate cut in non-revenue motor pool fleet. If you can't get there on TriMet, you don't need to go.

5. ZERO the travel budget. We can't afford to run buses; we certainly can't afford for junkets to RailVolution and Australia.

6. Eliminate WES. Plain and simple. If you can't eliminate WES, than eliminate the free Wi-Fi, charge to park, shut down the lighted platforms (including those Transit Tracker displays and TVMs) when WES is not in service, and charge distance based fares resulting in a Beaverton to Wilsonville ride costing around $6.00 if not more - one way, no transfer privilege. Also, if WES cannot be discontinued, convert to two train operation every 40 minutes so as to eliminate one train and its associated fuel and labor cost.

7. Convert MAX to distance based fares.

8. Eliminate all landscaping. TriMet's job is running buses and trains on time, not making sure trees and grass look pretty.

9. Complete halt to all capital projects. That means stopping Milwaukie MAX construction altogether.

10. Review status of bus fleet, continue new bus purchases to reduce maintenance expense. Older buses cost more to run and maintain than new buses, so using federal funds to replace older buses will result in operating savings (including lower overtime expense, fewer mechanics needed).

11. Use articulated buses on heavy usage routes to reduce labor and fuel expense. Running 3 artics per hour (20 minute headways) provides the same quantity of service as 4 40' buses, but has 25% lower fuel and labor expense.

Earlier this morning, I briefed the Board on the outlook for our upcoming budget. Yes, this is ‘earlier’ than we usually start – here’s why… We are in a time that I am calling the “new normal” – a time of when fiscal uncertainty has created the Perfect Storm leaving us to face a $12 to $17 million budget ‘gap’ in fiscal year 13 – the year that starts July 1, 2012. Why? Three main reasons: 1. Stagnant Economy – with employment in the region growing ever so slowly, our payroll tax (over 50% of our budget) grows slowly too. While we didn’t have ‘wild’ expectations – we were hoping to see that grow from 4 to 5% next year. Reality has forced us to reduce our projected revenues by $3 million for next year. 2. Federal formula funds – there is a great deal of uncertainty over federal formula funds which comprise about $42 million in revenue to us. Who knows what will happen, but ‘automatic’ reductions could go into effect and our estimate is about a $4 million impact on our budget. 3. The ATU contract – the recent ERB decision removed from TriMet’s final offer certain provisions – so some cost reductions we were hoping to see will have to wait for a future negotiation. This could mean between $5 and $10 million in our FY13 budget. All this said, TriMet continues to be a service our community needs and wants. We face increasing requests for more and better service. The hard reality is that we cannot afford to expand, and I'm awfully afraid our service levels will diminish. As a ride, I know how important it is to preserve service but it is hard to see how some cuts can be avoided. These are not easy choices. That is why everything needs to be on the table – fares, service, and current fare discounts. We will need to examine our activities and investments carefully, and make sure we are confident about the value of every dollar we spend. To give us added time to address these issues and make those tough choices, I have created a Budget Task Force that will begin to meet in November. Given our best budget assumptions, these key business and community members will be tasked with providing me suggestions on how to appropriately balance our budget. Starting early will give us more time for input from taxpayers, riders, and other stakeholders. The budget itself will need to come together through a series of actions during the first half of 2012. This certainly isn’t the news I was hoping to share, but it is important that I share with you what is ahead. I will need your ideas, help and continued commitment to delivering exceptional service, no matter the decisions. Neil

Macfarlane's report to board


Candidate for VP Bruce Peek speaks at board meeting

Due to technical difficulties there is no video of Bruce speaking at the board meeting but according to reliable sources Bruce spoke on the subject Cascade Policy Institute and their anti transit propaganda. He also brought up the funding of the policy group as being from anonymous sources.
Bruce also talked about the "customer service committee" which is mandated by the union contract but does not exist at the present time.
The SIP's issue was discussed and the basic unfairness of that with drivers getting complaints because they actually are attempting to enforce the fare policy.


This is from TRIMET'S dashboard,  the most recently available.
 It clearly shows (unless my eyes are failing) that ACTUAL revenues are MORE THAN budgeted revenues!
 So what changed in one months time? Or are they BULLSHITTING US?


This is unreal, last month everything is hunky dory, new executives hired, new station agents hired, new road supervisors hired, a whole bunch of middle managers hired, Milwaukie MAX moving full speed ahead, new computer applications introduced, and this month THE SKY IS FALLING!



warns of $12 million to $17 million budget gap, asks public for help dealing with red ink

board member Steve Clarke brings up phantom of WES cut as "example" of everythign on the table

McFarlane: Suggests maybe another fare increase in early 2012 instead of Sept.

My guess: proposed #trimet fare transfer idea is now stuck in the mud.

McFarlane: LIFT fare increases will be put back on table as result

f TriMet cut its full $12m shortfall from service, it'd be a worse cut than 2010's devastating round

McFarlane: "all hands on deck mentality." everything looked at for cuts, with "riders' benefits coming first."

McFarlane: Budget problems "presume" there will be at least a 5 cent fare increase next year, maybe more.

deHamel: Easy cutting decisions long gone.

In past 3 years, #trimet cut 13% of bus service, 10% MAX service. More coming?

deHamel: Expecting $4 million less in federal funding in FY 2013. Usually gets $40-45 million a year

finance director Beth deHamel: Recent union board ruling eliminated potential savings in union contract of $5-10 million.

McFarlane: after decades at #trimet "not sure I’ve ever seen so many forces of uncertainty coming together

Neil McFarlane: #trimet thoroughly reviewing bus, MAX injury incidents in Washington County this week.

Tomorrow, all #trimet drivers will have gone through recertification program sparked by Sandi Day striking 5 pedestrians in 2010

board still waiting for quorum, eight min after meeting was supposed to start. Not good role model for buses running on time


Well Neil Macfarlane, why don't you do what you always do when you have an insurmountable problem:


What about the billion and a half dollar  MYSTERY TRAIN? I guess that gets fully funded  because it's RAIL CAPITAL PROJECTS and without that money coming in YOU MIGHT GET THE BOOT RIGHT OUTTA HERE!


Nothing has really changed in the 4+ years.


He will also be at Powell's for a book signing at 500PM

Video log October 25



Mr Macfarlane has just gotten through adding at least 3 high priced executives to our budget, (safety director, labor director, cultural director) and now they have the nerve to talk about budget problems.

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Après moi, le déluge


Guy steals city bus and goes for a ride

Bus thief caught after wild ride in Fla. Panhandle - Florida Wires -


He is trying to catch bus drivers not stopping at the little stop area in the middle of the transit center, crazy shit!

4 riders hurt when TriMet bus stops short to avoid collision with car

5767...involved with some medical problem...ambulance, fire trucks, police, supervispors out here in forest grove...looks crazy!

Candidate for VP Bruce Peek

Transportation's future a rocky road

Video log October 24-part 2


Dozens Arrested as Police Close Occupy Oakland Encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza - KRON 4 News



One of my all time favorite TRIMET characters-MERLO MARS

I wonder who sent this in?

Remember, being a bus driver at TRIMET means you can be targeted, anonymously, by anybody anywhere, even by people that don't ride your bus.
(This person uses my full name but I don't get to know their name. You might remember where this sort of practice was commonly used to condemn people, STALIN'S RUSSIA)

TRIMET (mis)management already has the answer to this nonsense SIP.
This is actually my first SIP, these SIP's stay in your file forever  weather they have foundation or not.

They go into a "green file" and after you get some number of these TRIMET (mis)management sends you to a 'retraining' class. (Like Stalin's Russia)



ORS 165.540(7)
(Look it up yourself)

Video log October 24-part 1

Steve Fung attempts to clean his bus (since Trimet doesn't)

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Bus Ads you won't see in Portland...


 Hillsboro police say semitrailer driver to be cited after colliding with MAX train |


Eight people injured in crash between MAX train and semi in Hillsboro |

 Slideshow Landing Page - KPTV - FOX 12

TRIMET FEMLA flow chart and info

Located here!

More info here! 

Transit districts excel at wasting tax payers money

RTA approves no-bid public affairs contract, but it's unclear what consultant will deliver -

Addicted to overtime

It’s always Groundhog Day with Muni overtime

WANNA BE A BUS DRIVER? Better know what you are getting into

"It's dangerous," said Bx9 driver Maria Hogan, who was slugged by an irate Bronx passenger on Sept. 10. "People think they can just get away with abusing you verbally or physically."



How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything

What harm can a handful of nasty or incompetent employees do? A lot more than you may think.
The Human Resourse Dept, Station Managers and Union Executives need to heed the message in this article.

Hollywood TC Elevator Inspection

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Dimitrie Orlov lecture on collapse

Listen to the lecture here!

"White" city

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Hall of Cluelessness (Jack Bog's Blog)
Transit mall bricks: The mystery continues (Jack Bog's Blog)

Would you say this is getting out of control?


Where's Muammar?
Gaddafi's Murder and International Law
Muammar Gaddafi's Last Moments - He is dragged to a truck and killed.

US Government Supports Protesters Abroad and Jails Them at Home

Crazy asian on the max dancing

(Not my movie managers)

Hybrid transit buses

"Mini" Hybrid

"Real" Hybrid

Nation's transit systems in peril

Bus Dog!

Corgi Dressed as M23 Bus Wins Halloween Dog Parade - WNYC Culture

Lift bus driver intentionally rams Hells Angel

I-580 reopens after bus driver arrested for intentionally ramming, killing Hells Angel biker - San Jose Mercury News


Bus driver stabbed by passenger in Newark |

4 car MAX train!


NPR Gets Radio Host Fired for Occupying | War Is A Crime .org

PDX Transport Blog (Jim Karlock)

What are they hiding?

The fact that David Evans & Associates has filed a lawsuit to block the residents of Vancouver from gaining access under the Freedom of Information Act to the records pertaining to the $30 million in Columbia River Crossing funds that the firm has been paid has left me feeling really uneasy. An Oct. 11 story reported “CRC consultant sues to stop release of records.” What untoward thing do they have to hide?

My mind wonders about these records since our Mayor Tim Leavitt works for PBS Engineering as an engineer and his firm is associated with TriMet projects including their contract for light-rail cars, and David Evans & Associates has been contracted for light-rail projects for TriMet as well. This issue begs for a complete investigation before another step is made.

Barbara Cunningham


The worst Trimet riders


I'm surprised they didn't just leave it till Monday, Like the vomit in the elevator at the Hollywood Transit Center

Underemployed And Hating Life

Saturday, October 22, 2011



melogna: I like how all #TriMet buses have the American flag in their window, lest someone question their loyalties.
MissErika92: FUCK TRIMET
cme2009: @trimet I was just wondering why on the online trip planner, the default walking distance is now 1 mile? It used to be 1/4 or 1/2 mile
  JosedePDX: @trimet The bus Driver did see me! He waved to me as he left!! ·
alannarisse: @trimet Do you have an after hours # I can call. Just had a run in with a bus driver with serious road rage issues. ·
alanpdx: Tis the season for bad perfume on Trimet. #Augh ·
Sequelcast: I hope @Trimet invests in something to soften the loud engines in the buses. Louder than an airplane!
anzadesu: This bus smells like piss... Like... Really bad. It's making me feel sick. #Trimet #bus77
anzadesu: Wow bus you are WAY early. Like 5 min early. No bueno. #Trimet
sporkbot: I am so fucking angry. The trimet officer gave me a "Curtosey Ticket" and kept the one I bought as "Evidence" EVIDENCE OF WHAT ITS NOT DATED
alicynx: @trimet, is the 12 line where you put your worst drivers? This is getting ridiculous!
mikerigsby: Good lord. Annoying chick on my #Trimet 99 is nagging at everyone to "Smile!" Bitch, I've been up for 16 hrs, too tired for tweakers. :p
  mikerigsby: Time to play #Trimet roulette and see if my bus actually shows up today.
Lextastic09: Mission to PSU. ahhhh I freakin HATE trimet!

I didn't shoot this video

Alcoholic Werewolf on the MAX

Shooting at Trimet bus stop

Gang team investigates Saturday afternoon bus stop shooting


The Greeks are fighting the battle before it gets to America,this war is heading here soon!



Stealing Your Pension: The Daily Show Looks At The 1% Reverse Robin Hood

One of the ways that Wall Street has caused this massive shift of wealth strictly to the top 1 percent is in the way corporations have decimated pension funds. Investigative journalist Ellen Schultz wrote the book Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers to illustrate how these corporations have pulled a reverse Robin Hood and robbed from the working poor to give yet even more to the rich. From the publisher's description:
It's no secret that hundreds of companies have been slashing pensions and health coverage earned by millions of retirees. Employers blame an aging workforce, stock market losses, and spiraling costs- what they call "a perfect storm" of external forces that has forced them to take drastic measures.
But this so-called retirement crisis is no accident. Ellen E. Schultz, award-winning investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, reveals how large companies and the retirement industry-benefits consultants, insurance companies, and banks-have all played a huge and hidden role in the death spiral of American pensions and benefits.A little over a decade ago, most companies had more than enough set aside to pay the benefits earned by two generations of workers, no matter how long they lived. But by exploiting loopholes, ambiguous regulations, and new accounting rules, companies essentially turned their pension plans into piggy banks, tax shelters, and profit centers.
Drawing on original analysis of company data, government filings, internal corporate documents, and confidential memos, Schultz uncovers decades of widespread deception during which employers have exaggerated their retiree burdens while lobbying for government handouts, secretly cutting pensions, tricking employees, and misleading shareholders. She reveals how companies:
Siphon billions of dollars from their pension plans to finance downsizings and sell the assets in merger deals
Overstate the burden of rank-and-file retiree obligations to justify benefits cuts while simultaneously using the savings to inflate executive pay and pensions
Hide their growing executive pension liabilities, which at some companies now exceed the liabilities for the regular pension plans
Purchase billions of dollars of life insurance on workers and use the policies as informal executive pension funds. When the insured workers and retirees die, the company collects tax-free death benefits
Preemptively sue retirees after cutting retiree health benefits and use other legal strategies to erode their legal protections.
Though the focus is on large companies-which drive the legislative agenda-the same games are being played at smaller companies, non-profits, public pensions plans and retirement systems overseas. Nor is this a partisan issue: employees of all political persuasions and income levels-from managers to miners, pro- football players to pilots-have been slammed.

Safety is a value?

Except when it comes to health/safety, or if it's on a weekend... Earlier today I needed to transfer from a bus to a train at Hollywood TC. I took the elevator down to the train platform, and it was hard to miss the GIANT POOL OF VOMIT on the wall/floor of the elevator. It's Saturday so I can't call TriMet's customer service, so when my train came in I knocked on the cab door and told the operator.

He says, "Yeah we know, it was called in yesterday--"

"YESTERDAY?!" - I generally make an effort to not interrupt people, but seriously?

"--Yes, yesterday" he continued, "but with the cutbacks in cleaning apparently there's no one who can clean that until Monday morning."

So if you're going through the Hollywood TC & need to take the elevator tomorrow, enjoy riding it with 2-day old vomit. Sure, that sounds safe.



If only we could get our fellow Americans to understand the importance of fighting the banks!

Greeks fight against the bankster control

Trimet in violation of federal law "13c"?

But it also appears to be in conflict with a federal labor law, sometimes referred to as 13C, which requires that public bodies receiving federal grants preserve the collective bargaining rights of public unions, according to Gerald Poisson, chairman of the SMART board of directors.
The contracts of the four unions representing SMART employees expired Dec. 31. Because the new state law forbids SMART to pay for step increases and medical coverage provided for under the old contract, the Amalgamated Transit Union petitioned the Department of Labor to withhold $20 million to $26 million in federal grants to SMART -- which the feds have tentatively agreed to do.

Editorial: Fix Michigan labor law or risk devastating cuts to SMART bus service | Detroit Free Press |

Another car plows into bus stop

Car plows into bus stop-warning, gruesome

Transit police rough up guy in wheelchair

My old pal Marcus Griffith still around

Vancouver couple had history of abuse allegations -

Mayor Sam Adamas, city say streetcar attracted $4 billion in private investment

The Truth-O-Meter Says:

OPAL press room

Portland Transports (Bob Richardson) production of the street car music bands

A Little Streetcar Music

Classic scene from "The Big Bus"-Bus drivers in Bus drivers bar

Bus drivers start clicking their ticket punches all together in disapproval of one of their own!


Bibiana McHugh

Boring survey released

TriMet asks for input, releases survey results in Boring withdrawal petition |

Mary Priester-director of trimet art

Transit funds are not about providing transit anymore:


Peter Rogoff, head of the Federal Transit Administration, presented a top honor to Metro and TriMet last week, pointing to the region as a leader in efficiency and inclusiveness. The light rail project received the 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award, which recognizes excellence in providing accessible, "truly useful" information to the public and decision-makers.

Comedy here!

Video log-October 21



I wish Trimet had night owl service, especially for the lack of taxis. : Portland
Do you have a completely selfish fantasy transit line wish / map? Here's mine. : Portland

Video log-October 20-PART 1(a)

Friday, October 21, 2011

The 1100s

What were the 1100s?

According to this online historical Tri-Met bus roster the 1100s were a group of GMC and Flxible New Look (a.k.a. "Fishbowl" buses) that were purchased second hand from a variety of sources including Denver and a Hawaiian transit agency.  Tri-Met purchased the buses between 1975 and 1980 so they actually pre-date the 700s (artics) which were purchased in 1981.  However the artics had more than their fair share of problems when introduced (including the infamous falling-off-the-wheelchair-lift incident resulting in the disabling of the center-door mounted wheelchair lifts, and the cracked frames).

Many of the buses were originally numbered in lower series, such as in the 200s, 400s, 500s, and 900s.  In 1981, these buses were renumbered into the 1100 series to make way for the GMC RTS fleet that would occupy the 900 series.  The RTSes and Crown-Ikarus flxibles would be the first buses delivered in the red, orange and brown stripe scheme and not the orange scheme Tri-Met used since its inception, and would exist well into the 1980s on older vehicles.

Tri-Met also had a trio of GMC buses in the 1200-1202 series.  From 1988 through 1989 Tri-Met would backfill the now empty 500 and 600 series with the first order of Flxible Metros.  In 1990, Gillig made its first appearance in Portland with a fleet of Phantoms showing up in the 1400 series - a model and series that exists to this day as TriMet's oldest fleet vehicle.  For some reason the 1500 series was skipped over, and the 30 foot Phantoms took the 1600 series.  Tri-Met returned to Flxible for more Metros in the 1700 and 1800 series, plus an order of 10 30' buses in the 1900 series in the mid-1990s.

By the late 1990s when Westside MAX was opened, Tri-Met (soon to become just TriMet) would place in service its 2000 series New Flyer D40LFs (TriMet's first Flyers) and its 2100 series Gillig Phantoms...and then retire the last of the 300 and 400 series Flxible New Looks dating back as far as 1972, the 700 series Crown-Ikarus artics, and the 900 series RTSes.  Some of the 900 series vehicles were sold to SMART and Cherriots, and I am still kicking myself for not getting a picture of a former TriMet 900 series vehicle still in TriMet colors at the Barbur Transit Center running SMART's 2X route.  (The bus was later repainted, but the Tri-Met fleet number above the driver's window was not removed giving a hint to its heritage.  I have a picture of the bus in that paint somewhere, and I believe that bus was only recently retired when SMART purchased some used Phantoms, believed from C-Tran.)  Cherriots has also recently retired its once large RTS fleet and replaced it with a mixed fleet of Orion and Gillig low-floor buses.

The 300s, 400s, 500s, and 700s quickly disappeared - rarely one can be found purchased by a private party who intended to convert it into a RV; I've never seen a successful conversion of an ex-TriMet bus.  One bus, vehicle 434, was purchased by a "bus fan" and is the only known preserved former Tri-Met bus.

Back to the 1100s...most of them were of the following models:

GMC TDH-5303
GMC TDH-5301
Flxible F2D6V-401
Flxible F2D6V-401-1

The GMC naming convention is pretty easy:
T:  Transit (as opposed to S: for suburban/commuter)
D: Diesel (G: gas was also available)
H: Hydraulic Transmission (as opposed to M: for manual transmission)

53:  53 passenger seating configuration (a 40 foot bus)
01:  Series, these buses were manufactured between 1959-1962

Here's a picture of such a bus from Wikipedia.

Here's a picture of a Tri-Met TDH-4519, a 1963-1967 era 35 foot bus (vehicle 575, originally a Rose City Transit vehicle.)

Flxible's model numbers were obviously a little different.  For a model F2D6V-401:

F2:  102 inch wide body (all GMCs were 96 inches wide)
D:  Diesel (Propane was an option)
6V:  Detroit Diesel 6V71 engine with a T-Drive transmission
-40:  40 foot length
1:  Transit (Suburban buses had a '7')

The buses that had the additional "-1" had air conditioning.

Here's a video of a restored Seattle Transit System F2D6V which you can ride as part of Metro's Historical Vehicle fleet (and proudly owned by King County Metro!)

Carrying this around with me

Just in case I need to use it at a moments notice!

Drivers that understand what safety means-WITHOUT THE STUPID RECERTIFICATION CLASS

March to Vancouver for Jobs

STEVE FUNG'S Oregon State Marching Band at Pioneer Square

Who knows what's going on around here with our LUMBERING BUREAUCRACY

A week ago I sent out a note about some organizational realignments that I have put in place. Those changes are intended to better align the agency to focus on the very challenging work we have ahead of us. I know that change is hard and I want to thank you for your patience and support over the past few months. Now that the organizational changes have been made, some people will be physically moving to be closer to their new work groups. Throughout this process we attempted to communicate and involve you in conversations about these changes. However, there may have been some cases where we might not have been able to communicate as quickly as we wanted. I hope you understand that this was not intentional. Although the bulk of the organizational changes have been made, continuous improvement means we will be tweaking as needed. We have rough seas ahead of us with our many budget uncertainties. I will definitely keep you abreast of what all of this means as we begin to navigate these troubled waters. Communication, although not an exact science, is key to keeping us all afloat. I would ask that you focus on the destination and stay positive on the journey. We’re all in this together and I need everyone rowing in the same direction! Best to you all! Neil

WELCOME TO THE BUREAUCRACY RANDY (keep on hiring new execs Neil, we are rolling in $$$)

I am pleased to welcome Randy Stedman to the TriMet family. Randy has been selected as TriMet’s new Executive Director of Labor Relations and Human Resources. Randy has over 30 years of human resources and labor relations experience and has spent the last nine years at Workplace Practices Group where he was the Founding Principal.
With nearly 85% of our workforce represented and with my desire to strengthen our relationship with the Amalgamated Transit Union, it’s more important than ever to have someone with Randy’s skills at the agency. His experience in building healthy relationships with labor unions and his strong background in human resources will make him a great addition to our current skilled HR team. His expertise in maintaining a highly-qualified and energized workforce will be invaluable to our agency as we work through these challenges together.
Randy’s primary responsibilities will be overseeing our labor relations and managing the Human Resources and Workforce Development departments. All will be located on the second floor here at Center Street. Randy’s first day at TriMet is November 14, 2011.
I know that you will join me in welcoming Randy to his new role here at TriMet.
Neil (Mcfarlane)

Workplace Practices Group - Randy Stedman - W-P-G Founding Principal
Workplace Practices Group - About Us
Facebook Page

Video log-October 20-part 2


TriMet: Board of Directors Meetings

Is TriMet Getting Some Hybrid Lift Vehicles?

Portland Transport Here!


Mass Murder of Wild Animals in Ohio. Horrific.

How dare you say no to federal funds?

LaHood chides Fla. Gov. Rick Scott again for rejecting rail money - The Hill's Transportation Report

He's leaving home bye bye » Blog Archive » TriMet's bike access planner Colin Maher to leave at end of month

Trimet customer service "sucks"

Last week, my commute home was interrupted. I was frustrated when my train was behind schedule, and then taken out of service.
Not in Service Yellow Line trainMy reaction was similar to the reaction of those around me. “We are all late because your trains are running behind schedule, and your response is to kick us off the train and tell us to wait for the next one? Seriously, TriMet?”
The next day, it happened again. This time we were told there were too many trains. However, our train was nearly shoulder to shoulder. Saying there were too many trains, to those of us on the train, didn’t ring true. And it underlined that TriMet didn’t care about us, a train full of riders.

calling a general meeting of TriMet riders


Rembering the 1100 series buses
Steve scopes out the restaurant guide
Why would they turn off public access to drinking water?
Video log-October 20-

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Keiser Report

Keiser Report: Live and Let Fail (E199)

Americans want to DRIVE to work

Despite considerable investments in transit systems, there was only a marginal increase in usage (less than half of one percentage point). Even this was considered a triumph, because it ended an actual decline in transit use. Still, fewer than one in 20 workers uses public transportation to get to work. Cycling, for all the noise and debate about bike lanes, inched from 0.4% of workers to 0.5%. Another 40 years or so and it might make it to one in a hundred!
Between 2000 and 2010, Metros (subways and elevated) accounted for 48% of the increase in transit commuting, while buses and a trolley buses accounted for 43%. Light rail (trolleys and streetcars) accounted for less than 2% of the additional transit commuting, despite the fact that light rail has been the dominant form of rail transit expansion.
Get that? People take subways. They don’t take streetcars. No matter how effective streetcars may be in Copenhagen. And they’d rather stay home and work than take either.

More people than ever drive solo to work despite a decade of green lectures | Full Comment | National Post

Good article about traffic congestion

Why congestion pricing will always be unpopular | Reuters

How Congress shapes your commute

Even our daily sojourns to the office are affected by the twists and turns in the U.S. tax code. If you drive to work, your employer can cover up to $230 per month in parking costs tax-free. And in recent years, if you take mass transit, your employer has also been able to reimburse you, tax-free, for up to $230. This latter program was part of the 2009 stimulus bill, and one Businessweek survey found that, when companies do offer it, many workers really do shift to public transportation. 


I am reviewing the latest RSA (request for safety)which was updated 10/13/11.

According to the report, there has been no request for safety assessment since May 2011?

That's rather odd, unless you have been working here for awhile.
Many of us have found out that unless your request is about some sort of mechanical issue, (sign is broken, light is broken etc)then nothing will be changed.

So we gave up, just like we did with the yellow cards.
We get tired of putting our effort, on our time, into a process that goes nowhere

Some management crony, who most likely knows nothing about the route or about driving a bus, is paid to review these and then comes up with an elaborate explanation as to why they won't do anything about the structural issue.

For example: fans for buses without air conditioning, or road reliefs that require you to jump in the seat and then make the necessary adjustments to mirrors, seats, etc as you drive down the road.

Another fake "process" that changes nothing created by our top managers who are addicted to bureaucratic answers to real world problems.

Motorcylist gets creamed by car-slowed down version

Video log-October 19-part 3


Almost all the operators have gone through the RE-CERTIFICATION CLASS

So has it done anything, well, lets take a look at this next chart provided by TRIMET:

Let's take a closer look:


More interesting data

The chart below is called "efficiency" or "cost per ride". (not including the cost of installation of course)

But the interesting thing about this chart is this:

Remember the red line is the light rail, costs per ride on light rail are increasing while cost per ride on bus is DECREASING, and buses cost ZERO in terms of additional capital investment!

Video log-October 19-part 2


Do my eyes deceive me?

We better look a little closer at this chart, remember the BLUE LINE is bus ridership:

YUP! Bus ridership is UP, light rail ridership is DOWN, funny how they didn't see that on the monthly report?

Steve Fung's movie of the week


A trip from downtown Vancouver to downtown Portland would take more than twice as long on a light rail train as it would on existing bus service, a recent analysis of Columbia River Crossing plans found.

Analysis puts light rail, bus times side by side | The Columbian

Gaddafi Killed; Mauled by Tiger in Ohio

ZANESVILLE (The Borowitz Report) – A grim chapter in the history of Libya came to a close today when fugitive dictator Muammar Gaddafi was mauled to death by an escaped tiger in Zanesville, Ohio.

At the Central Intelligence Agency, a spokesman stopped short of speculating how the Libyan strongman somehow made his way to the remote Ohio town, saying only, “We didn’t plan on Gaddafi being taken out this way, but a win’s a win.”

The tiger, a longtime Zanesville resident, is being flown to the White House where she will receive the Presidential Medal of Honor.

In a brief statement, President Barack Obama said, “Under my watch, we’ve killed both Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi. That really should be enough to reelect me, especially if I’m running against a pizza man.”

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) offered this comment on Gaddafi’s death: “Muammar Gaddafi will no longer live to terrorize Asia.” Read More Here

Why are they protesting?

Mars shows me how to manually retract the wheelchair lift

Video log-October 19-1

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mother of All Strikes: Greece grinds to halt for 48 hours
Athens Clashes LIVE: RT at Greece massive protest showdown
Violence erupts as strike paralyses Greece
Greek Battlefield: Video of...

Transit of the future a reality in London

London Heathrow Gets Driverless Pod Cars to Transport Passengers Around Terminals

28,000,000,000 riders

CTV Toronto - Toronto Transit Commission: 28 billion served - CTV News

While American policy is tax breaks for corporations and cuts to mass transit

Brazil President Announces US$ 17 Billion Investment in Subway, Bus and Light Rail

Church of light rail

Buses should be top priority, not trolleys - Editorial -


Click here for pdf file

Lost and found

Operator reported an lost and found item, a back pack. They looked inside the pack after calling dispatch and found a GUN! The person who lost it is in route to reclaim it, they might be surprised when the police are there waiting. (It was a pellet gun)


Is a value to me.

This is Boring's time to speak

Video log-October 18

Part 2
Part 3


Overhead Bin - Southwest plane diverted due to screaming passenger




CrimeStoppers Case 11-37 - YouTube

Press Releases

Is getting out of the seat against the rules?


Government departments, businesses, offices and stores are all expected to be shut, with small business owners and shopkeepers taking part in strike action for the first time.
Air traffic controllers are staging a 12-hour walk-out, with some 150 domestic and international flights cancelled. Trains, buses, taxis and lorries will not be operating.
A strike over recent days by rubbish collectors has left uncollected waste piling in the streets.
"We are going to send a loud message to the government and the political system," said Costas Tsikrikas, the head of the public workers' union Adedy.

BBC News - Greece general strike begins over spending cuts

Video Log

Video Log-October 18/1

Motorcylist gets creamed at Sylvan exit

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keiser Report


C-Tran tax hike backers cautiously optimistic | The Columbian


Man hit, killed by TRAX train in Murray | The Salt Lake Tribune

Transit executives living big while public endures cuts

Charge it! Former Metra CEO lived it up on company dime -

Fed's talk alot, but do they actually deliver anything the public can use?

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $928.5 Million To Put Americans Back to Work Repairing, Rebuilding, Modernizing the Nation’s Transit Infrastructure | Journal of Commerce

Here she is again

Maybe this time they won't move the movie on me!

BridgeView, Episode 3: In-Water Work and Cofferdams

ATU dispatch

ATU Out in Force for Occupy Movement
From Santa Rosa, CA to Washington, DC, from New York City to Vancouver, BC, ATU members have been out in force across North America as the Occupy movement picks up more steam and has now gone global.
In Pensacola, FL ATU Local 1395 participated in an Occupy rally and gathered 1,000 signatures for a petition to support bus drivers in their contract dispute with Veolia. In Atlanta, GA, Local 1700 and Local 732 joined with other labor unions to persuade Atlanta Mayor Reed to back down on his eviction notice for the Occupy Atlanta movement.

Bus transport around the world

Bus roof torn off: Miracle escape of passengers as single-decker hits two cars, a lorry and a shop | Mail Online
Sata mourns 18 crash victims
Police hunt as bus is hit by brick
Chaos averted as IRC orders Sydney bus drivers to lift bans

Forget it, its nice out-report from the field

everybody marking off sik..canceled six runs already!....15 people marked off since 6 am1...funny how that works wen its nice-txt msg

Fall Color at Rock Creek

Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5

Safety a value or advertising gimmick?

TriMet to increase patrols after stabbing on MAX

Video log-October 17


Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you affected?

My favorite part of the Boring meeting notice is the:

Description of the affected area

If you're unsure if you'll be affected by Boring pulling out, just read this simple sentence.

The Low Information Voter

Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment
and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident.
The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people
in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups.


Barry Tillson and Greg McGrew are retiring....


BBC News - Probe in to how bus hit shop in Swansea street