Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recession? Not for these people!

Subways crash into each other in China

Wanna be a union activist?

Trimet under review-by Neil Macfarlane

Every three years, the Federal Transit Administration conducts a review -- making sure we are following the rules, regulations and guidance that we agree to when we accept federal funding. The review looks at a wide variety of TriMet business functions, from preventative maintenance, to procurement. The reviewers include staff from FTA region 10, as well as a team of contractors hired to do this special work. A great deal of the work is done prior to the actual review visit -- and we have some champions in the Finance Division, and helpers throughout the agency who did an A+ job on the pre-work. I mention this because it lets me share my philosophy about this -- my hope is that we are 'A' students when it comes to following these rules and regulations. We ask a lot of our federal partners, and we receive a lot in federal funds. Paying close attention to the regulations shows our respect for that, but it also builds trust with the federal government, so that they KNOW an investment in TriMet programs will be well spent. Now, I know the regs are complex, and sometimes honest misunderstandings occur, but still -- my expectation is 'A' student status overall -- and a reputation with FTA as the well-run, hardworking transit agency that we are. thanks and Best Regards Neil


OPAL Bus Riders Unite along with representatives from 30 endorsing organizations call on TriMet to adopt a 3 hour transfer and make transfers after 7pm good all night. OPAL volunteers have collected 6,000 petitions and conducted a 6 month grassroots campaign of research, community meetings and engagement with TriMet Board and Staff. Key leaders and allies will make a formal presentation to the TriMet Board on September 28th at 9:00 AM. 

Shock Doctrine at U.S. Postal Service: Is a Manufactured Crisis Behind Push Toward Privatization?

Holy shit!

China rail staff beat passenger to death: News24: World: News


RTA chief Joe Calabrese gets $20,000 bonus, pay hike for job well done, board says |


CAMDEN, NJ--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - PATCO and Cubic Transportation Systems, the transportation segment of Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB), have partnered to provide Philadelphia/New Jersey region commuters with the first transit-branded, contactless Visa® prepaid card in the world. The new PATCO Wave & Pay ANYWHERE Visa® Prepaid Card began a 12-month pilot program on September 26. This marks the first time that consumers will be able to use the same transit payment card for both transit and retail purchases. 

Cubic Partners With PATCO to Offer Riders the World's First Transit Agency-Branded Contactless Visa(R) Prepaid Card for Transit and Retail

MBTA may increase cost for program catering to elderly, disabled

This was on the Trimet agenda also, coming back up in January for further discussion.

High Transit official falls asleep during public testimony!

Joe Rose looks into the census data and transit use for Portland

Census data: Portland region still car-dependent, despite bike and public transit commuting


The sudden appearance of yet another "dumb bus driver" story on the mainstream media has many of us wondering about the motives behind it.

As one of my colleagues pointed out, there has been none of this type of story appearing in the media for some time now. Remember the last flurry of these "dumb bus driver" media events occurred during the contract negotiations.

The stories stopped appearing after the implementation of the Macfarlanes health care plan and the upcoming arbitration.

After TRIMET management loses it's unfair labor practice and loses the #1 rating there just happens to appear yet another story on the mainstream media about a dumb bus driver.

You don't have to be a logistics professor to notice the connection here. Especially since a bus driver on a cell phone is NOT NEWS, its just another dumb bus driver on the road, who cares?

It's becoming very clear that these stories are coming from TRIMET management themselves, will full cooperation of the corporate media, either to humiliate the drivers or distract the public from management misdeeds.

Remember Marshall McLuhan "The medium is the message".

A dumb bus driver is not news. A dumb bus driver getting into a serious accident is news. There is no news here.

Green washing

Construction begins on new mixed-use development in Hillsboro's Orenco Station |

Fire on NW Everett St

VIDEO LOG-September 26

Another dumb Trimet bus driver makes the mainstream media

The corruption of Portland transit: How did things go so wrong?

As a young environmental activist growing up in north Jersey in the 1960s, I took transit buses all over – into Newark, Elizabeth, and New York City. Later as a college student in Pittsburgh, I took Greyhound across the state many times to get home.

Trimet board to consider 3 hour transfer

26 September 2011
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