Friday, September 30, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

New 3D imagery from Google Earth of the Gresham Transit Center.

What's new in Gresham?

Facebook post:This was all done by Service Planning and Scheduling without consulting an operator or a Field Ops. supervisor (you know, those of us who are in the field every Goddamn day.) And no, the line 4 stop won't move to the regulatory stop sign unless SP&S will pay all the citations issued to operators by Gresham PD for parking too close to it.

Piling more shit on Operators-SOPB808

0 Purpose:
This procedure outlines how to park the bus and the requirements for doing so at layovers.
2.0 Procedures:
1. Make layovers only in authorized locations.
2. If your layover is at a bus stop, your doors must remain open to allow customer to board the bus. The only exceptions to the open door policy are as follows:

TriMet driver injured when car slams into bus

A TriMet driver was taken to a hospital after a car slammed into the front of the bus in southeast Portland.
TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch said there were no passengers on board the bus when the crash occurred near Southeast 95th Avenue and Division Street on Friday afternoon.
The bus driver suffered minor injuries.
The driver of the car wasn't injured. Fetsch said it appears that driver may have run a red light before the crash.
Portland Police are investigating. 

Incident on the MAX-veiwed from a distance

Be careful where u lock your bike!
Confusion at Gresham TC: Bus stops are changing Sunday but signs already changed
Car ran red light into driver's corner of bus; operator not bad but being transported

Steve Fung deals with illegal dumping

Watch the video here!

The Vanguard hits the streets with a camera

Torturing automobile users the norm around here

And taking TriMet, many commuters say, isn't viable. After repeated cuts, local residents say bus service on downtown-bound lines is sporadic at best. 
Multnomah Boulevard project continues to plague Southwest Portland commuters -- and there's more to come |

Steve Fung goes fishing

Video log-July 29-part 2

NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street

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VIDEO LOG-September 29


Transit poll: Should TriMet extend transfer times to 3 hours?


A step backward for TriMet

"It’s about fairness and equity,” Fetsch said. According to her, one inspector claims that, overall, people are “ecstatic” about the enforcement and that riders will be paying their fair share. She compares transit riders who “take a chance on beating the system or getting a ticket” to vehicle drivers who use street parking without paying the meters.

But typical parking tickets are $34 for overtime parking and $60 for exceeding two hours in a permitted area. Are transit freeloaders so much more heinous than parking “squatters” that they need to pay $175? 

PSU's Vanguard

The Trimet board discusses the Fare transfer proposal

Our favorite flagger on Jenkins road

Mars deals with TRIMET unsafe equipment