Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is safety really a value or nothing but hype

So this looks safe. | MAX FAQs

Dead by Transit bus

Bloomfield man killed in NJ Transit bus accident -

Transit changes ahead in King, Pierce counties

We The People... Occupy Wall Street - Day 14

Toppling trees for transit

I check out that double decker

Latest exclusion info

Located Here!

Bus shelters are a mess in Hillsboro.

Kaiser endorses longer TriMet transfers; AORTA says TriMet would come out ahead

And Howell made his group’s first public endorsement of OPAL‘s proposal, coolly brushing off TriMet’s careful projections that longer transfers would cost the agency upwards of $2 million annually.
The amount of money involved is just too small to predict precisely, Howell said after the meeting.
"They make it sound like a big deal," Howell said. "It isn’t. It’s pocket change in a billion-dollar operation."

L LIGHT RAIL ELECTRIFICATION Built-in-Place Substations Beauty

Trial Attorney comments on Trimet

We’re #1 … not

September 23rd, 2011
This is kind of a funny story. We often find fault with TriMet, our local transit authority, but apparently TriMet thinks very highly of itself. When a U.S. News & World Report article rated Portland as “the nation’s best city for public transportation,” TriMet interpreted that to mean the agency was the nation’s top transit agency and took the ball running. TriMet spent some $8,000 on signs for its buses and trains that proclaimed “#1 Transit.”
Unfortunately for TriMet, U.S. News & World Report changed its mind, or rather, a correction noted that the original article had been incorrect, and just like that Portland dropped from #1 for public transportation to #5.TriMet plans to take down all 168 signs.
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The trees in SW Portland


TriMet Tree Destruction

13 dead in SA

Pakistan bus crash kills 26 children, 2 teachers

Video log-September 30

The Good, the Bad, and First Student

First Student, Inc, announced the unilateral change that effective September 30, 2011, it was cancelling the current health plan, Health Net of Oregon and replacing it with coverage provided by Kaiser Permanente in Salem, Oregon effective October 1, 2011. The impact of this unlawful change is devastating to city transit workers. These workers, who are currently receiving services from Corvallis area physicians participating in the Health Net of Oregon plan, will lose their physicians and be forced to travel an hour one-way to Salem, Oregon to receive all services provided by Kaiser Permanente. Some of these workers and family members are currently receiving medical care for and are recovering from various forms of cancer and other major medical conditions. 

Ross deals with Trimet crappy equipment-the new sign up is posted!

One of the all time GREAT stations agents shows up at BTC -JANET NELSON