Sunday, October 2, 2011

And now for something completely different...politically incorrect...and not work safe


The Oregonian piles on the hype

Rider says TriMet bus driver bounced mom and crying baby |

What really happened with the baby incident

I reviewed the dispatch call on this incident.
It appears to me that this driver just had reached her limit and "broke" which is something that happens periodically around here. This is a very hard job and the public has no sympathy at all for what we really have to put up with.
The driver did wrong in the incident, she should have never removed the mother and baby from the bus but when you "break" well, bus drivers are people too.
The following is the transcription of the call between the bus driver and dispatcher. The actual recording will not be released by me or anybody that I know at this time:

Turkey shows up this week

More ignorant bus drivers making the rest of us look bad

Woman alleges driver kicked mother, baby off TriMet bus -

It should be noted that this driver was extremely distracted and probably was unable to operate the bus safely. Unfortunately, the proper thing would have been to call for a supervisor, not just kick the woman and baby off.

Torturing bus drivers and riders for no particular reason

We are all aware that Trimet runs limited bus service on Sunday, which means of course they have plenty of low floor buses not in use.
Why in the world do they insist on assigning high floor buses to busy routes such as the 57 when that complicates life for drivers and passengers who have problems getting up the stairs?
Is it indifference or stupidity of not knowing what's going on out here?
No matter what the reason, it illustrates the gross incompetence of Trimet management.


Are we on the cusp of major change?

Choose. But choose fast. The state and corporate forces are determined to crush this. They are not going to wait for you. They are terrified this will spread. They have their long phalanxes of police on motorcycles, their rows of white paddy wagons, their foot soldiers hunting for you on the streets with pepper spray and orange plastic nets. They have their metal barricades set up on every single street leading into the New York financial district, where the mandarins in Brooks Brothers suits use your money, money they stole from you, to gamble and speculate and gorge themselves while one in four children outside those barricades depend on food stamps to eat. Speculation in the 17th century was a crime. Speculators were hanged. Today they run the state and the financial markets.
The only word these corporations know is more. They are disemboweling every last social service program funded by the taxpayers, from education to Social Security, because they want that money themselves. Let the sick die. Let the poor go hungry. Let families be tossed in the street. Let the unemployed rot. Let children in the inner city or rural wastelands learn nothing and live in misery and fear. Let the students finish school with no jobs and no prospects of jobs. Let the prison system, the largest in the industrial world, expand to swallow up all potential dissenters. Let torture continue.

The Best Among Us

NBA the next to go on strike, nobody complaining about collective bargaining here

NBA lockout threatens to deliver big blow to businesses and workers |

Trimet bus just hit a central patrol vehical. Details not given, sergeant en route.

Twitter alert

Semper Fi: Marines Coming To Protect Protesters On Wall Street

The thousands of indefatigable protestors, who have been risking their eyes and recording equipment against Wall Street’s personal jack-booted thugs in the NYPD at the Occupation of Wall Street, recently garnered even more support– the US Marines. That’s the type of support that might make an NYPD cop think twice before he decides to go all Tiananmen Square on a group of teenage girls armed with chalk and cardboard signs.