Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last year, 975 TriMet employees operators and others with professional driving jobs - earned Safe Driver Awards.

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Trimet general manager talks about baby incident and announces spies will ride Trimet




Trimet's obsession with Bureaucracy continues

Image from latest board meeting

Supreme Court Decision Rejects Death Penalty for Mumia

The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from Philadelphia prosecutors of a lower court ruling that declared the death sentence of Pennsylvania prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal unconstitutional. Abu-Jamal is a former Black Panther and journalist. For decades, he has argued racism by the trial judge and prosecutors led to his 1982 conviction of killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. The ruling means Mumia will be automatically sentenced to life in prison unless prosecutors attempt to seek the death penalty in front of a new jury.

The stupidity of the TRIMET grievance procedure

I have now experienced my first grievance using the system that Trimet and the union have created.

It really is one the most meaningless experiences I have had since working here.

Completely controlled by middle management, which dominates the entire structure, what you have is each manager covering for the other manager.

Driver "Joe" shared his experience with the IRS grievance procedure. At each level the grievance is heard by a progressively higher management official.

Here at Trimet that would work like this:

The first grievance is held with the Station Manager, Robert Romo.

The second level would be heard by Robert Romo's supervisor, the director of transportation, Hayden Talbot.

The third level would be heard by Hayden's boss, which is the Executive Director Shelly Lomax.

Maybe the grievance process would have some meaning if we could work to higher levels of management instead of the endless meetings with middle management cronies.

Adding to the insulting nature of this "process" is the fact that every single person involved gets paid dealing with this, BUT THE ACCUSED ,  gets nothing, no compensation, for time or effort put into this task.

Thomas Jefferson

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

When it comes to cars and buses, who's subsidizing who?

And while drivers pay just 17% of the cost of local roads, according to the study, bus riders paid almost 29% of transit costs in 2010,

C-Tran board to consider hiring independent administrator

Surfing the subways in NYC


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A good example of how drivers are left to fend for themselves concerns the the #20 and the ongoing construction project at St Vincent's Hospital which has the driveways through the campus torn up.
Yesterday we nearly got stuck as there was no viable means for the bus to exit the campus.

Cutting through red tape to get a bridge built

Tappan Zee Bridge project focuses on replacing span, excludes mass transit | The Journal News | |

Where you sit on a bus can define your personality, according to a psychologist.

And I thought TRIMET fare stucture was confusing

Rail users confused by 44,376 combinations. 

Light rail fail

Video log October 11 part 2

Would TriMet please provide us with Bus Cleaners

I don't live in a dirty house and I should not be driving a dirty bus.

"breathless" over a trip planner

Driver was right

Joe Rose Covers the Dwight Botel Story

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