Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAX Green Line and WES continue double digit growth (sic)

THAT is the headline of course, even though together they represent the puniest amount of riders

TriMet: News Release - TriMet ridership up in September


Dwight Botel meets the board of directors

Drivers fighting with each other

Just got a report that there is a heated yelling match involving two drivers in the Beaverton Transit Center Break room!
I love it here!

Neil Macfarlane and Jana Toran discuss Boring withdrawel from Trimet

They didn't have much to say about it that's for sure:

"Grievance"- Kangaroo court is more like it

I had mistakenly posted that I got not written determination on my grievance denials.

Actually I had gotten one on the step 2 and fully expect another one on this little farce I just went through.

It occurs to me, Robert tells me that someone was too 'ashamed' to go on duty as a result of my dispatch recording and that is why I am going through this KANGAROO COURT PROCEEDING.

But ya know what?

I have never seen any sort of complaint about this, just the words of Robert that this occurred.

And my buddy Joe, who is also going through this farce, was written up on call stop violations, but he has never seen any report to back up this accusation.

Why do we have to take the word of the company that these things are happening?

I don't have a right to see the actual operator complaint against me which has resulted in the kangaroo court that I am now experiencing?

Where the hell do we work anyway?

Josef Stalin's Russia? Accusation by no name accusers? 

Trimet must be taking lessons from Homeland Security, we are a "threat" and must be punished, don't actually need any evidence, just take the companies word for it!


TRIMET BOARD from the underground of communications

Brought to you by two obscure bloggers who can get the job done which the BILLION DOLLAR GOVERNMENT agency can't seem to get done.

Safety update report-pdf

You getting adequate breaks?

TriMet and the ATU signed an agreement to ensure that Operators working straight runs that exceed 7½ hours get adequate breaks.

At least 70% of these straight runs must have a minimum of one 20-minute break and two 10-minute breaks.

Up to 15% of these straight runs may instead have a minimum of three 15-minute breaks.

Up to 15% of these straight runs may meet the agreement by having sufficient cumulative layover. (Runs up to 10 hours must have at least 60 minutes cumulative layover time and runs of 10 hours and longer must have at least 75 minutes cumulative layover time).

Neil Macfarlane

A real highlight of our Board Briefing this morning was an appearance by Operator Dwight Botel. You read about Dwight in today's paycheck flier - he and KC Rogers were inducted into the Million Miles of Safety club last May. KC wasn't able to be there this morning, but Dwight was, along with his managers from Powell.

The reason I asked Shelly Lomax to introduce Dwight to the Board - right after Harry Saporta's safety update - is that I wanted the Board to meet one of the employees who's a real-life example of safety. As I listened to Shelly and Dwight talk about what it takes to drive MORE THAN 30 YEARS without a preventable accident, I felt proud and grateful.
Our Board members were truly impressed with Dwight's accomplishments. Rick Van Beveren said, "I don't know how you do it," and when Steve Clark learned that Dwight's son, Blaine, is an operator too, he joked, "Can your son teach my son to drive?" Everybody laughed, but I think there's an important and serious point behind what Steve said. Last year, 975 TriMet employees - operators and others with professional driving jobs - earned Safe Driver Awards. These employees are truly role models for the rest of us.

Transit bus crashes

TTC bus driver charged in fatal crash - The Globe and Mail


REGION: Part-time transit security chief already drawing nearly $219K pension

Despite push for safety, many students still run to catch light rail

Trainees line training in plain clothes

According to a trainee Trimet is not providing uniforms until the trainees have completed the sixth week of training!
Too many quitting or not making the cut!

Video log October 12 part 2

City digs for money to keep streetcar on track

Trouble at Gresham Transit Center

A supervisor told me this week he had to intervene between 2 drivers who were about to enter into a fistfight over where the buses should be staged. I can also say I've had my share of passengers who boarded my bus thinking it was a 9.

Video log October 12 part 1

ATU 757 Vice Presidential candidate Bruce Peek