Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toxic runoff at BTC

It is appalling how much runoff there is at the BTC.It drains right into Beaverton Creek.I am sure that if DEQ were to monitor the situation,TriMet would be forced to replace or repair the dinosaurs,which are responsible for most of this pollution.

I wonder if any of this goes on around here?

Area pair charged in T scam - The Sun Chronicle Online - News

Here we go again

Planning for Inclement Weather
Wintery weather is in the forecast for November 18 and the coming weekend.
A service plan for November 18 has been developed and communicated to Bus and
Rail Maintenance, Field Operations, OCC, and facilities.

McFarlane addesses the First Transit issue

You may have heard about ATU’s request for TriMet to intervene in their dispute with First Transit, our paratransit contractors. ATU believes that a federal statute referred to as “13(c)” applies to the labor relationship between First Transit and their Multnomah County employees at TriMet’s ATP.

13(c) was enacted  to prevent federal funds from being used to destroy the collective bargaining rights of these organized transit workers, and applies where there has been an acquisition by a public transit agency of a private transit company or a worsening of protected employee rights and benefits directly connected with the federal grant.

In the case of First Transit, there has been neither an acquisition of a transit entity nor a worsening of employment conditions caused by the receipt of federal money.  Also, the Agreement expressly provides that it does not apply to paratransit programs.  

TriMet has contracts with a number of contractors, many of whom have a union workforce, including First Transit. TriMet does not engage in the negotiations of the various individual businesses as they negotiate their contracts (nor are we typically asked to).  Each contractor is responsible for their own negotiations and outcomes.  While we expect our contractors to follow the law, there is a basic disagreement about whether the law requires arbitration in this instance.  That is an issue that is, perhaps, better resolved in another forum.   

My hope and my advice to each party, ATU and First Transit, is to sit down and negotiate a settlement, don’t put our customers at risk.

One of the advantages of fixed rail

Due to police activity related to Occupy Portland protests, Green and Yellow Line trains are disrupted. Riders should expect delays.

Joe Rose on the new buses

TriMet plans to add 55 new state-of-art buses to Portland area fleet in 2012 |

Cameron Johnson

That One Portland Transit Activist Kid: Activist Kid's Unauthorized Guide to the Bus Series of TriMet Part 1- Defunct Series and 1400s/1600s

Trimet gets grant for Hybrid, Biodiesel Buses

Feds Grant Millions For Hybrid, Biodiesel Buses · OPB News


Not me!


TriMet union boss found guilty of drunken driving despite defense that he was just tired when Gresham Police found him asleep at the wheel |

Southern Calif. transit rolls out hydrogen-powered bus

Story Here!

Wilsonville transit director to be full-time position


Transit union wants 'witch-hunt' against drivers to stop | CTV Ottawa | CTV News

Weather Proof Windshield Seal on my Dinosaur

I had to stuff paper towels around the weather stripping in order to keep the rain water from entering the inside glass this morning.

Double Standards?

Am I the only one wondering why when a bus Operator is involved, the name is public.

But what is the name and past record of the MAX operator that caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage and potentially put all sorts of people in danger by failing to stop his train properly, running into a track bumper and shaking a substation building 20 feet away when his train came to a stop by a concrete walkway?

We all know who Sandi Day is.

We all know who Claudeen Hendren is.

But who is the mystery MAX operator?

Why isn't HIS photo on the front page of The Oregonian; why isn't Mary Fetsch talking about HIS personnel records; why was he not put IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT DELAY on administrative leave; what are his drug test results (he was drug tested immediately, wasn't he?  S.O.P. for a major mechanical incident...all CDL license holders are drug tested after an accident regardless of cause).  Why isn't his name in big bold letters?

How many days elapsed until TriMet released the names of the MAX operators in the "child left behind" incidents...  How many minutes elapsed until TriMet releases the name of a bus operator?

And more importantly...why is there ANY difference between bus and MAX? 

It's no wonder there is a bus versus MAX culture in Portland.  And it all starts with one man:

Neil McFarlane.

General Manager of TriMet (excuse me, General Manager of MAX, and has to put up with a bunch of buses.)

58 rider captures the 58 re-route-canyon road is closed!

Tribune editorial

Our Opinion • TriMet shouldn't leave public trust behind

A management without ethics breeds a staff without ethics

While the press is busily looking at our rogue operators they should be looking at our unethical management.
This is a management that "imposes" it's will without regard to law. 
A management that perverts the ADA regulations so it can spy on its employees without cause.
A management that allows anonymous complaints used against its employees as valid.
A management that perverts the grievance process in order implement it's will knowing full well that it will cause problems for the union members.
Basically we have a company that acts very much like the accused in the latest news about a Trimet operator. 
So is it any wonder that it has produced a number of operators who also have questionable ethics?

Time for the press to start looking at the management with the same microscope it looks at the drivers.

It also needs to be said in defense of Claudine that the MASTER himself, Mr McFarlane, had very publicly announced the ZERO TOLERANCE policy of fare evaders on the system and I can tell you that many operators took his statement literally, and from that point on they started cracking down hard on fare evaders.

I believe Claudine strictly enforced the fares and many of her problems stemmed from that.

Being a bus driver is hard work, you work around all sorts of people not all of them are particularly nice. In order to survive at this profession, especially as a woman, you need to be tough.
Claudine is tough as nails, obviously a little too tough, but that is how she adapted to surviving the wild world of being a bus operator out here.

I suggest the public might want to observe the police sometime, you will see the exact same type of behavior in many officers, but it seems its acceptable for police officers to act rudely and disrespectfully, but bus operators are held to higher standards than even the police.

As is always the case, double standards everywhere we look.

Does TRIMET actively engage in sexual discrimination?

Now that I have seen Claudine's case history, it brings up an issue that I myself have raised to our HR department:


My theory is yes indeed, TRIMET is much more lenient with the female operators regarding disciplinary process than they are with the male operators. I bet ya if it had been a male operator with  a record such as hers he would have been out of here long ago.

Can I prove it, no, not without examining the files closely, but as an observer for years now, I'm pretty sure that sex discrimination does exist here when it comes to discipline.


Claudine makes the news

TriMet driver who told woman to silence her baby on Hillsboro route has history of problems with riders |

 Bus driver still rolling despite complaints

 Hey, Tri-Met -- pull the plug on this driver, now! (Jack Bog's Blog)

(Time to retire Claudine?)

Metro and ODOT are recruiting transit users

Metro and ODOT are currently recruiting transit users to participate in a Portland area household travel survey. They are offering a monetary incentive for each qualifying household that completes the entire survey.
To find out if you qualify to participate in the entire survey, complete the short web survey at:
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact William McDonald at:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TriMet Gillig Low Floor Bus with BRT Appearance Package

New Buses?

Great news for bus riders! We’re adding 55 new buses to the fleet next year.
As riders can attest, many of our buses are overdue for replacement. (About 150 buses in our fleet are more than 18 years old.) They’re noisy and bumpy, and some don’t even have air conditioning. Not only are these older buses uncomfortable for riders and operators, they are becoming too unreliable and expensive for us to maintain.
That’s why, using grant funding and debt service, we’re replacing 55 of our oldest buses in 2012. We’re also planning for future bus purchases, starting with a “State of Good Repair” grant from the Federal Transit Administration that will fund an additional 14 buses in 2013.
The new buses are currently being designed at the Gillig factory in Hayward, California.
In addition to air conditioning, automatic stop announcements and low floors for easy boarding, they’ll feature:
  • vinyl seats that are easier to clean
  • LED lights on the mirrors that alert pedestrians and motorists of intent to turn
  • an innovative electronic cooling system based on auto-racing technology
  • a longer, more gradual boarding ramp capable of carrying heavier loads
  • a streamlined front end
Four of the buses will be next-generation hybrid-electric vehicles, which we will test for performance, maintenance needs and fuel efficiency.
The electronic cooling system, dubbed “mini-hybrid” technology, is already in use on more than 100 of our buses and has been shown to improve fuel economy by more than 5 percent. It uses an electrified subsystem to operate at an optimal temperature range, as opposed to a standard hydraulic or mechanical fan system.
Our goal is to reduce the average age of our bus fleet from 13 1/2 years to 8 by 2020, and to replace all remaining high-floor buses (those with steps at the door) with low-floor vehicles by 2013.
A prototype bus is expected to arrive in Portland next spring, and the rest will begin shipping from the factory in the fall. Stay tuned for more details!
Of course...why is TriMet "testing" next-generation hybrids?  Is it that difficult for TriMet's crack team of product testers to take one of TriMet's many buses from Center Street over to the Transit Mall, get off the TriMet bus, walk a block or two to a C-Tran stop and board one of the many C-Tran hybrid buses?

The TriMet bus appears to be the identical model of bus as the C-Tran Hybrid bus (but minus the hybrid system, of course)...and also identical to Cherriots' newest buses (however Cherriots opted to not buy the buses with the "BRT Appearance Package" and have a more standardized front cap.)  Of course TriMet's crack test team could jump a WES train to Wilsonville and check out Cherriots' bus.

A well-maintained, customer-friendly bus fleet

This was the window I found myself next to on fleet 1756 running the 94 this afternoon.  Picture taken at Barbur TC.

Long Island blogger pal PINE POWER under attack by you tube

Some blasts from the past-republished movies with some ex-trimet stars

 Mild civil disobedience at TRIMET board meeting - YouTube
What was I ranting about 2 1/2 years ago?

Penn State's Jerry Sandusky out on bail of $100,000k

Here is a guy that molested who knows (DOZENS)  how many young boys and his bail is $100k.
I seem to remember another story, local, where the person was charged with fondling a minor, what was his bail? $500k?
Is there justice in the land of the free?


There was some talk about some drivers getting together and picketing the union office in protest of Jon Hunt's latest actions, just a rumor.

Presidential Timber Kindling. Sawdust. Charcoal.

Someone named Romney was speaking. I checked the Wicked Pedia to see what manner of creature he might be. No surprises. Pampered rich kid, apparently not too bright, mediocre student in fancy private schools. A Mormon. Only one wife, though. A former missionary in France. It might have been worse. We could have bombed St. Denis.
I thought of all the Mormon missionaries I had seen in various countries, black-suited in Taiwan in August, peddling around like bicycle-borne undertakers, earnest, solemn, living in some eerie head-bubble inaccessible to outsiders. Oh help. 
I'm going to slit my throat. Do ants have throats? A country of 315 million, nuclear-armed, able to wreck other countries it has never heard of in minutes, and the candidates sound as if they were addressing a warehouse of stuffed animals. This is the best we can do?


Chinese school bus accident kills at least 20
Double-decker bus tour guides may get pink slips as Gray Line Sightseeing ...
Report: Dave Bing to propose privatizing Detroit's buses and lights; will it ...
Pace Bus Crashes into Building, Hospitalizing 24 Passengers
Passenger saves bus as driver collapses
Thugs hit bus passenger with brick
Muni seeks to cut down on ‘bunches and gaps’ on transit lines | Will Reisman | Under the Dome | San Francisco Examiner
“Smart” card for SF parking, taxis and maybe Muni in the works | City Insider | an blog
Transit workers' union honcho: ‘We won’t be bullied’ in labor talks - NY Daily News

Complete roundup of international bus news is atNATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL BUS NEWS REPORTS

Bus union to fight firing of swearing driver

Queale defended the driver, an OC Transpo employee for the past 25 years — saying he had been spat on two days before the tirade. Queale also said the man lost both his mother and wife to cancer within the past year.


Bus driver has had enough-walks off job leaves passengers stranded

The press and public DO NOT understand the pressures of being in a job like this!

Riding the 20

Not much ballyhoo over this pedestrian death-unlike Trimet's Sandi Day

Sober drivers rarely prosecuted in fatal pedestrian crashes in Oregon |

Felon on TriMet Bus: Passed Out w/Gun in Waistband

Tuesday VLOG-part 2




Henry B

Mr. Hunt
In our last communication (about 2 months ago), this was your last comments, “our citation to particulates and equipment below indicate that you are asserting that operators are being exposed to pollution, in addition to be forced to drive dirty buses.


Henry B

Mr. Hunt and everyone else.
 “We” need a change now; Trimet has hit a new low, “falsifying” video.  “We” need to change how data packs are gathered, and receive a copy of any video used against “us”.  There needs to be a paper trail when the data pack is requested for use against an operator, there needs to be no gap in time, from point a to point b.  This doesn’t allow time for tampering.  Some of our shop stewards know about this, please let the rest know.  Operator’s make sure you request a copy of the video at the time of a meeting, again, so there is no gapes in time, for tampering.  We also need to change a policy that says, “Once a case is closed that there can be no reopening for the purpose of disciplinary action”.  “We” need to get these things changed so that “every” brother and sister is protected against this type of situation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neil is always trying to cheer us up isn't he?

Chin Up! Over the past several weeks – it seems like TriMet can’t stay out of the news. The press has said some things about TriMet that hasn’t shown the most positive light on our agency. Have we done some things wrong – yes we have. And we’re going to learn from what’s happened and take this “opportunity” to make some improvements. Together – we’re going to be better and stronger -- as long as we focus on our customers and doing a great job everyday. If you’re like me – I care deeply about this agency so anything said negatively about us can really get me down. We need to continue to support one another and soldier through -- fix what needs fixing -- and continue to do a great job focusing on our customers. We all work for an amazing transit agency – all 2,400 of us working hard to keep this region on the move. We’re going to hit some pot holes in the road from time to time – but I ask you to keep your chin up and deliver the best possible service to the thousands of riders who depend on us. Neil

I wanted to do a short posting with my sincere thanks to our operations staff on duty this past weekend. As you may have seen and heard, they endured a number of re-routes and service changes as we interacted with the Occupy Portland movement. This created great challenges in communicating with our operators and supervisors in the field, and particularly communicating with our customers. I appreciate that SAFETY was always the prime consideration in initiating service changes -- and we were able to maintain safety in an environment which was at times a bit 'chaotic.' Once again, my thanks to all -- in operations and customer and media communication -- who did extra duty. Best Wishes Neil
 (How about signing a decent contract for us rather than platitudes)

Tri-Met admits: We're all about the condos now


The thing just oozes with misleading discussion and outright deceit. It's page after page of the official party line about one abusive "urban renewal" or "transit-oriented development" project after another. Apartments, apartments, apartments. Plastic and particle board where there once were real neighborhoods. What they're doing to Portland is pretty depressing. But they positively brag about it.

More from Portland's top blogger Jack Bogdanski:

What's Going On with Streetcar Fares?

Portland Transport

Henry Beasley sends complaint to Jon Hunt

Mr. Hunt.
Just to respond to your e-mail, I am confused.  This issue has gone on for most of the year, and now you are saying that "we" need an operator based grievance?  I've been telling you this for a long time and giving you feedback that "we" deal with.  Now you are making a proposal to OSHA?  This should have been done a long time ago!  I and others have stepped up and told you what "we" need and you ignored "US". 

Artists working at TRIMET


Jeff has decided to continue being the Merlo executive board representative after discussions with his family and consideration of the demands of being a Vice President at the ATU.
This is good news for those of us who work at MERLO  because he would have been impossible to replace.


Details are sketchy but it appears that our union treasurer has stopped our president from spending a substantial amount of money so he could go on a trip to Romania.

Top bus news

Bus-driver shields spreading, but not in Phila. | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/15/2011
Pedestrian killed by S.F. Muni bus identified
Bicyclist dies after collision with OCTA bus | bicyclist, alicia, bus - News - The Orange County Register
Bus hit by water bombs
 Transit Riders as Taxpayers - Transportation Experts
CITY INSIDER / Muni quickly scraps 25-cent transfer fee
OC Transpo fires Ottawa bus driver caught yelling at passenger
Passenger van crashes head-on into bus in southern Pakistan, killing 23

The right of citizens to videotape police


Monday, November 14, 2011

This could never happen in Portland...right?

On November 1, 1893, a Portland streetcar named Inez ran through the open draw span on the Madison Street Bridge, plunging 43 feet into the Willamette River killing seven in what is described as the worst streetcar accident in Portland history.

Today, such an accident is still possible on the Steel Bridge.  (It'll be a little difficult on the Broadway Bridge as a runaway Streetcar would simply run into the lifted deck.)

Photo courtesy

On May 9, 1920, two Red Electric trains collided in a spectacular head-on collision near what is now S.W. 13th Avenue and Bertha Boulevard.  Eight people were killed, and 102 were injured.  The cause was human error; an Operator ran past his train order limits and proceeded into a single-track section when he was supposed to wait for the opposing train at Bertha siding.  Automatic Block Signals were added shortly after.

At least TriMet didn't try to cover THIS up...

Just think if WES overruns the bumper at the east end of the Beaverton TC spurline...environmental disaster as fuel is spilled into Beaverton Creek...

(Of course it's OK when MAX construction permanently alters the course of the creek...)

Or if a MAX train overruns the end of the track at PDX and causes a security breach (as the train would expose a hole into the sterile area of the A and B Concourses).

Inside Occupy Portland-feature movie

Union meeting synopsis

I attended the union meeting for the express purpose of asking President Hunt why he thinks he is not subject to The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.

Portland Transport

TriMet considers Bus Rapid Transit


Heading on down to the union meeting

Editorial: Why hush-hush?

It is customary among public agencies to clam up when something goes wrong. The opposite approach  — “Here’s what happened and here’s everything we know so far”— would be far better than secrecy in building up confidence in what our public agencies do. (hh)


Boreal Explorer
Major accident SE 11th/Washington, Trimet bus vs other vehicles, 11th southbound south of SE Stark will be blocked a while

Members approve my request for arbitration

Apparently my request to arbitrate the dispute with the company about my listening and posting over the air wave dispatch communications on my own time has been approved by the members, at least so far.

It seemed like a no brainier to me.

Why would any union member vote against curbing the reach of your employer to include your house and your off time?

However, I was informed that I was admonished because my "activities" are not "helping" the so called "union cause". (whatever that is supposed to be)

I'm not sure what these union officials are getting at but why in the world would I hold my union to a lesser standard than I would hold my employer?

I wouldn't actually, I would hold them both to the highest standards of ethical behavior possible.

Both my employer and my union are the recipient of tax payer funds, they both have a responsibility to the public as well as the members.

Sorry but my union does not get a free pass on ethics just because they are my union.

I am pro union, just anti union corruption.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jonathan Hunt Breaks the Law!

President Hunt's Bold Action


 Protesters clear streets, gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square
Thousands of Portlanders Protect Occupy Portland
 Occupy Portland : Tensions rise between Portland Police and crowd
 Police attempt to remove Occupy Portland protesters
 Occupy Portland - Police clash with protesters
 Occupy Portland Protesters Set-Up Tent Right In Front Of Police Line
 Riot Police Supress Occupy Portland Protestors With Brutal Force

Attend tomorrows union meeting at union hall 10:00 AM

I'll be at the meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am and I expect Mr Hunt to fully explain his actions. 
He has made the claim that Chris Day recorded last months meeting and damaged negotiations.
I want to see evidence of both of the above!
Or is Jon like Neil, he can just make up shit and get away with it because nobody can do anything about it?

Jonathan Hunt Breaks the Law


Mexico makes the top ten this week

Stop the lies and the coverups

Crowd vs police at last nights Occupy Portland event

Jeff Ackerson addresses the TRIMET board of directors on operators right to fair discipline

File:TriMet logo.svg

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Makes This Place Great

TriMet advertising fail

I swear the Warner Pacific girl and the TriMet girl are the same person...

The State of TriMet

KATU soundbite of me during the news broadcast-thanks Erik Halstead for getting this clip

The Vanguard

Trimet YouthPass program may end in December






That One Portland Transit Activist Kid: Rebirth is Dead


Jeers: To TriMet. Last month, a camera at the Expo Center station in north Portland caught a MAX train barreling through the station and striking a barrier at the end of the line, causing significant damage to the train. No one was injured, but damage to the train was estimated at more than $25,000. Word got around about the accident, but TriMet at first acknowledged only a “minor service disruption.” When rumors of the accident video surfaced, a TriMet spokesman said it didn’t exist, and that he didn’t know of any accident. Finally, someone who had obtained a bootleg copy of the video posted it on the Internet. So did TriMet apologize for misleading the public? Not so much. In fact, it launched an investigation into a bus driver who put the video on his blog.

Don’t leave disabled riders high and dry


VLOG-Friday-end of week

VLOG-Friday-on the way to work

"OUR BUDGET IS AS TIGHT AS A DRUM'-let's hire some more bureaucrats!

System Safety Specialist

Lake Oswego streetcar survey finds opposition, apathy among residents


Daily Blog » Let’s save the giant baby-faced deer statue!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Always need managers at Trimet

TriMet: Jobs - TriMet Career Opportunities

Name light rail stops "game"?

Can you name the Portland MAX Lightrail Stops? by ClamBuckets | Online Games & Trivia by Sporcle

Artist reacts to "deer baby" withdrawal via Twilight Zone quote, some mourn loss of proposed art




Portland man goes one MAX stop too far -- and pays a hefty price



It's gone!

TriMet's Twilight Zone Bambi light-rail sculpture in Milwaukie gets shooed away |

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Milwaukie rail slideshow

In critical condition





My Mother always taught me, "WHAT'S RIGHT IS RIGHT" and I've tried to live by that principle as a guiding force in terms of my dealings with others.

Pottroff Law Office, P.A.

Transit Agency Caught In Mass Cover-Up of Serious Accident | Pottroff Law Office, P.A., Railroad Accident Lawyer

Portland Transport

A Note on Transit Board Governance
 The Transportation-Industrial Complex?

Trimet singer


With all the hoopla I forgot totally about this grand event » Blog Archive » Man that's bright! Photos from 'Be Safe, Been Seen' event

Transit news from around the world

A stabbing in Newark that left a bus driver near death.
A brick thrown through the windshield of a bus at a nearby location in Newark.
Two armed robberies of bus drivers in Camden County.
Four violent attacks on NJ Transit bus drivers in less than three months have prompted the agency to hasten existing efforts to safeguard drivers.
NJ Transit tests 'security shields' to prevent attacks on bus drivers |
A disabled woman who wrote a book about her experiences riding buses in Detroit is offering to trade her more than 2,000-square-foot, 3 1/2 bath, herringbone brick, neo-Tudor home in one of the city's more desirable neighborhoods for a decent vehicle so she and her children won't have to rely on the city's troubled public transit system.
From The Detroit News:
Man lauded for saving CTA bus driver -
One worker increased his projected pension by $1.5 million, DiNapoli said in an e-mailed statement. DiNapoli’s office, which has audited the MTA 17 times since 2007, examined the unit’s 2010 payroll records.
N.Y. MTA Overtime Scam Netted Workers $1 Million, DiNapoli Says - Businessweek

New Double-Wide at BTC



Washington voters reject Eyman’s anti-tolling measure | The Columbian


Voters on board with C-Tran | The Columbian

Always something isnt it

MAX service throughout the system is experiencing delays due to a power outage at TriMet's Elmonica rail yard. While power has been restored, riders should expect delays through rush hour.

VLOG-November 9-part 2

VLOG-Wednesday/part 1

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boring wants out

Boring withdrawal debate-trimet staff discussion
 Boring withdrawal debate-trimet staff discussion (2)
The petitioner in the Boring withdrawal speaks to the board

Election results show the demise of the republicans

Election Day 2011: In State After State, "Remarkable Wins for Progressive Politics"

2 LonelyGuys Presents, what a billion dollar agency can't



Palo Alto Online : Man dies at El Camino Real bus stop in Palo Alto

Voters rejecting Seattle car-tab measure

Ottawa mayor backs silencing singing bus driver

Mary Fetsch demoted?

According to reliable sources Mary Festch has been demoted and now is now called "media relations officer" rather than "director of communications"

Carolyn Young retires
(the pic at the end of the video got screwed up somehow)

Macfarlane talks about MAX crash

Wait, Ottawa Drivers not done yet

The Antiplanner

Max Crashes » The Antiplanner

Every once in a while, a scumbag TriMet bus driver appears.

This post has nothing to do with our loveable Steve Fung by the way, its was the only picture of a bus driver the poster could find.


Look what we get for $155k/yr+platinum benefits+perks+retirement

Harry Saporta « How We Roll – Blog for TriMet Fans

Tri-Met Driver on Administrative Leave for 1st Amendment Right


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tri-Met MAX video coverup: Why?


your safety stop here sign at the WES platform in tigard is very broken.

Blast from the not so distant past

VIDEO LOG-November 8

ATU 757 developed sensible call stop program plan

Michael Ford never acted on it.

Dan Christensen calls me up to express his suppport

Oregonian Editorial Board trashes Trimet management


WOW! We had a similiar incident here in Portland, one I remember vividly

Spokane Transit Apologizes To Youths - Huckleberries Online - - Nov. 8, 2011

Beaverton Transit Center serves as political battleground in 1st District race

Maybe we should follow Lima Peru's transit privatization policies

There are some similarities between our old fleet and Lima's.

The Associated Press: Taming Lima's chaotic, poisonous transit system

Mary Festch on Lars Larson

Portland engineer Suresh Paranjpe asks $458 million question: Is Lake Oswego streetcar based on distorted commuting future?


My appearance on the Lars Larson Show

I stuck to facts only and did not embellish anything in an attempt to sensationalize this story any more than it already has been.

Story continues mushrooming-front page feature Oregonian

Transit advocate Michael Levine shows me support

If I can help in anyway please let me know....

We do not always agree on every issue but I do believe you are providing an important service and anyone including me that puts TriMet in a negative light is a target - trust me I know!

I'll be speaking with LARS LARSON today at 12:20 PM

And I will be emphasizing my rights to freedom of movement and ideas when I am off the clock at Trimet!
Trimet has no right to be threatening my job right now because I got an email from somebody that contained information that embarrassed the agency.
Trimet managers are lying if they are trying to put forth the argument that I "stole" the video file from their secret vault. 
Trimet has been breaking the law by violating the union contract, and Trimet is breaking the law in trying to discipline me for exercising my  freedom of expression and freedom of the press! 

The video Tri-Met didn't want you to see


Stealthwaveraptor gives me some support!

go figure as i always say. its the big brother control freaks that are causing the trouble with all of us and our jobs using freedom of speech against us


Monday, November 7, 2011

Ottawa Transit Bus Driver Loses it on Passenger


And the stories begin pouring in-WOW

TriMet worker who posted crash video on YouTube put on paid leav - KPTV - FOX 12

Security camera captures MAX train crashing into barrier | Local & Regional | - Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News - Portland, Oregon

TriMet investigating 2 operators after 'not releasable' video of Yellow Line MAX crash shows up on YouTube |

In shit (again)

Ive been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation over the Max video.
For the record: that video came to me on an email address were I literally get 1000's of emails. I thought it was a publicly available video which is why it was circulating around the
Internet. I routinely post all items that are of my specific interest, namely transit related material. I had no way of knowing this video was 'stolen' from the Trimet archives.

Stuck in Santa Rosa

Guy climbs 65 foot tall Obelisk (made out of bicycle frames) in Santa Rosa to put a "Don't Tread on Me" flag on top. Then he realizes he's too tired to climb down.

New employee relations director a good thing?

I had a conversation with someone who brought me some new facts about the new labor relations director.

Macfarlane decided to remove the issues from the current executives by bringing in this new executive.

This is being done because Macafarlane has recognized the complete and utter failure of his current executive management to effectively deal with the ongoing labor problem and the resulting destruction of employee morale.

He can't get rid of the executive staff right now, but he can bring in someone else to usurp the current people in charge.

Interesting theory isn't it?

Another Lying Transit Agency

The Antiplanner

Trimet management begins to wake up?

SERVICE WORKER Fuel, monitor and record fluid levels, vacuum interior, wash exterior, and park vehicles. Clean the interior of vehicles; remove graffiti, clean exterior when necessary.

OMFG-This is what happens on Trimess

Guy has dick hanging out riding the max

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake: 10 Examples Of How The Elite Are Savagely Mocking The Poor

#1 According to an article in The New York Times, poor families that lost their homes to foreclosure were openly mocked during a Halloween party thrown by the law firm of Steven J. Baum. This particular law firm represents many of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States....

Gerald Celente (american hero)

Gerald Celente at Occupy base camp-part 1
Gerald Celente at Occupy base camp-part 2
Gerald Celente at Occupy base camp-part 3
Gerald Celente on the movement
The Republican candidates start hitting the campaign trail with predictably ridiculous platforms.

Steve mans the recruitment booth today

School bus crash in Hillsboro

Four hurt in school bus crash |

The hazard of being a bus driver

Bronx Teen Accused Of Assaulting Bus Driver Over Chihuahua Appears In Court -

DETROIT — Approximately 100 Detroit Department of Transportation bus drivers walked out on their jobs, saying that they are afraid to board the buses after one driver was recently attacked on a bus at the Rosa Parks Transit Center, Detroit Free Press reported.

Trimet begins new campaign of harassment

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Russia has taken over the #2 spot from Germany!

Wanna be a union activist?

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Health status

It appears that my little illness has passed, still sniffling away. I probably would have suffered through it but with my latest impending 'discipline' (undeserved btw) I had no desire to show up while sick. I got up late so I didn't call by ten which means I will have to take another day off but that's ok anyway.

Frustrated conservatives in Clackamas County gain momentum

A New Occupy Movement

Friday, November 4, 2011


Don't look at the clock on a bus

  • Advisory: Possible technical problem on bus clocks‏

4:01 PM

This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time and clocks roll back one hour. The LED signs on buses may experience a clock problem next week and display the wrong time. If this happens, the clock will display a time one hour ahead of actual time.

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