Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keiser Report


C-Tran tax hike backers cautiously optimistic | The Columbian


Man hit, killed by TRAX train in Murray | The Salt Lake Tribune

Transit executives living big while public endures cuts

Charge it! Former Metra CEO lived it up on company dime -

Fed's talk alot, but do they actually deliver anything the public can use?

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $928.5 Million To Put Americans Back to Work Repairing, Rebuilding, Modernizing the Nation’s Transit Infrastructure | Journal of Commerce

Here she is again

Maybe this time they won't move the movie on me!

BridgeView, Episode 3: In-Water Work and Cofferdams

ATU dispatch

ATU Out in Force for Occupy Movement
From Santa Rosa, CA to Washington, DC, from New York City to Vancouver, BC, ATU members have been out in force across North America as the Occupy movement picks up more steam and has now gone global.
In Pensacola, FL ATU Local 1395 participated in an Occupy rally and gathered 1,000 signatures for a petition to support bus drivers in their contract dispute with Veolia. In Atlanta, GA, Local 1700 and Local 732 joined with other labor unions to persuade Atlanta Mayor Reed to back down on his eviction notice for the Occupy Atlanta movement.

Bus transport around the world

Bus roof torn off: Miracle escape of passengers as single-decker hits two cars, a lorry and a shop | Mail Online
Sata mourns 18 crash victims
Police hunt as bus is hit by brick
Chaos averted as IRC orders Sydney bus drivers to lift bans

Forget it, its nice out-report from the field

everybody marking off sik..canceled six runs already!....15 people marked off since 6 am1...funny how that works wen its nice-txt msg

Fall Color at Rock Creek

Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5

Safety a value or advertising gimmick?

TriMet to increase patrols after stabbing on MAX

Video log-October 17