Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Perspective from Portland, Oregon: TriMet, facing another budget gap, remains disinge...

A Perspective from Portland, Oregon: TriMet, facing another budget gap, remains disinge...: TriMet seems surprised that they have a $12 - $17 mil budget shortfall. And that number is the one that TriMet hopes will act a cushion to t...

TriMet, facing another budget gap, looking for places to cut -- with some exceptions

McFarlane also told the board that he has imposed a hiring freeze requiring his approval of all new employment. In the past year, that has included four executive and manager positions, totaling $495,000 in annual salaries. "He considers all of those positions mission-critical,"(god please help us)  said spokeswoman Mary Fetsch. "Each of them has been reprogrammed and expanded from other positions, often with lower salary costs."

No money around to fix up the buses I guess


And now MACFARLANE complains about 17 million!

Portland area TriMet LIFT drivers threaten strike as labor talks with First Transit collapse

What does MACFARLANE do about the so called "crisis"

He starts yet another "committee"!
An administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in him.
Marshall McLuhan

Michael Crino, Network Communications Systems Engineer II at TriMet, Oregon Transportation Agency.

Yubico Provides a Radically New Approach to Secure Remote Access - MarketWatch

Three ways TriMet could close a budget gap without bus cuts

Shut down WES commuter rail: $6.2 million. This idea comes from TriMet board member Steve Clark, who used it as an example this morning that “everything should be on the table.”
WES offers Cadillac transit service – free WiFi, cushy seats, a conductor on every train – at Ferrari prices: $6.2 million last year. That’s a lot for a train that serves about 600 815 people a day. 
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Boring businesses, residents challenge TriMet

LEAD 411

Labor unions join Occupy Portland for downtown march

Will transit's gloomy future hasten the biking boom?


TriMets Budget Woes

We all know TriMet thinks outside the bus, but never outside the box.
Cut the salaries of all Managers, Directors and Executives by 15%. Most of these employees make over $100,000 per year (Thats anyone with the above words in their titles, or who act in such a capacity). While they say they have had a wage freeze, and cut positions, theres more that can be done here. There are over 100 employees making over $100k per year that fall under the above category. That is a savings of at least $1.5 million! Those who actually provide the service to the riders, have taken a pay cut, in the way of the forced upon Medical Premium sharing costs. The riders have put up with less service, less options. The nation is tightening its belt, and TriMet Admin/Execs has done this in almost every way, except to themselves. These people are selfish to keep making these above average salaries on the backs of its riders. If you can not afford the paycut, then you shouldn't be living outside your means in a economic climate like this, and it certainly shouldn't become the problem of your riders and customers. Take a paycut to preserve service, to preserve jobs, and to do the right thing in this economy.
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Video log October 26-PART 3

Special guest star: DR FLASHER!

Video log October 26


Transit advocates

Cameron Johnson
Dan Christensen shows up in Beaverton

Dan Christensen shows up in Beaverton