Saturday, October 29, 2011

When Does Mass Transit Save Money for The Rider?

TriMet Management Smoking Crack??????

24 Common-Sense Ways TriMet can Reduce it's budget - WITHOUT NEW TAXES


Mercury on budget cuts

Q&A: What the Hell is Going on With TriMet's Budget? | Blogtown, PDX

Republicans look to give federal transportation funds to states

Prisoners of Transit: Why Public Transportation Deserves More Attention

Washington State employees say enough is enough

Politics Northwest | State employee unions reject request to renegotiate health benefits | Seattle Times Newspaper

Occupy Portland threatened by Oregon’s leading newspaper

$17 million short?

TriMet: Job Descriptions

Rantings of a Trimet bus driver

More Trimet "art"

@trimet What is this sculpture supposed to symbolize? on Twitpic

Sheesh, now they are having their very own "rally"

TriMet: "Be Seen Be Safe" Rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Nov. 4, 2011

Boring businesses, residents ready to challenge TriMet

“We maintain that the people of Boring meet all of the (lawful) requirements,” he said, “and the TriMet board, by law, must grant withdrawal. Testimony at the hearing will add further proof.”
“The governor of the state of Oregon has failed to ensure the residents of Clackamas County, and particularly Boring, their rights to representative government afforded by the Oregon State Constitution,” Bates said.
Story here!

We love light rail!

Due to a switch problem on the Steel Bridge that is now resolved, all MAX lines are delayed. Riders should expect delays.