Friday, November 4, 2011


Don't look at the clock on a bus

  • Advisory: Possible technical problem on bus clocks‏

4:01 PM

This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time and clocks roll back one hour. The LED signs on buses may experience a clock problem next week and display the wrong time. If this happens, the clock will display a time one hour ahead of actual time.

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This is what a MINIMUM bus stop should look like

This is what a bare-bones, MINIMUM TriMet bus stop should look like:  Well-placed sign, wide sidewalk with full pedestrian access in any direction, near a signallized crosswalk, with a signal light, area light and a schedule and map.

Sadly, by TriMet standards this actually ranks as "above-average"...but by major transit and European standards, this bus stop would be ranked "below average" or even "poor".

TriMet would go a long ways to improving customer satisfaction and ridership by spending money (including Stimulus funds that TriMet blew on other garbage) to bring EACH AND EVERY BUS STOP to at least this level.