Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tri-Met MAX video coverup: Why?


your safety stop here sign at the WES platform in tigard is very broken.

Blast from the not so distant past

VIDEO LOG-November 8

ATU 757 developed sensible call stop program plan

Michael Ford never acted on it.

Dan Christensen calls me up to express his suppport

Oregonian Editorial Board trashes Trimet management


WOW! We had a similiar incident here in Portland, one I remember vividly

Spokane Transit Apologizes To Youths - Huckleberries Online - - Nov. 8, 2011

Beaverton Transit Center serves as political battleground in 1st District race

Maybe we should follow Lima Peru's transit privatization policies

There are some similarities between our old fleet and Lima's.

The Associated Press: Taming Lima's chaotic, poisonous transit system

Mary Festch on Lars Larson

Portland engineer Suresh Paranjpe asks $458 million question: Is Lake Oswego streetcar based on distorted commuting future?


My appearance on the Lars Larson Show

I stuck to facts only and did not embellish anything in an attempt to sensationalize this story any more than it already has been.

Story continues mushrooming-front page feature Oregonian

Transit advocate Michael Levine shows me support

If I can help in anyway please let me know....

We do not always agree on every issue but I do believe you are providing an important service and anyone including me that puts TriMet in a negative light is a target - trust me I know!

I'll be speaking with LARS LARSON today at 12:20 PM

And I will be emphasizing my rights to freedom of movement and ideas when I am off the clock at Trimet!
Trimet has no right to be threatening my job right now because I got an email from somebody that contained information that embarrassed the agency.
Trimet managers are lying if they are trying to put forth the argument that I "stole" the video file from their secret vault. 
Trimet has been breaking the law by violating the union contract, and Trimet is breaking the law in trying to discipline me for exercising my  freedom of expression and freedom of the press! 

The video Tri-Met didn't want you to see


Stealthwaveraptor gives me some support!

go figure as i always say. its the big brother control freaks that are causing the trouble with all of us and our jobs using freedom of speech against us