Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jonathan Hunt Breaks the Law!

President Hunt's Bold Action


 Protesters clear streets, gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square
Thousands of Portlanders Protect Occupy Portland
 Occupy Portland : Tensions rise between Portland Police and crowd
 Police attempt to remove Occupy Portland protesters
 Occupy Portland - Police clash with protesters
 Occupy Portland Protesters Set-Up Tent Right In Front Of Police Line
 Riot Police Supress Occupy Portland Protestors With Brutal Force

Attend tomorrows union meeting at union hall 10:00 AM

I'll be at the meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am and I expect Mr Hunt to fully explain his actions. 
He has made the claim that Chris Day recorded last months meeting and damaged negotiations.
I want to see evidence of both of the above!
Or is Jon like Neil, he can just make up shit and get away with it because nobody can do anything about it?

Jonathan Hunt Breaks the Law


Mexico makes the top ten this week

Stop the lies and the coverups

Crowd vs police at last nights Occupy Portland event

Jeff Ackerson addresses the TRIMET board of directors on operators right to fair discipline

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