Monday, November 14, 2011

This could never happen in Portland...right?

On November 1, 1893, a Portland streetcar named Inez ran through the open draw span on the Madison Street Bridge, plunging 43 feet into the Willamette River killing seven in what is described as the worst streetcar accident in Portland history.

Today, such an accident is still possible on the Steel Bridge.  (It'll be a little difficult on the Broadway Bridge as a runaway Streetcar would simply run into the lifted deck.)

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On May 9, 1920, two Red Electric trains collided in a spectacular head-on collision near what is now S.W. 13th Avenue and Bertha Boulevard.  Eight people were killed, and 102 were injured.  The cause was human error; an Operator ran past his train order limits and proceeded into a single-track section when he was supposed to wait for the opposing train at Bertha siding.  Automatic Block Signals were added shortly after.

At least TriMet didn't try to cover THIS up...

Just think if WES overruns the bumper at the east end of the Beaverton TC spurline...environmental disaster as fuel is spilled into Beaverton Creek...

(Of course it's OK when MAX construction permanently alters the course of the creek...)

Or if a MAX train overruns the end of the track at PDX and causes a security breach (as the train would expose a hole into the sterile area of the A and B Concourses).

Inside Occupy Portland-feature movie

Union meeting synopsis

I attended the union meeting for the express purpose of asking President Hunt why he thinks he is not subject to The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.

Portland Transport

TriMet considers Bus Rapid Transit


Heading on down to the union meeting

Editorial: Why hush-hush?

It is customary among public agencies to clam up when something goes wrong. The opposite approach  — “Here’s what happened and here’s everything we know so far”— would be far better than secrecy in building up confidence in what our public agencies do. (hh)


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Major accident SE 11th/Washington, Trimet bus vs other vehicles, 11th southbound south of SE Stark will be blocked a while

Members approve my request for arbitration

Apparently my request to arbitrate the dispute with the company about my listening and posting over the air wave dispatch communications on my own time has been approved by the members, at least so far.

It seemed like a no brainier to me.

Why would any union member vote against curbing the reach of your employer to include your house and your off time?

However, I was informed that I was admonished because my "activities" are not "helping" the so called "union cause". (whatever that is supposed to be)

I'm not sure what these union officials are getting at but why in the world would I hold my union to a lesser standard than I would hold my employer?

I wouldn't actually, I would hold them both to the highest standards of ethical behavior possible.

Both my employer and my union are the recipient of tax payer funds, they both have a responsibility to the public as well as the members.

Sorry but my union does not get a free pass on ethics just because they are my union.

I am pro union, just anti union corruption.