Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neil is always trying to cheer us up isn't he?

Chin Up! Over the past several weeks – it seems like TriMet can’t stay out of the news. The press has said some things about TriMet that hasn’t shown the most positive light on our agency. Have we done some things wrong – yes we have. And we’re going to learn from what’s happened and take this “opportunity” to make some improvements. Together – we’re going to be better and stronger -- as long as we focus on our customers and doing a great job everyday. If you’re like me – I care deeply about this agency so anything said negatively about us can really get me down. We need to continue to support one another and soldier through -- fix what needs fixing -- and continue to do a great job focusing on our customers. We all work for an amazing transit agency – all 2,400 of us working hard to keep this region on the move. We’re going to hit some pot holes in the road from time to time – but I ask you to keep your chin up and deliver the best possible service to the thousands of riders who depend on us. Neil

I wanted to do a short posting with my sincere thanks to our operations staff on duty this past weekend. As you may have seen and heard, they endured a number of re-routes and service changes as we interacted with the Occupy Portland movement. This created great challenges in communicating with our operators and supervisors in the field, and particularly communicating with our customers. I appreciate that SAFETY was always the prime consideration in initiating service changes -- and we were able to maintain safety in an environment which was at times a bit 'chaotic.' Once again, my thanks to all -- in operations and customer and media communication -- who did extra duty. Best Wishes Neil
 (How about signing a decent contract for us rather than platitudes)

Tri-Met admits: We're all about the condos now


The thing just oozes with misleading discussion and outright deceit. It's page after page of the official party line about one abusive "urban renewal" or "transit-oriented development" project after another. Apartments, apartments, apartments. Plastic and particle board where there once were real neighborhoods. What they're doing to Portland is pretty depressing. But they positively brag about it.

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Henry Beasley sends complaint to Jon Hunt

Mr. Hunt.
Just to respond to your e-mail, I am confused.  This issue has gone on for most of the year, and now you are saying that "we" need an operator based grievance?  I've been telling you this for a long time and giving you feedback that "we" deal with.  Now you are making a proposal to OSHA?  This should have been done a long time ago!  I and others have stepped up and told you what "we" need and you ignored "US". 

Artists working at TRIMET


Jeff has decided to continue being the Merlo executive board representative after discussions with his family and consideration of the demands of being a Vice President at the ATU.
This is good news for those of us who work at MERLO  because he would have been impossible to replace.


Details are sketchy but it appears that our union treasurer has stopped our president from spending a substantial amount of money so he could go on a trip to Romania.

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