Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toxic runoff at BTC

It is appalling how much runoff there is at the BTC.It drains right into Beaverton Creek.I am sure that if DEQ were to monitor the situation,TriMet would be forced to replace or repair the dinosaurs,which are responsible for most of this pollution.

I wonder if any of this goes on around here?

Area pair charged in T scam - The Sun Chronicle Online - News

Here we go again

Planning for Inclement Weather
Wintery weather is in the forecast for November 18 and the coming weekend.
A service plan for November 18 has been developed and communicated to Bus and
Rail Maintenance, Field Operations, OCC, and facilities.

McFarlane addesses the First Transit issue

You may have heard about ATU’s request for TriMet to intervene in their dispute with First Transit, our paratransit contractors. ATU believes that a federal statute referred to as “13(c)” applies to the labor relationship between First Transit and their Multnomah County employees at TriMet’s ATP.

13(c) was enacted  to prevent federal funds from being used to destroy the collective bargaining rights of these organized transit workers, and applies where there has been an acquisition by a public transit agency of a private transit company or a worsening of protected employee rights and benefits directly connected with the federal grant.

In the case of First Transit, there has been neither an acquisition of a transit entity nor a worsening of employment conditions caused by the receipt of federal money.  Also, the Agreement expressly provides that it does not apply to paratransit programs.  

TriMet has contracts with a number of contractors, many of whom have a union workforce, including First Transit. TriMet does not engage in the negotiations of the various individual businesses as they negotiate their contracts (nor are we typically asked to).  Each contractor is responsible for their own negotiations and outcomes.  While we expect our contractors to follow the law, there is a basic disagreement about whether the law requires arbitration in this instance.  That is an issue that is, perhaps, better resolved in another forum.   

My hope and my advice to each party, ATU and First Transit, is to sit down and negotiate a settlement, don’t put our customers at risk.

One of the advantages of fixed rail

Due to police activity related to Occupy Portland protests, Green and Yellow Line trains are disrupted. Riders should expect delays.

Joe Rose on the new buses

TriMet plans to add 55 new state-of-art buses to Portland area fleet in 2012 |

Cameron Johnson

That One Portland Transit Activist Kid: Activist Kid's Unauthorized Guide to the Bus Series of TriMet Part 1- Defunct Series and 1400s/1600s

Trimet gets grant for Hybrid, Biodiesel Buses

Feds Grant Millions For Hybrid, Biodiesel Buses · OPB News


Not me!


TriMet union boss found guilty of drunken driving despite defense that he was just tired when Gresham Police found him asleep at the wheel |

Southern Calif. transit rolls out hydrogen-powered bus

Story Here!

Wilsonville transit director to be full-time position


Transit union wants 'witch-hunt' against drivers to stop | CTV Ottawa | CTV News

Weather Proof Windshield Seal on my Dinosaur

I had to stuff paper towels around the weather stripping in order to keep the rain water from entering the inside glass this morning.

Double Standards?

Am I the only one wondering why when a bus Operator is involved, the name is public.

But what is the name and past record of the MAX operator that caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage and potentially put all sorts of people in danger by failing to stop his train properly, running into a track bumper and shaking a substation building 20 feet away when his train came to a stop by a concrete walkway?

We all know who Sandi Day is.

We all know who Claudeen Hendren is.

But who is the mystery MAX operator?

Why isn't HIS photo on the front page of The Oregonian; why isn't Mary Fetsch talking about HIS personnel records; why was he not put IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT DELAY on administrative leave; what are his drug test results (he was drug tested immediately, wasn't he?  S.O.P. for a major mechanical incident...all CDL license holders are drug tested after an accident regardless of cause).  Why isn't his name in big bold letters?

How many days elapsed until TriMet released the names of the MAX operators in the "child left behind" incidents...  How many minutes elapsed until TriMet releases the name of a bus operator?

And more importantly...why is there ANY difference between bus and MAX? 

It's no wonder there is a bus versus MAX culture in Portland.  And it all starts with one man:

Neil McFarlane.

General Manager of TriMet (excuse me, General Manager of MAX, and has to put up with a bunch of buses.)

58 rider captures the 58 re-route-canyon road is closed!

Tribune editorial

Our Opinion • TriMet shouldn't leave public trust behind

A management without ethics breeds a staff without ethics

While the press is busily looking at our rogue operators they should be looking at our unethical management.
This is a management that "imposes" it's will without regard to law. 
A management that perverts the ADA regulations so it can spy on its employees without cause.
A management that allows anonymous complaints used against its employees as valid.
A management that perverts the grievance process in order implement it's will knowing full well that it will cause problems for the union members.
Basically we have a company that acts very much like the accused in the latest news about a Trimet operator. 
So is it any wonder that it has produced a number of operators who also have questionable ethics?

Time for the press to start looking at the management with the same microscope it looks at the drivers.

It also needs to be said in defense of Claudine that the MASTER himself, Mr McFarlane, had very publicly announced the ZERO TOLERANCE policy of fare evaders on the system and I can tell you that many operators took his statement literally, and from that point on they started cracking down hard on fare evaders.

I believe Claudine strictly enforced the fares and many of her problems stemmed from that.

Being a bus driver is hard work, you work around all sorts of people not all of them are particularly nice. In order to survive at this profession, especially as a woman, you need to be tough.
Claudine is tough as nails, obviously a little too tough, but that is how she adapted to surviving the wild world of being a bus operator out here.

I suggest the public might want to observe the police sometime, you will see the exact same type of behavior in many officers, but it seems its acceptable for police officers to act rudely and disrespectfully, but bus operators are held to higher standards than even the police.

As is always the case, double standards everywhere we look.

Does TRIMET actively engage in sexual discrimination?

Now that I have seen Claudine's case history, it brings up an issue that I myself have raised to our HR department:


My theory is yes indeed, TRIMET is much more lenient with the female operators regarding disciplinary process than they are with the male operators. I bet ya if it had been a male operator with  a record such as hers he would have been out of here long ago.

Can I prove it, no, not without examining the files closely, but as an observer for years now, I'm pretty sure that sex discrimination does exist here when it comes to discipline.


Claudine makes the news

TriMet driver who told woman to silence her baby on Hillsboro route has history of problems with riders |

 Bus driver still rolling despite complaints

 Hey, Tri-Met -- pull the plug on this driver, now! (Jack Bog's Blog)

(Time to retire Claudine?)

Metro and ODOT are recruiting transit users

Metro and ODOT are currently recruiting transit users to participate in a Portland area household travel survey. They are offering a monetary incentive for each qualifying household that completes the entire survey.
To find out if you qualify to participate in the entire survey, complete the short web survey at:
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact William McDonald at: