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More stuff that Trimet management can't do

TriMet UIC and Stormwater Program Support, Merlo Garage Stormwater Management Plan, TRI-MET

WES advertising

TriMet: Ride WES | Funnelbox Production Studios

Wednesday Vlog

Part 1
Part 2

Safety is a value (equipment excluded)

The lift got stuck today, I had to get out of the bus and push it in while a passenger pushed the power button. I strained my back.

False advertising still on buses



Join us at our 1st Bus Stop POP!
TODAY Wednesday Dec 21st | 4:00-6:30 PM
SE corner of 82nd and Powell (Carl Jr's parking lot)

Bus Stop POP! Is a form of community education and reclamation that turns neglected bus stops into the center of community celebration. At least once per month EPBS Project will POP up at a bus stop in East Portland that needs some community love. We’ll offer riders hot beverages, snacks, information about the project and OPAL and an opportunity to reclaim the bus stop as community space through active participation. Bus Stop POP is about having fun and building community!
Meet at 4pm at the SE corner of 82nd and Powell (Carl’s Jr. parking lot) today!
snowflakeOPAL Community Holiday Party Tonight!
Wednesday Dec 21st | 7:00-9:00 PM


There is an anticipated $12-17 million shortfall in TriMet’s operating budget for next year. In response, we’re given a false dilemma of a survey (as OPAL put it, “big fare hikes or really big fare hikes!”) where we’re presented with the illusion of choice on “some of the options” being considered – you’re not given all the options, just a few of them. Then after you’re done deciding how much service you want to cut and how high fares should increase (since you absolutely have to pick those to meet the $17 million mark), you can submit your answers to TriMet.
Funny, for it being our core business and what we are striving to preserve, it seems to be the first place we’re looking to cut.
But okay, YOU said it. Now I’m going to hold you to it



Please call Speaker Boehner at 202-225-0600. Tell the person who picks up the phone: “Speaker Boehner should be ashamed of himself. He needs to get his House in order, stop the partisan games and extend unemployment aid immediately.”

Ron Heinzman vs ATU international

Court decision here!



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Alan Eisenberg makes TriMet bus shelters!

Click Here!


People that know me understand that over the past years I have spent quite a bit of time studying Trimet management and the intricacies of their operation.

I associate with others that also have spent a great deal of time studying the operations of Trimet, we have together sort of a “Trimet club” so to speak.

The blog that I am associated with is not just my material; the things you see on that blog are actually supplied by quite a few other people besides me.
Any subject matter that you study over a period of time gives that person an unique insight into that particular topic.

So I consider myself somewhat of a “authority” at evaluating Trimet policies and public statements.
That is why I think it’s a fairly safe bet that the new “budget crisis” is just another smoke and mirrors campaign dreamed up by the executives of this organization then foisted on the public and the employees.

Think back to the first round of “crisis”, remember, the threatened “lay offs”, the “furloughs”, the “demotions”. 

There was no new bus drivers hired for two years. (Alas the management continued growing however)
Remember all the gnashing of teeth during that time, I sure do.
Then not too long ago “everything was ok again”.
All the demoted personnel were once again promoted back to their original ‘white shirted’ positions, a whole slew of ‘top executives’ were hired, and bus operators were once again being hired in mass.
Now here we are again, back to the ‘we are going to be in a budget crunch’.

Either the management is completely incompetent, or they are intentionally manipulating public opinion.
I pick the latter. I said after the first round of cuts that this would not be the end of the cuts, meaning the bus cuts, and it appears that I was correct.

The unemployment picture is supposedly better than it had been, but now they are facing another ‘crisis’.
I think they are facing a crisis alright, a crisis of ‘expansion management’.

Fred Hansen came in here and along with Neil MacFarlane decided this transit agency was now going to be a method of “economic development” and social engineering. Getting people to where they needed to go became secondary.

The planners also miscalculated when considering available tax revenue. Apparently they thought that tax revenue would continue growing each and every year to god knows when.

The fact that all of a sudden tax revenue missed projections hit them by surprise.
In 1991 Trimet received $82,549,119 in employment taxes
In 2010 that figure was $236,022,862.
That’s about a 300% increase in revenue in ten years.

With three times the amount of revenue available  10 years ago, they now are preaching “we are in trouble” to the public and the employees.
So who’s really to blame in the current crisis?
Obviously management bungling has created the crisis, the more money they get the more money they spend.
The lame attempt to blame it all on union health benefits is pathetic.

This latest public relations ‘tool’ that was developed by the Trimet ministry of propaganda is nothing but more bullshit coming from an agency that has become expert in slinging the bullshit.
Who knows what the truth really is.

No more savings bonds

 As you may have heard, the US government has decided to stop selling paper savings bonds, effective January 1, 2012. TriMet therefore has to change the NSC Safe Driving Award and Operator of the Year programs, which have in the past awarded paper savings bonds. A team of Finance and Operations staff determined that the best approach was to put the money in the employee’s paycheck. That way, employees get the money sooner and can spend or invest it as they choose—including by buying electronic savings bonds from
Here’s the bottom line: The value of financial awards through these two programs will not change, but the format will, effective January 1, 2012.

Jason Barbur appears at Beaverton Transit Center

Contract side letters

It's more than interesting that our current union contract contains numerous 'side letters' that are not available for members to inspect. The contract is available to us, so why aren't the side letters available?



More than 3000 school buses, catering to around 400 schools in the city, will stay off the roads on Tuesday to protest the stringent rules drawn up by the Regional Transport Authority and the subsequent harassment they have been facing from both authorities and political parties.


NY MTA's board shaken up by two board members revolutionary proposal

The proposal by Pally and fellow board member Allen Capelli represents less than a quarter of the $93 million in service cuts the MTA made in June 2010, when it killed two subway lines and 36 bus routes. The pair say the MTA can still cut hundreds of non-transportation positions to help fund much-needed service.


TriMet management should check into this

Public transport ‘should emulate the Apple approach’ | TXNews | Transport News

Last years momumental transit foul ups during NE blizzard

Boy this sure sounds somewhat familiar doesn't it, those of us that were here in 2008:

Assistant general managers at three southern Brooklyn depots said they knew many of the buses sent out into the storm were getting stuck. But they kept dispatching buses because they lacked authority to change service schedules. When the bus division’s radio system crashed, some bus drivers who got stuck in the storm didn’t use their personal cell phones to call supervisors. They told investigators they believe NYC Transit rules prohibiting drivers from using cell phones remained in effect under any conditions.

Read more:

Bear-bearing bikers take new path to Shriners’ Hospital

A full-sized TriMet bus was packed, front to back, with new toys, destined for the Portland Shriners’ Hospital for Children. Story is Here!

Could You Live With The Guilt of Knowing You Caused an Accident?

Lars Larson

Help Jack raise money for charity

Click here-each click will raise $1 for charity

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Part 1
Part 2

Teen flashes gun at 2 MAX riders in Gresham


North Koreans lose their minds

Watch the Unnerving Mass Hysteria of 'Mourning' North Koreans

ATU 757 responds to TRIMET budget issues

As we have seen and heard for the past couple years now, TriMet has claimed financial impairment. Even though TriMet’s ridership has increased significantly by recent reports, TriMet’s General Manager Neil McFarlane recently made a plea to the public, asking for ideas and suggestions as to how TriMet can save taxpayer dollars. TriMet claims it is facing a 2013 budget shortfall of 12 to 17 million dollars. One thing TriMet and General Manager McFarlane didn’t tell the public, is that they could save multi-millions of taxpayer dollars annually, right now, on their own.

New Bus Dispatch System Coming in 2012

Back in 1997, TriMet was one of the first transit agencies to deploy an advanced CAD/AVL (computer aided dispatch/automatic vehicle locator) system. As it approaches its fifteenth year of service, this system—which we call BDS (bus dispatch system)-is far from “state of the art.” In fact, the BDS is incapable of complying with a pending Federal Communication Commission (FCC) mandate. So beyond old age, the BDS needs to be replaced to meet FCC requirements. The new equipment on board the bus will be different but the basic function—sending and receiving voice calls and text message to/from Dispatch—will be the same as the current BDS; and the menu is designed to be intuitive and similar to the existing system. Like the existing BDS, the new system will also provide Dispatch with information on the location of your bus and its status (e.g. late, early, on/off route, etc.). The new BDS will be rolled out on TriMet buses in 2012. Operator training will begin in February 2012. Merlo garage operators will be the first to be trained and the first to operate the new BDS. By the end of April, initial training of all operators should be completed.

Merlo Garage Employee party


Sunday, December 18, 2011


OPAL weighs in

OPAL Oregon
TriMet wants to know what you prefer: big fare hikes or really big fare hikes? You decide!


Part 1
Part 2

$155K-Where's Harry?

He shows up for a little while at the board meetings, slinks out the back door, and he's produced one useless piece of bureaucratic bullshit. What a waste of money.
We have a 'culture' problem at Trimet, let's hire the same guy who
created the unsafe culture!

Heart warming story not transit related


This company is SICK

We have all heard of the poor passenger WHO WAS HURT riding bus 9 when a bicyclist cut off the bus.
Trimet says they are "not responsible" to pay for damages when its not a case of negligence.
SO WHAT? Reach into that pot of gold and DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE and pay the guys (and whoever else) medical expenses!
I have very little doubt that a good lawyer could easily beat them in court on this.
Maybe David Sale's lawyer for example.

Punkrawkers year in review!

Alas no Trimet stuff but some familiar faces and another great visual production!

India says animals have rights of compensation in road accidents

The Hindu : News / National : Animals also entitled to accident compensation, says Supreme Court

Risks of being a bus driver-JAIL-do you really want this job?

Bus Driver Charged Over Bus Injury |


punkrawker blogs on: West Coast Express

Readership this week

United States-3,388
United Kingdom-362

If this software is so great why do they spend millions on Capital Projects managers

Click Here!

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Robertson Tunnel - YouTube
 Tri Met Scam - YouTube
 “Working With TriMet” Coffee Klatch | Neighbors West-Northwest
 Form TM-V, TriMet Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher ...

42,000+ people

Have watched the Associated Press version of the Claudine video!

Santa is my follower on the #12 all week

My buddy,Roger Adams, was lookin' good today.

C-Tran hears of flawed layout at bus stop site



The TRIBUNE has published a story which implicates one of our BOARD MEMBERS in the operation of an illegal parking lot.

What's wrong with Tiffany Sweitzer?
 For the last four meetings she has left the meetings as soon as the public testimony begins. We are sure she is a very busy woman, but never hanging around to hear the public comments shows a complete lack of empathy for the transit riding population. If she feels she is too busy to actually attend the meetings to the end then maybe she should resign or be replaced.

Permits I'm not sure it's known why it wasn't pursued back in 2008. There's some other complaints for overgrowth and weeds, too. Overall, I think the real problem may be that properties with no buildings on them get charged at a low rate. This means that owners can be discouraged from building, and that the carrying cost is low. Specifically, taxes on the lot are only about $12,000. Even if that is for only a quarter of the block, it just requires 10 cars @ $100 a month (which is what I think the rate was) to pay for them.

Portland's smallest park now Occupied

Mills End Park. Peaceful so far, though one protester was arrested.


RTD | Our Priorities
Safe service Your safety is our top priority.
On-time scheduled service RTD riders expect and deserve on-time service. If your service is delayed more than 30 minutes and the delay was not caused by inclement weather, unplanned traffic or an event beyond RTD’s control, we’ll compensate you with a free ride coupon.
Exceptional customer service We want you to be satisfied with every trip you take on RTD, plain and simple.
Clean vehicles We promise that all of our vehicles will be clean and ready to take you to your destination.
Clear communication We promise to listen to you and respond to all of your inquiries.

Ross Wrede said... TriMet's List of Priorities 1) Create corporate welfare for construction companies, real estate developers, and multinational transit companies. 2) Build rail lines where no one wants to go. 3) Create a bloated multi-layered administrative staff at inflated six figure salaries. 1001) Provide bus service with old, dirty, unreliable equipment for those poor slobs that aren't lucky enough to be near rail service. Saturday, December 17, 2011 5:17:00 PM

What did I do to deserve the historic (old) plastic seats on the bus today? What did I ever do to you, #TriMet?

The pattern on the seats on TriMet busses



Eric Wittlake
Irony: Lady drove her car right into caution tape roping off a section of the Trimet parking lot.


(Steve Fung should have this job)

Should we have camera's with audio pointed at us?

There is a discussion going on at a Facebook group regarding audio/visual recording of operators. I for one SUPPORT the use of audio/video in our buses. I did it voluntarily for about a year before the country got hysterical about things like that. It will be much more useful to us than harmful against us. As long as operators have access to files and the rules are clearly defined then I support audio/video on operators.

Trimet appoints new General Manager and Communications executive

Bob Foster as General Manager/Steve Fung as communications exec

24 Common-Sense Ways TriMet can Reduce it's budget - WITHOUT NEW TAXES

In light of the budget crapola that TriMet is rolling out it's time to revisit THIS.

Merlo Garage Christmas party

Route 6 Bus bunching

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday VLOG

Part 1
Part 2

Jack Bogdanski commentary

There are some great comments:

Tri-Met: "We're broke! What should we do?" (Jack Bog's Blog)

$17 million in the hole? Let's look at the PORK OF TRIMET

And we are only $17 million in the hole? It's a miracle actually! 
Click on the links below to see the breakdown

Thanks to ERIK HALSTEAD for providing this information!

Other stories regarding this issue:

Scenes from DT PDX on Friday

While I waited for my road relief bus,I had a chance to take a few photos.

Short line the Red Line?

TriMet has launched an online budget tool to get input on how to address the anticipated $12-17 million shortfall. Users are presented with different options that are under consideration and can see how different combinations of them can be arranged to reach the $17 million goal.
Among the options are several affecting Red Line service: not changing it at all, running it just between Gateway and PDX, and running it between 11th Ave and PDX.  Oddly enough, that last one is how the Red Line used to be run for the first two years before it was extended to Beaverton TC in 2003, which helped accommodate growing ridership on the Blue Line.

TriMet bus rider injured in bicycle-caused 'panic stop' still in OHSU intensive care unit

Officer Crawls Under Bus to Comfort Woman Pinned Under Wheel: ‘I’ll Stay Until We Get You Out’

“I had to go past her leg and I could see that her right knee and thigh were completely opened up, just peeled back. I could see right into her leg,” Peck said, adding that her shoulders were pinned so that she could breathe but couldn’t move.

Story Here!

Aren’t Those New Streetcars Kind of Expensive?

Michael Neibauer reports that the District Department of Transportation has awarded the contract for two new streetcars to a Portland company, which offered a price of $8.7 million for the pair. That's $3.7 million for each 144-passenger vehicle, plus another $1.3 million for design, delivery, and insurance.
By contrast, Metro's new buses cost $570,000 each and can fit about 80 people total. The schmancy new 7000-series rail cars cost about $2 million each (including shipping, parts, etc.), have 64 seats, and roomier aisles for more people standing. We knew the streetcar wasn't going to be cheap, but damn.


bus driver assaulted twice on same journey

Bullying transit workers

TWU protest MTA's 'unfair contract' proposal - am New York

The 10 dumbest transportation problems in East Portland

Portland Afoot

Wednesday VLOG-part 1


The Office of Government Affairs is responsible for managing on-going intergovernmental relations, long-range funding, policy development and implementation with local, regional, state and federal legislative and administrative officials.

TRIMET policy on releasing operator names

TriMet is required by Oregon Public Records law to release the names of employees. TriMet releases the name and years of service of employees involved in accidents or incidents. Following a serious accident or incident, we do not release the information for up to 12 hours in order to support our employees during a difficult time. This limit allows time for the individual to get assistance from our Employee Assistance Program, as well as allow for gathering accurate and thorough information at the scene of the incident. Under special circumstances, TriMet will honor a request by law enforcement personnel to withhold the employee's name.
The news media has access to police reports and can get an employee's name from that source. They have called employees at their homes following a serious incident. While the communications department will not release an employee's phone number, we may call to ask if the employee is interested in talking to the media.

$17 million in the red? CUT THE "IT" DEPT

The IT Department is made up of 6 groups.  Each group has distinct responsibilites in delivering IT support and functions to TriMet.
    • Enterprise Systems Development
    • GIS & Location Based Services
    • Network Communications
    • Oracle Technology
    • Operations Systems
    • Technical Services

$17 million in the red? CUT OUT MARKETING!

Welcome to Marketing! The Marketing Department supports the agency's expectation to communicate, represent and achieve safety-driven service excellence with an integrated approach to creating the best possible experience for our customers. Marketing's focus will be on key initiatives that seek to enhance ridership experience and build community support in alignment with TriMet's brand position and shared values. Contributions to the overall success of agency priorities will come in the form of quantitative and qualitative outcomes. Marketing Priorities: * Safety Education Encourage safe behavior and increase awareness of what we do to help keep people safe. * Brand Management/Public Relations Promote and protect the key principles of The TriMet Way, aligning our vision with public perception by promoting positive examples of transit benefits, and managing and strengthening our relationships with customers and the community by being proactive and interactive with information and engagement. * Ridership Promote new and existing amenities, tools and service to our riders and prospects, to enhance the customer experience. * Customer Information Deliver timely, accurate and relevant information to riders via static and dynamic content channels, providing customer what they want (and need), when they want it. * Revenue Generation Manage pass programs, partnerships and advertising/promotional opportunities to maximize revenue and/or leverage resources for the agency.



The third and most important factor is the failure of TriMet and the union to come to terms on a new contract. TriMet projects a $5 to $10 million shortfall due to the rising costs of health care and wage benefits, and notes that these costs will continue to rise over time if the union does not accept some kind of benefit reduction.
Portland Transport: TriMet Launches "Cut The Budget" On-line Tool

"Engineer  Scotty" from P-tansport did point out to me that he noticed that anti union hype in the MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA so called "tool"

TriMet has a new web tool on how to deal with the upcoming funding crisis. Of particular interest may be this FAQ, which contains TriMet's answers to common questions like "why not cut WES" or "why not delay Milwaukie MAX"?
That said, fairness requires that I point out that the page DOES go to great lengths to wag fingers at the transit union.

TriMet: Why is there a budget shortfall?

TriMet: Jobs - $93,360.00 - $140,038.00 Annually

Joe Ruffin

Vlog for Thursday

 Part 1
Part 2

Thursday, December 15, 2011

TriMet phasing out 'non-foil' old-style fare tickets


In their new posting about the budget problems, we see a very obvious attempt to sway public opinion.
Is it actually legal for a non profit governmental agency to preach a point of view to the public?
More abuse of authority from our "managers". 
It's obvious to me that this company has been actively engaging in a all out public relations war on its employees, blowing up the bad employees into a public spectacle, and propagandizing  using its multi million dollar tax payer funded marketing department.
It's despicable.

Because of a 2007 change in the law, we cannot unilaterally implement our final offer to the union. Instead we must engage in all-or-nothing interest arbitration, a forum in which it is extremely difficult to make significant changes no matter how out-of-line union wages and benefits are.  

  TriMet: Why is there a budget shortfall?

Does Trimet ignore relevant information with the intent of embarrassing its employees?

Operator Joe Ramonda goes to China



We get our first look at RANDY STEADMAN

The new TriMet Labor Relations guy. 
(Maybe I was imagining things but it sure appeared that he was staring at me several times during that board meeting)

What about the other "Hunts"?

Get elected to be a union officer and MAKE THE DOUGH

How did Sam make as much as Jon? This  is the 2011 report.

The TriMet budget problems

 This is pretty interesting actually. I filled out the questionnaire at the end and made one comment:
All employees making $100k or more a year need to take a 10% pay cut!
Also there is a shameless use of anti union propagandizing in this "tool"

More better?

July 2011 Delivering MORE and BETTER Service TriMet’s Five Year Action Plan We will build and operate the Total Transit System by delivering MORE SERVICE and BETTER SERVICE to our customers. MORE and BETTER SERVICE is achieved by focusing on customer needs, ensuring financial stability and building partnerships for transit growth. The result is service that is safe, dependable, responsive, easy and inviting. What do we do in the next five years?

Meanwhile, in Scotland


Jack Bogdanski commentary

Boring secession from Tri-Met passes (Jack Bog's Blog)

Rising star on the TRIMET board

The more I watch and listen to Steve Clark, the more I am impressed with his point of view. At first I thought he was just running interference for the paradigm, but I am beginning to change my mind. I am not the only person to notice his independent agenda.

What's wrong with Tiffany Sweitzer?

For the last four meetings she has left the meetings as soon as the public testimony begins. We are sure she is a very busy woman, but never hanging around to hear the public comments shows a complete lack of empathy for the transit riding population. If she feels she is too busy to actually attend the meetings to the end then maybe she should resign or be replaced.

Mars with shit eating grin---he's got his 30 years

Wednesday vlog-2

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My written testimony to the TRIMET board

Example of unsafe TRIMET bus

Example of unsafe TriMet bus


Testimony to the TriMet Board of Directors-12/14/11
Al M

Members of the TriMet Board of Directors, I appear before you today because
I am concerned about what I am hearing from our general manager and what I
see on the job as an employee.

For months now Mr. McFarlane has been talking about how much his safety
Initiative is improving the operating conditions at TriMet; about changing
our culture and making safety a value, and not a word.


She couldn't stay for the testimony but her presence was greatly appreciated!

Michael Levine says TRIMET should have listened to its own CAT committee

The office of the general manager

267.135 General manager; qualifications; term; removal. (1) The board
shall appoint a general manager on the basis of the qualifications of the
general manager with special reference to the actual experience in or
knowledge of accepted practices in respect to the duties of the office of
the general manager. A general manager shall hold office for an indefinite
term and may be removed by the board only by an affirmative vote of a
majority of the members.

Jason says yes, Cameron says no

Jason Mchuff says yes to Boring withdrawal
 Cameron Johnson says no to Boring withdrawal

ATU 587 President Calls for Monthly Sick Out

Puget Sound Operators

Activist operators (and one retiree) address the TRIMET board

Alan Eisenberg gives quite a show at the TRIMET board meeting
 My testimony to the Trimet board of directors
 Steve Fung addresses the Trimet Board
 Jeff Asch adresses the Trimet Board

Trimet board surprises everyone and agrees to Boring's independence

TriMet board votes to approve Boring withdrawal |


Board highlights

-Trimet directors grants Boring independence! 
-Director Swietzer leaves right after Boring vote and before public testimony.
- Macfarlane indignant about complaints about scheduling. Says bitterly " I'll be happy to provide report on how we do schedules" Neil not happy right now! 
 -Alan Eisenberg stole the show today! WOW!

What's with the fareboxes and why won't they just get new ones

Dear Al, Tri-Met has just recently refurbished the ominous fareboxes, much to the demise of the drivers....they are malfunctioning at a galatic rate !!! This has added no end of frustration to the drivers' already list of problematic elements to juggle,(not to mention the miscalculations that are occurring with the auditing dept) . I am speaking from center street experience, and do not know if Powell and Merlo were involved in last weekends' installation of refurbished machines. There seems to be a more than 50% failure in the machines in question...Who is the contractor, and why the Hell didn't Tri-Met just opt for the full replacement of all Fareboxes ?

What the Board really wanted to tell Al and I

Norway in state of panic

Butter shortages hit Norway

Car sharing takes off in the U.S.

Personal car-sharing spreads from California to Oregon and, very soon, to a neighborhood near you. The concept of hiring out your own vehicle has proven wildly popular here and around the globe. 

 Peer-to-peer carsharing service coming to Portland

The perils of privatization

Ted Hesson: Surprise! Nassau Bus Deal Was Rotten

Light rail scrapped in Detroit

Detroit light-rail plan is dead; buses will be used instead | Detroit Free Press |


My fellow officers; I write to you do to the fact that I can't sleep tonight. At our Union's Monday morning meeting today we had several Nela members present, one of which was a woman about 30 years old, timid and shy. She sat through the meeting not saying anything; just waiting until she could get a word in edgewise.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Latest stories

TriMet to continue fare crackdown | kgwcom Portland
Oregon Iron Works is a finalist for big MAX train order
TriMet says crackdown on fare cheats is a success, even if it hasn ...
Video - Local News
A Clean and Safe Battle
Urban League Contract Under Review
MaxRedline: Tri - Met Hires Fare Inspectors For Light Rail

Great moments from Trimet Board meetings

 9:00 am tomorrow at the Portland Building!

What the hell is this?

Looking through the RSA's I spotted this one, of course I can't see the original request (so much for transparency) so I wonder what the hell its all about.

Request for safety assessments

They don't show us the original request anymore, which is a shame because I liked reading the original complaints.

Steve Fung adventures to Pioneer Place

South Salem High concert at Pioneer Place


Oregon City School District considers contracting out bus services


School bus company defends driver accused of saying Santa is fake — Maine News — Bangor Daily News

Belgium attack: grenades thrown at bus-stop in Li├Ęge

I run into my old pal CHUCK

Analysis of Transit Signal Priority Using Archived TriMet Bus ...

segments comparing operations data derived from the TriMet Bus Dispatch ... The TriMet Bus Dispatch System is inimitable among North American transit ...

Monday, December 12, 2011

VLOG-Monday-part 2

Steve meets Max

VLOG-Monday-part 1

Latest ridership figures out

Bus ridership is up significantly,the biggest increase of all the modes of transport at TriMet.
However, no where in the body of the press release statement does this get mentioned.
As usual they trumpet their beloved rail services, bragging away about the puny WES ridership.
I'm tired of going through the figures every month to show just what baloney they really are but you can see them yourself:

Chris Day supports proposal that would set ATU presidents at last salary

Chris Day states: I want you to be clear on my statement of if it is for the membership I am in full support of maintaining the same pay of the position you have with your employer. If the members approve that as a bylaw I am in full support 

What is the right amount?

Bruce Hansen supports pay reduction for union president!

Bruce Hansen has come out in support of a proposal that would reduce the ATU 757 presidents salary by 20%.

Hotel California at the Parkrose Transit Center

I spent part of my break on Sunday inspecting the bike path along the 205 freeway. That is an endorsement for the TGIF chicken wings.