Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 1969: Portland Agrees to Take Over Rose City Transit, Transfer to Tri-Met

My other hero

Gerald Celente

I apologized to Greg Larson

I know its not his fault, so I apologized for being sarcastic and abusive to him.
I'm taking out my frustration on the wrong person, and that's not fair of me.
We are working under a Stalinist regime who actively works at "tricking" us and finding fault where there is no fault.
Do I think I am being "set up"?
Ya, I do, but not by his efforts.




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Portuguese resist the power elite!

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — A general strike is expected to shut down many public services and disrupt mass transit systems in Portugal as workers contest austerity measures linked to a euro78 billion ($104 billion) bailout.
Officials say international flights could be canceled during Thursday's protest, and few train services are scheduled to run.
Government offices, school classes, mail deliveries and trash collections are also likely to be severely affected.
The government has enacted tax hikes and cuts in pay and welfare entitlements as it tries to drive down the recession-hit country's high debts.
Portugal's two largest trade union confederations, representing more than 1 million mostly blue-collar workers, said Wednesday they also planned 34 protest marches across the country.

Comment from the Joe Rose blog

When is Trimet going to fire Al? This guy has shown an absolute hatred for his job, Trimet and sides on the side of drivers...that they never do anything wrong. If he worked for a private sector company, he'd be long gone with the stuff he pulls.

Stuff I pull? 

Like talking about working conditions and politics of a public sector employee?

Like being against a public agency that screws it riders and drivers while building useless MAXs line?

Like breaking union contracts contrary to established precedence and law.

Like imposing unjust and unfair discipline on its employees just because they can?

Like throwing your employees under the bus the minute anything goes wrong so that the executives don't have to take the heat?

Don't fret AL M haters, I got three months to go, then I AM OUTTA HERE!

Bus Stop Workshop: Action Meeting for the EPBS Project


Joe Rose says "I blame the media"

TriMet bus driver talks about crying baby incident; how bike lanes save lives; Southwest Portland street closure: Commuting roundup
Joe is wrong, I do NOT defend her past performance or her poor customer service skills.

But I do believe her that she did try to get the mom to come back on the bus.

Here is what I posted to Hard Drive:

Joe, I do NOT defend her and her past perfomance.
In this particular instance she actually did something "reasonable" and I do believe her that she tried to get the mom back on the bus.

However, her past performance is why this happened to her; she has developed many enemies out here and this is what happens to drivers when they don't give the public the respect they deserve.


 TriMet's $370600 solar-power project for MAX at Portland State University will ...

I need written clarification to do my job by the rules

This is another email sent over to the station manager:

I want you to know Mr Larson that as of today I will be following the exact procedure and rules regarding all my performance expectations at TRIMET.
I do need definitions however, since the rules require me to announce every time I turn, I need to know should the turn be announced before or after I make it, and if there is no stop where shall I pull over to make the audible microphone announcement?

For example I will announce by microphone (while bus is stopped and brake applied) that the first turn we will make today is "Lombard Street"

But then we turn onto "Canyon Road" and there is no stop until we are way down on canyon road, so where should the announcement be made?

Of course if I have the red light at the turn I can apply the brake and make the announcement that I am turning but that may cause me to miss the light and that is a 3 minute light.


I don't get responses anymore from the management so this is rather impressive:

My memory has not failed me(why does he bother bringing up that I 'missed' the meeting then) and I believe we met on the 8th. We discussed the QAR ride of 10/21/11. Since then we’ve received another QAR report that took place 11/17/11 indicating no stops called. Both were random rides.(INTERESTING INDEED THAT THESE 'RANDOM RIDES' ARE SO CLOSE TOGETHER ISN'T IT? I'm sure he didn't send them, but there are plenty more managers around besides him.) I did not request them.
I did answer your email during our meeting and a video of yourself on your blog confirms that I did as does the second to last sentence in this email….”

This is very interesting, and I am trying to figure out what is going on here.
Regarding the allegation I made that he did not answer me and his response that he did answer me, I meant that he did not answer me in writing!

And now we have another "I called no stops" violation.
There is only one scenario that this occurs:

I'm interested to see the full report, how many people were on the bus and what time did this happen?

See working for a company without ethics you get caught with your pants down because your using your brain instead of being a barking dog, which is what this management wants from us, BARK YOU DOGS BARK, it doesn't matter that the barking is of no use to anyone and you know for a fact that nobody actually needs a call stop.

So its one of my regulars that is the "spy".

I have a pretty good idea who it is, but managers need not worry, you will get your way now, I'll bark because you want me to, no problem. All they had to do was tell me that "Al, you need to be a barking dog and call out the stops even if it is obvious that nobody needs a call stop, we have spies who love love to bust our drivers for no particular reason."

I'm not quite ready to retire yet.


Ultimately TRIMET TRANSIT DISTRICT has failed the disabled, not  me and not other drivers.
They have been too busy building MAX to be bothered with getting the proper equipment in place for bus riders, including disabled bus riders.

How I intend to deal with TRIMET'S harassment

As of today, my entire approach to this job will be changed to following the exact letter of the regulations and rules.
I'm doing this because it has become obvious to me that I have been targeted for harassment.
I have been doing the job properly for 14 years, but this past year all of a sudden I am not doing the job properly.
This just happens to coincide with my very public criticism of our management and their complete lack of ethics.
Coincidence? I think not.
I am making copies of an explanation along with the two disciplinary letters to hand out to riders who may be wondering why the bus is not showing up on time anymore.

Top 10 Reasons Why the Mafia is Better than the State


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Operator harassment

Life on public transit: CLICK HERE!

How come she doesn't look like the other picture?

Jessica Bucciarelli

America Has Become a Fascist Police State

Yet, today we live in a country where government aids the corporate takeover of elections. Here, banks who fraudulently took Americans' homes for profit can get bailed out by the taxpayers, and use the money to pay themselves 12-figure bonuses. This is a country where even US citizens can be detained without due process, tortured, and even assassinated overseas.
Today, in the Land of the Free, nonviolent political protesters using their First Amendment rights to speak out against all of the above can be beaten, tasered, and maced by heavily-militarized police forces, using military-grade equipment, without any provocation.