Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Operator's bus infested with insects--bee, spider, cockroach seen-dispatch

Famous ex bus driver

Albert Jones moved the PGE truck so he could get to work!

The news as only ALEX JONES can deliver

Prison Planet

Top 10 countries viewing my videos on the YouTube channel

Union members seek to recall ATU president Jon Hunt

The following petition was turned into the union office today with the required number of signatures. (My signature is not on it)
In accordance with the bylaws this will be brought up at an upcoming union charter meeting, I do not know exactly when this will come before members:

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Contact has finally been made between ATU757 attorney Susan Stoner and Chris Day’s attorney. It was a phone conversation followed up with a fax submitted to Chris’ attorney. The phone conversation addressed the concerns of a recording devise being used during meetings and was not clear if Chris was permitted to attend meetings or not. The fax submitted to Chris’ attorney presented Chris with required conditions to permit his return to union meetings. It also included conditions about Chris’ personal blog site. Chris and his attorney are both concerned about a conditional return and are keeping the option of getting an injunction available. Though the injunction is an added cost and is creating more monetary damages Chris is wanting to stay focused on the actual factual information and violations that had taken place. ATU757 has violated Federal Law and some Oregon torts upon their actions against Chris Day. Chris feels it is important for members to stay focused on the actual violations that is occurring and not allow attention to be distracted away from that focal point. Currently many members have personally voiced their displeasure of the actions that have occurred but are afraid to directly voice their feelings out loud to the officers. At this time it would be nice if other members would step forward in helping protect Chris’ rights as a member and make a clear statement to our union Staff and Officers that when one member is violated all members are violated. If ATU757 has legal grounds they must take actions that are within the law. If ATU757 is unable to produce factual evidence that supports their actions they must yield and correct the damages that has been done.

Americans just don't get it

If Americans would follow the lead of the populations of the middle east & Europe the world would be assured of rapid change for the better.

Millions of British Public Sector Workers Take to the Streets in Historic General Strike

Spies sent on Leeds buses in ‘bad driver’ cycle probe

(You want this job? Get your head examined)

Bus bosses are to deploy an undercover inspector to spy on a driver who allegedly tried to mow down a group of cyclists.
The news comes as figures show 31 riders were killed or seriously injured in Leeds in a year – with an action group branding some drivers “idiots”.
Arriva has launched an investigation after five members of Drighlington Bicycle Club had a near-miss with a bus on the A58 through Birkenshaw.


Attack on bus altered his life, driver testifies

Choking back tears, bus driver Charles Dixon told a Provincial Court Tuesday how a savage assault on him by an angry passenger has changed his life, possibly forever.
“I am not the same person I was before this attack,” said the 25-year driver, detailing a series of emotional and physical problems with which he continues to struggle, since being laid low by a single punch on a Burnaby night run last February.




The meeting with Greg did nothing but piss me off. There are certain stops I always call,
"goose hollow" , "sky line", "87th".
This 'secret rider' says I called no stops. The chances of that are about zero.

At least these liars are letting us see the bogus reports. The most useless piece of garbage I've seen in a long time. No times, doesn't tell how many riders, nothing about driving conditions, where was the spy sitting, its a report that would make STALIN proud.

Of course they gave me no specific instructions on how to meet their vague expectations. Just handed me a copy of that SOP again. As one of my pals told me later, this way they do not pin themselves down and can always find something to harass you with.